Google Drive Two Way Sync from One Account to Another

To directly sync GDrive between different accounts, you need the help of a third party program named MultCloud, which aims at managing multiple cloud accounts in one place.

Step 1. Create MultCloud Account

MultCloud is an online software which requires you to sign up for its services instead of downloading and installing it on your machine. Join MultCloud club is completely free of charge.

Step 2. Add Google Drive Accounts

Then, you should add both related GD accounts into MultCloud platform for further process. Click “Add Clouds” tag on the top of the main interface and choose “Google Drive” or “Google Drive for G Suite” according to the type of your accounts.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Next, it will ask you to sign in your G cloud account. If you have already signed in, it will skip to apply you to give authority to MultCloud for accessing data in your Google Drive account.


  • If you have currently more than one Gmail accounts signed in, it will ask you to choose one from them.
  • MultCloud only allows you to add one cloud account in one time. To add the second one, just repeat the task.

Step 3. Google Drive Two Way Sync

When both Google accounts are added, move to “Cloud Sync” tab and specify source and destination cloud drives. Remember to change the default “One-way Sync” into “Two-way Sync” and finally click “Sync Now”.

Google Drive Two Way Sync
Google Drive Two Way Sync

Tips: Besides two way synchronize from one Google Drive to another, MultCloud also supports two-way sync between GD and OneDrive, Dropbox, pCloud, Evernote, MEGA, etc. all around 30 kinds of clouds.

Last step: Google Drive 2 way sync is very easy only when you sign up MultCloud and just have a try!

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Google Drive Two Way Sync between Local and Cloud

As for 2-way sync between GD and local device, the Backup and Sync application can help. Just download, install and set the task step by step following its guides.

Actually, MultCloud also enables you to exchange data between local and cloud. You can upload files from local to cloud or download items from cloud to local under the help of MultCloud.

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