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Why Migrate Data across Clouds?

Data Migration
Data Migration

As daily data has been increasingly generated in people’s digital life, the demand of cloud services has been reaching a summit. Faced with this potential market, major companies have launched useful cloud services for users to choose. As a result, many users have more than one cloud service to save various data at the same time.

That’s when transferring data between clouds happens. And the following content just shows you the reasons and benefits to transfer data between clouds:

  • Better Management. By moving different data to different cloud services to classify the data well. For example, you can save all data of study to Google Drive and data of work to OneDrive. In this way, you can access and navigate certain files you want as soon as possible.
  • Save Cost. After using and comparing different cloud storage services, users can turn to the best one according to their situation. After moving data into one or two integrated cloud drives, users don’t need to subscribe to every cloud service and can just focus on one or two certain clouds to preserve data.

Traditionally, most users would take advantage of the download-and-upload method to transfer files, which is time-consuming. Then, how to make cloud to cloud transfer free? Is there any cloud storage migration tool? Yes! Cloud to cloud transfer tool is launched to help users migrate all kinds of files, such as photos, videos, audio files, etc. across clouds without a tedious download-and-upload process.

There’re many cloud migration services in the market, such as MultCloud, CloudFuze, Cloudsfer, etc. And some users are wondering how to choose the best cloud storage migration service and what criteria should consider when selecting proper migration services. If you are wondering this kind of question, then you can keep reading the following content, which compares 3 major migration services between clouds.

Top 3 Cloud Storage Migration Tools

In this section, 3 cloud storage transfer apps are introduced. Also, there’re comparisons among these 3 services. After reading, you can choose the best one according to your situation.

Cloud to Cloud Migration Tool 1: MultCloud

MultCloud is an outstanding cloud file manager that allows users to manage multiple cloud services in just one place. Currently, MultCloud supports many major clouds in the market such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Box, pCloud, Amazon S3, NAS, etc. With MultCloud, you can add as many clouds/cloud accounts as you like for free.


MultCloud is a comprehensive and multifunctional cloud storage migration tool, which not only offers users basic features that they can perform on the official website of each cloud (for example, you can transfer files from Dropbox to computer), but also provides users with special features such as Cloud Transfer. Precisely, MultCloud is dedicated to transferring data between clouds since:

  • Competitive Transmission Speed. When migrating data across clouds with MultCloud, the transmission speed is as quick as possible. Specifically speaking, it will spend several days for MultCloud to move petabytes of data. While other cloud to cloud transmission tools will need weeks to transfer such data like that.
  • Auto Transfer. MultCloud offers the Schedule function, which means you can set up scheduled transfer tasks at a specified time/daily/weekly/monthly. Thus, if you are busy, you can set up scheduled migration tasks in advance. Then it will start at the regulated time.
  • Offline Transfer. MultCloud is based on data traffic to transfer data between clouds and offers 5GB of data traffic to each user free per month. Once the transfer task begins, MultCloud can run it in the background. Even if your computer shuts down, the task will continue still.

Anyway, MultCloud, an excellent cloud storage migration tool, just presents a convenient and easy way to transfer files and folders from one cloud to another efficiently. For example, if you want to transfer files from Dropbox to Box, you can directly use the Cloud Transfer feature of MultCloud.

Pros of this service:

  • More than 30 cloud services are supported and add clouds/cloud account free.
  • 9 languages are supported, including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, and Portuguese.
  • Various and professional features are provided.
  • Cost-effective. MultCloud offers 5GB of free data traffic for free each month. And if you subscribe the year plan, you can enjoy unlimited data traffic.

Cons of this service:

  • Web-based service and no desktop or mobile apps.

Cloud Storage Migration Tool 2: CloudFuze


With a plain and simple interface, CloudFuze is also a good cloud drive migration service when it comes to moving data from one cloud to another, and is specialized in dealing with large numbers of data for businesses and organizations. And the biggest advantage of CloudFuze is that this service can move an unlimited number of users and save the permission level after migrating.

As you can see from the main page of CloudFuze, you can migrate and backup data from one cloud to another easily and seamlessly. However, CloudFuze has no free plan and is relatively expensive, compared to other cloud storage migration services. Specifically, you will cost $9.9 for 50GB. Whereas MultCloud offers 150GB for the same price.

Pros of this service:

  • Migrate an unlimited number of users.
  • Easy to get started.

Cons of this service:

  • Expensive and has no free plan. You can only have a free trial plan for 30 days. After that, you have to pay for it.
  • No desktop & mobile apps.

Cloud Storage Migration Tool 3: Wondershare InClowdz

Wondershare InClowdz
Wondershare InClowdz

Wondershare InClowdz is also another professional cloud storage management service for you to transfer and sync files across clouds. With this service, you can deal with multiple cloud drives and cloud accounts in only one platform.

Different from CloudFuze, Wondershare InClowdz has a free plan. But free users can just enjoy limited features. For example, only 5 cloud accounts are supported for free signups. Meanwhile, the Monthly Plan offers users 150GB of data traffic at $9.95, which is a little expensive than MultCloud.

Pros of this service:

  • Move and sync files from one cloud to another seamlessly and effectively.
  • Manage different clouds in only one app.
  • Desktop & Mobile apps are available.

Cons of this service:

  • Limited transmission speed.
  • No unlimited data traffic plan.

Cloud Storage Migration Tools: Similarity and Difference

To sum up, you can have a basic idea of these three famous and popular cloud to cloud migration tools. To choose the best one, we make detailed comparisons among those three.


  • Security. All three clouds are taking advantage of the cutting-edge encryption technology to protect your data in transit and data at rest.
  • Put multiple clouds in one place. All of them allow users to add different cloud drives and accounts in the market to manage.
  • Easy to Use. All of these clouds are user-friendly and users can get started without reading complex tutorials.


  • Price. Among those three cloud storage migration tools, CloudFuze is the most expensive one and has no free plan. While MultCloud is the cheapest one when it comes to subscribing Monthly Plan.
  • Data Traffic. Only MultCloud offers unlimited data traffic if you upgrade your account annually. Contrastingly, even though you subscribe to the Annual Plan of Wondershare InClowdz, you only have 400GB of data traffic per month, which is very inconvenient when you want to transfer a large number of files.
  • Cloud Backup. When you want to backup data across clouds, you have to pay for it when using CloudFuze. While MultCloud allows you to start backup tasks free. In contrast, Womdershare InClowdz doesn’t offer the backup feature.
  • Transfer Speed. As mentioned before, MultCloud offers leading transmission speed and can migrate data across clouds in a hassle-free way.


After reading this article, you now can choose the best cloud storage migration tool for yourself according to your needs. Anyway, if you are serious about speed, then MultCloud is the first service you should try.  

Furthermore, MultCloud has other useful features as well, such as Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup and Remote Upload. For instance, if you want to sync Amazon S3 to Google Drive,  the Cloud Sync feature can help you a lot.

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