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User Case: Backblaze vs Google Drive


How are they different? I see Backblaze associate themselves with cloud backups and Google Drive as cloud storage. From my perspective, as I use the free 15gb Google Drive, Google Drive seems like a hard drive on the cloud while Backblaze backs up an image of your hard disk. I tried reading Backblaze's article on Cloud Sync vs Cloud Backup vs Cloud Storage but I'm still confused. Is Backblaze the same as Google Drive or do they just do an image backup and we can restore our files from there? Personally, I would prefer something like a cloud hard drive.

Overview of Backblaze and Google Drive


Backblaze is a key player in cloud storage and backup services, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses. Renowned for its straightforward, unlimited backup plans, Backblaze ensures secure data storage and retrieval in the cloud, with continuous automatic backup for personal computers, safeguarding important files and documents.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive stands as a widely utilized platform for cloud storage and collaboration. It provides users with a secure environment to store and share files, documents, and multimedia content in the cloud. It is seamlessly integrated with other Google Workspace applications, presenting users with an extensive suite of productivity tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

Both two cloud drives are practical and smart. In this article, we will show you detailed differences between Backblaze and Google Drive in terms of free space, pricing, and functionality. After reading, you can choose the best cloud solution based on your requirements.

Tip: If necessary, you may consider some Backblaze alternatives for your reference.

Backblaze vs Google Drive: Free Storage Space

Backblaze, alternatively known as B2 cloud storage, offers users a generous allocation of 10 GB of complimentary storage space, allowing them to store their files and data securely. The platform imposes a maximum file size limit of 5 GB for users utilizing the free storage tier.

For premium accounts, an added benefit is the provision of unlimited storage space, catering to the increased storage needs of individuals or businesses with more extensive data requirements. This flexibility in storage options makes Backblaze/B2 cloud storage an appealing choice for a diverse range of users with varying storage demands.

Contrastingly, Google Drive provides a more generous option, offering users 15 GB of free storage space. Users can upload photos, videos, documents, music files, and more to the cloud, facilitating easy and quick sharing with friends and colleagues.

Backblaze vs Google Drive: Pricing and Plans

Backblaze provides a range of pricing plans tailored to different purposes and user needs. Regardless of whether it's for an individual user or multiple users, Backblaze charges a flat rate of $9 per month, $99 per year, or $189 for a two-year subscription. This pricing structure ensures flexibility and affordability for users with varying requirements.

In contrast, Google Drive has a verified pricing system with established plans that cater to diverse user preferences and usage scenarios. This ensures that users have clear and reliable information about the pricing options available, allowing them to choose the plan that best suits their storage and collaboration needs.





Backblaze vs Google Drive: Functionality

As mentioned earlier, Backblaze functions as a cloud backup solution, assisting in backing up data from your local device and offering an online backup option in case of data loss. It provides a secure backup solution for businesses, memories, or both, designed for the ease of use on Macs and PCs. 

The flexibility of this solution allows for easy customization, whether you're safeguarding a single computer or managing backups for a thousand. In contrast, Google Drive functions more as a cloud collaboration service, facilitating easy file and document management with colleagues and friends. For instance, you can easily make Google Drive file requests or share files with other easily.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Google Drive to Backbalze Simply

Simply We have shown you detailed comparisons between Backblaze and Google Drive. Now, you can choose the right cloud service according to your needs. Anyway, if you are looking for a cloud backup solution, Backblaze is your best choice. If you emphasize online collaboration, then Google Drive takes the pride.

Actually, you can take advantage of both cloud drives. And when you want to protect your Google Drive files, you can back up them to Backblaze to add a layer of protection. But how to back up files from Google Drive to Backblaze easily and quickly? Use MultCloud. MultCloud is a web-based cloud file manager that provides you a place to work with different cloud drives.


Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 popular and useful cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive, SharePoint, Backblaze, Amazon S3, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Google Photos, Dropbox Business, Box, OneDrive for Business, and so on. You can easily connect those clouds in one place and organize data on multiple clouds together.

With MultCloud, you can share Google Drive folders and files, upload documents to Dropbox, download files from OneDrive, etc. Meanwhile, it also allows you to back up files from one cloud to another directly without going through a manual progress. Here’re some detailed benefits:

  • Direct Backup between Clouds Seamlessly. Without downloading and uploading, MultCloud allows you to back up files across cloud drives directly on the web. If you have large files, the process can be seamless and hassle-free.
  • Automated Backup Enabled. To ease your backup progress, MultCloud allows you to make scheduled backup tasks to backing up at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly. For instance, you can backup Google Photos to Synology NAS automatically.
  • Offline Backup Supported. MultCloud relies on data traffic when it backs up files and folders between clouds. So, don’t worry if your Wi-Fi connection is disrupted or the computer shuts down suddenly.
  • Restore Files without Any Effort. MultCloud provides a file version feature after backing up data between clouds. Therefore, there's no need to worry if your data is lost in Google Drive or Backblaze, as MultCloud can easily recover them, provided you have backed up your data between clouds using this service.

Now, follow the operations below to backup Google Drive to Backblaze via MultCloud:

Step 1: Register an account on the official web of MultCloud.

Step 2: Go to Add Cloud. Add Backblaze and Google Drive respectively by hitting their icons and following the on-screen tips to give MultCloud permission.

Add Google Drive and Backblaze
Add Google Drive and Backblaze

Step 3: Proceed to Cloud Backup. Choose Google Drive as the original cloud and Backblaze as the target cloud. Finally, tap the Backup Now to start the task.

Backup Google Drive to Backblaze
Backup Google Drive to Backblaze

Final Words

After reading Backblaze vs Google Drive in this comprehensive article, you now have a basic overview of them and can choose the right cloud solution for yourself. Meanwhile, when you want to backup files between them, you can utilize MultCloud. Also, you can back up files across other cloud drive easily via this service.

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