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Can Synology Cloud Sync with Google Photos?

Synology Cloud Sync is a versatile app that enables you to sync files, folders, and even entire directories across various platforms. With the intuitive interface and robust features, it enables you to keep your data synced across multiple devices, ensuring seamless accessibility and enhanced data management.

Despite its many benefits, Synology Cloud Sync does not directly support syncing Google Photos. This limitation poses a significant hurdle for users who rely on Google Photos as their primary photo backup and management solution. However, the inability to sync Google Photos with Synology Cloud Sync means your precious memories remain disconnected from your NAS storage.

Then, can I sync Google Photos with NAS without using Synology Cloud Sync? The answer is YES. If you are interested, continue to read the following part to learn the solution.

How to Make Synology Cloud Sync for Google Photos [Easiest]

To overcome this challenge, we'll explore various methods to sync your Google Photos with Synology Cloud Sync. One effective solution is to utilize a cloud sync service called MultCloud. With this service, you can seamlessly connect your Google Photos and Synology NAS, ensuring your memories are safely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.


MultCloud serves as a bridge between Google Photos and Synology NAS, enabling smooth sync of your photos and videos. Why it is a smooth process? You might wonder this question. Then I will show you some benefits by using this service:

  • Efficient Data Sync: MultCloud enables smooth and reliable sync between multiple cloud drives, ensuring that your data is always up to date across platforms from a single interface, which saves time and effort.
  • Scheduling and Automation: Set up scheduled tasks and automated sync operations with MultCloud, ensuring that your data is synchronized regularly without any manual intervention. For instance, you can automatically sync OneDrive folders.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: MultCloud supports a wide range of popular cloud storage providers, making it compatible with various platforms and enabling effortless data sync across different services.
  • Increased Productivity: By seamlessly syncing files between cloud drives, collaboration and productivity for individuals and teams can be boosted efficiently. Also, it streamlines the process and eliminate the need for manual sync.

Follow these simple steps to sync your Google Photos with Synology using MultCloud:

Step 1: Sign up for a MultCloud account and log in.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Go to Add Cloud. Add both your Google Photos and Synology NAS accounts to MultCloud.

Add Google Photos and NAS
Add Google Photos and NAS

Step 3: Create a sync task and select your Google Photos as the source and Synology NAS as the destination. You can customize your sync options, such as file filter (by hitting the Options button) and scheduling (by tapping the Schedule button).

Sync Google Photos to NAS
Sync Google Photos to NAS

Then, you can start the sync task and let MultCloud handle the rest. Your Google Photos will now be synced with Synology effortlessly. This is how to sync Google Photos to NAS. In addition to syncing data between clouds, you can also transfer and backup data between cloud drives. For instance, you can move Google Photos to Synology NAS via MultCloud as well.

How to Make Synology Cloud Sync for Google Photos [Manual]

If you don’t want to use MultCloud, you can take advantage of the manual way. It is a little troublesome and time-consuming though, it helps you accomplish the target too. While downloading photos from Google Photos one by one is cumbersome, you can utilize Google Takeout. This service can help you export photos and videos at one time.

Then, you can uncompress what you have downloaded from Google Photos and upload them to your Synology NAS manually. As mentioned before, it is a troublesome process. And you should make sure the network connection is stable so that files can be downloaded and uploaded soomthly.


In conclusion, making Synology Cloud Sync for Google Photos is impossible since it doesn’t support Google Photos. However, there is a walkaround. MultCloud can help you sync videos and photos between Google Photos and Synology NAS seamlessly and effortlessly.

By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly sync your Google Photos with Synology NAS and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure data backup and management. Anyway, if you use MultCloud, the process can be accomplished as soon as possible. This wonderful and practical cloud file manager helps you organize more than 30 cloud drives in one place.


How often does Synology Cloud Sync sync files?

Synology Cloud Sync offers various syncing options, including real-time, scheduled, or manual synchronization. You can configure the frequency based on your preferences and needs.

Can I use Synology Cloud Sync with other cloud storage providers?

Yes, Synology Cloud Sync supports a wide range of popular cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more. You can easily sync your files and folders across these platforms.

Is MultCloud a free service?

MultCloud offers both free and premium plans. The free plan provides basic functionality, while the premium plans offer advanced features and higher data transfer limits.

What is the storage limit for Google Photos?

As of June 2021, Google Photos no longer offers free unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos. However, a certain amount of storage is still available for free, and additional storage can be purchased through Google One.

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