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Dropbox vs OneDrive 

Except Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive are the two leading cloud storage services with large user base and great functions. You may own both Dropbox account and OneDrive account at the same time no matter to gain more free storage or to enjoy different services. Before learning how to connect Dropbox to OneDrive easily, you can look through the table below to know the difference between Dropbox and OneDrive and thus using them together in a better way.

  Dropbox OneDrive
Free Storage 2 GB 5 GB
Max Storage 2 TB 6 TB
Application Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Security One “key” for all the data Own “key” for each file

As you can find in the table, OneDrive offers more storage and stricter security protection than Dropbox does. But they both offer similar file sharing functions for you to collaborate with your team.

Why Connect Dropbox to OneDrive?

Nowadays, users are more and more likely to store data to cloud storage services. Because cloud drives work with internet, which won’t occupy any space of your local devices. The truth is that many users would use more than one cloud drive to store data. As all your data is stored on two or more different cloud drive accounts like Dropbox and OneDrive, integrating these accounts together is a good way to manage all data conveniently. 

As the above comparison between Dropbox and OneDrive shows, you may decide to link OneDrive and Dropbox only because OneDrive offers more free storage. Or you connect Dropbox and OneDrive just intend to keep important files in OneDrive which provides better security and others in Dropbox. What’s more, once you connect Dropbox with OneDrive, you can easily share files to both Dropbox and OneDrive users without any barrier.

How to Connect Dropbox to OneDrive in 2 Simple Ways

We have tested out 2 excellent methods for you to connect OneDrive and Dropbox accounts together with ease. The first method to connect OneDrive with Dropbox is based on a free third-party multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud. And the second method to link Dropbox and OneDrive requires you to add your Dropbox and OneDrive accounts to a template of Microsoft Power Automate. Both of them are web-based, so you don’t have to download and install anything on your devices.

Method 1: Link Dropbox to OneDrive by MultCloud

As a great cloud file manager, MultCloud allows you to put multiple cloud drive accounts into one website interface for managing and transferring data across clouds. Up to now, it supports 30+ major cloud drive services for free: Google Drive, AmazonS3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, FTP, MEGA, SugarSync, etc. With this free tool, you can combine and connect Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and many other cloud drives together.

  • Transfer, sync, or backup files from cloud to cloud by Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync.
  • Manage files in Dropbox, OneDrive and other clouds Upload, Download, Copy, Cut, Preview, Rename, Remote Upload.
  • Share files from Dropbox and OneDrive to others directly in MultCloud by Public Share, Private Share, and Source Share.
  • Collaborate with team from different clouds efficiently by creating sub-accounts.

Here we will show you how to connect Dropbox to OneDrive by one of MultCloud’s unique functions, Cloud Sync.

Step 1. Sign up MultCloud. You can directly log in with your Google or Facebook account.

Sign Up MultCloud
Sign Up MultCloud

Step 2. Click “Add Cloud” and choose Dropbox icon to follow the pop-up window to add your Dropbox account to MultCloud.
Step 3. Repeat step 2 to add your OneDrive account to MultCloud as well. MultCloud sets no limit on adding cloud, which means you can add as many clouds as you want for free.

Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud
Add Dropbox and OneDrive to MultCloud

Step 4. Click “Cloud Sync”, add Dropbox or a folder in Dropbox as the source, then add OneDrive or a folder in OneDrive as the destination.

Connect Dropbox to OneDrive by MultCloud
Connect Dropbox to OneDrive by MultCloud

Before starting the task, there are 9 different sync modes for you to choose in the “Options”:

  • For free users: You can choose between Real Time Sync, Two-way Sync, and Simple Sync in One-way Sync.
  • For upgraded users: You can enjoy the 3 sync modes mentioned above and other 6 advanced sync modes, including Full Backup Sync, Mirror Sync, Move Sync, Update Sync, Incremental Sync, and Cumulative Sync.
Choose Sync Modes in MultCloud
Choose Sync Modes in MultCloud

Step 5. Click “Sync Now” and MultCloud will sync from Dropbox to OneDrive immediately. You can sync from OneDrive to Dropbox by this method as well.


  • You can close the browser or your device as soon as the sync task starts since MultCloud can run the task in background.
  • To be informed in time when the task is done, you can let MultCloud send an email notification to you.
  • If you intend to link Dropbox to OneDrive continuously, you can click “Schedule” to set daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled Cloud Sync task.

Method 2: Connect Dropbox to OneDrive by Microsoft Power Template

There are several web-based tools for you to choose in Microsoft Power Automate to connect OneDrive and Dropbox. And they are all provided by Microsoft Flow Community. You can choose one of these tools to connect Dropbox and OneDrive according to your demand.

Step 1. Sign in Microsoft Power Automate in the browser.

Tip: This method requires you to own a Microsoft account. And if you enter with a work or school account, you can use premium connectors and organization features.

Step 2. Search “Dropbox, OneDrive” in the search bar. Then choose a template below. Here we take “Sync modified files between OneDrive and Dropbox” as an example.

Microsoft Power Automate for Dropbox and OneDrive
Microsoft Power Automate for Dropbox and OneDrive

Step 3. Sign in your OneDrive and Dropbox accounts respectively. Then click “Continue”.

Sign In OneDrive and Dropbox Accounts in Microsoft Power Automate
Sign In OneDrive and Dropbox Accounts in Microsoft Power Automate

Step 4. Select the path of folders in OneDrive and Dropbox to sync files between them. Then click “Save”. And the flow you create will automatically sync modified files between OneDrive and Dropbox.

Create Flow to connect Dropbox and OneDrive
Create Flow to connect Dropbox and OneDrive

Unlike MultCloud which shows the pattern of each function clearly to you, even the tools in Microsoft Power Automate are supported by Microsoft community, it’s still a little complicated for you to connect Dropbox with OneDrive by this way especially you are not a professional user of cloud drives. 

On the bright side, these tools offer a high degree of freedom for you to create flows with different intentions. However, on the bad side, you may not be familiar with the settings of each template and learning how to set up each flow well may cost you a lot of time.


Actually, MultCloud is an amazing application that can manage multiple cloud storage services. If you have more cloud drives, you can connect all of them to MultCloud for integrate management. By using MultCloud, you can not only connect Dropbox to OneDrive but also connect Dropbox accounts with other cloud drives in the same way. Besides, you can easily switch between Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud accounts to share files in MultCloud instead of logging in their official website tediously.

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