How to Backup Entire Shared Drive from Google Drive?

Sometimes, you have to back up Google Shared Drive for different reasons. And as we know, there is no direct easy way to back up Google Shared Drive. But, there is still a chance to back up the entire Shared Drive from Google Drive and show you the details steps for references.

Backup Google Shared Drive Manually

To backup your Google Shared Drive on the Google Drive website, follow the steps below:

1. Please sign in to your Google Workspace account, then click "Shared drives" on the left.

2. Open a Shared drive by double-clicking, then tick all the folders and files, and tap the Download icon.

Download A Shared Drive
Download A Shared Drive

3. All the downloaded Shared drive files will be zipped into your Downloads folder. Then repeat the above process for all Google Shared drives.

Limitations: This way will take up much more time to download because you have to cost time finishing the steps for all shared drives.

Backup Google Shared Drive via Google Vault

1. Please sign in to your Google Vault on the website.

2. Click Retention > Custom Rules > Create.

Create Rules in Google Vault
Create Rules in Google Vault

3. Select Drive in Service, and click Continue.

4. Choose All shared drives in the Scope section, hit Continue to select all shared drives, and hit Add.

5. Select Indefinitely under Duration and action, then press Create.

Create Backup Rule for Google Shared Drive
Create Backup Rule for Google Shared Drive

Limitations: Google Vault cannot be applied to the situation when there is a large scale of data to backup, and it cannot create differential backups to save space. And you cannot restore data easily.

Back up Google Shared Drive via Drive for desktop

Drive for Desktop is the latest app for you to sync files between different devices, you can sync files from Google Drive to external hard drive, as well as upload files to Google Drive. Thus, you can take advantage of Google Drive for desktop app.

Way 1. Copy all files from Shared Drive to another location on your computer

You can copy all files manually from the Shared Drive in Google Drive on your computer to another location where you want to save.

1. Please download and install Drive for desktop on your computer first.

2. Log in to your Google Workspace account, then it will show your Gmail account under This PC.

3. Click your Gmail account, then open the Shared Drives folder.

4. Select a Shared drive or all Shared drives, right-click, and choose Copy (or use Ctrl + C).

5. Go to the location where you want to save Google Shared Drive, right-click the blank section, and choose Paste (Or use Ctrl + V) to backup Google Shared Drive manually.

Way 2. Backup Google Shared Drive via Available offline

1. Repeat the above step 1-3.

2. Right-click the Shared drive(s), choose Available offline.

Google Shared Drive Available Offline
Google Shared Drive Available Offline

Now, all your Google Shared drives have been backed up locally, then you can move them to an external hard drive or other devices.

Limitations: If your disk space is very low, you cannot finish it because you cannot store all Google Shared drives totally, you have to look for other ways.

Google Shared Drive Backup Automatically via MultCloud

To backup all Google Shared Drives at once automatically, it’s strongly recommended to try the powerful web-based multi-cloud manager - MultCloud, which allows you to back up all Google Shared Drives to OneDrive, Dropbox, or other 30+ clouds directly and quickly. With just one simple click, you will back up Shared Drive for Google Drive easily.


Here are the steps to backup Shared Drive to Dropbox with MultCloud:

1. Please apply for a new MultCloud account, and log in.

Sign Up for MultCloud
Sign Up for MultCloud

2. Tap Add Cloud > Shared Drive to add, then add Dropbox.

Add Google Shared Drive
Add Google Shared Drive

3. Click Cloud Backup, choose Shared Drive as the source, and click to select Dropbox as the target.

Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

4. Press the Backup Now button to back up all Google Shared Drives to Dropbox at once.

Backup Google Shared Drive to Dropbox
Backup Google Shared Drive to Dropbox


  • If you want to automatically backup shared drives in Google, you can enable Schedule to backup regularly, like daily, weekly, or even monthly.
  • The Options is able to only include the files you want to backup with Filter, and you can enable email notification as well for easy management.

The End

How to backup Google Shared drives with all folders and files, you can try the above 4 ways to backup. If you need to backup all shared Drives, Google Vault and MultCloud can be your best choice. Each solution can be used to back up some files on Google Shared drives. Try the way that suits you best.

Besides, MultCloud allows you to move files from My Drive to Shared Drive directly.

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