Does Google Drive Automatically Sync on PC?

Sync Google Drive with PC
Sync Google Drive with PC

Google Drive is a popular online storage service. It offers file storage and sharing functions and can be used with any devices. Google Drive collaborates with various Google products, such as Gmail, Google Play, and Google Photos.

You can use both personal clouds as Google Drive and business clouds as Google Workspace. If you have a new personal Google Drive account, you can get 15GB of free storage. While a new user of Google Workspace needs to pay at least $12 per year for 2TB of storage.

The reasons why some users sync Google Drive with PC can be concluded from at least these 3 perspectives:

  • Save the Local Storage: Many people are annoyed with the overloaded files on their PC. This may cause the computer to run slowly and they can’t open a new interface. Therefore, they decide to save part of their files to cloud drives. But always uploading and downloading files to/from Google Drive is also tiresome, so they hope Google Drive can sync with their PC automatically.
  • Gather the Scattered Files on the Cloud: Some people don’t save their files on one specific disk, so the files are scattered everywhere on their computer. But if they store their files on Google Drive, it is like putting all the files on one disk and files can be found more easily.
  • Ensure Files in the Newest Version: If the synchronization can’t be automatic, any changes to the files on the PC can’t be reflected in the files on Google Drive. So, the users have to upload the new versions to Google Drive which can be time-consuming. This problem will be solved when the synchronization between Google Drive and PC is automatic.

The answer is yes to the question “Does Google Drive automatically sync on PC?”. You can grasp how to sync Google Drive folder to desktop in 4 ways which are showed in the following parts.

Sync Google Drive Folder with PC via Drive for Desktop

Google Drive for Desktop is designed to sync Google Drive with your computer. You can access the files and folders in Google Drive on the desktop without entering its website. When the synchronization between Google Drive and your computer is accomplished, any changes you make to the folders on your computer will be synced to the folders in Google Drive. The specific steps are as follows.

Step 1: Download Drive for Desktop from Google web to your computer.

Step 2: After installation, open Drive for Desktop by double click its icon on your desktop. Then click the Settings icon and enter Preferences.

Enter Preferences
Enter Preferences

Step 3: Click “Add Folder” in My Computer, then File Explorer will show up.

Click Add Folder
Click Add Folder

Step 4: Select a folder and choose “Sync with Google Drive”, then click “Done”.

Choose Sync with Google Drive
Choose Sync with Google Drive

Step 5: Finally, click the blue button “Save” and then Google Drive sync folder to desktop automatically.

Sync Google Drive Folder with PC via Google Drive Website

If you don’t want to download Drive for Desktop, you can just sync through the Google Drive website. With this method, you have to upload your folders from the local position to Google Drive.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive website and log in.

Step 2: Click the “+ New” button in the left sidebar or “My Drive” in the right part of the interface, then choose File Upload or Folder Upload in accordance with your need.

Upload Folders to Google Drive
Upload Folders to Google Drive

Step 3: Select the files or folders that you are willing to upload and click “Open” or “Upload” to save your selection. After uploading, Google Drive sync folder on PC is finished.

Sync Google Drive Folder with PC via AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backuppper is a free backup software. Except for the backup function, it also offers the services of Sync, Restore, and Clone to ensure your data security. AOMEI Backupper divides Sync into 4 types. They are Basic Sync, Real-Time Sync, Mirror Sync, and Two-way Sync. Here this post takes Basic Sync as an example.

Step 1: Download AOMEI Backupper, click “Sync” in the left sidebar, and choose Basic Sync.

Choose Basic Sync
Choose Basic Sync

Step 2: Click “Add folder”. Then you can select the folder that you want to sync with Google Drive in File Explorer.

Step 3: When you finish selecting the folder, click the lower box and choose “Select a Cloud Drive”.

Choose Select a Cloud Drive
Choose Select a Cloud Drive

Step 4: Click Google Drive and the button “OK” at the lower right. The synchronization will be done after you click “Start Sync”.

Select Google Drive
Select Google Drive

Sync Google Drive Folder with PC via MultCloud

MultCloud is a multiple clouds management service. You can easily sync files from one cloud to another cloud by a few clicks in just one interface, avoiding going back and forth between different cloud websites. Besides, it has Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, and other functions. You can also achieve syncing Google Drive folder with PC on MultCloud and here are the steps.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and create a new account for free.

Step 2: Add your Google Drive to MultCloud by clicking the icon of Google Drive and logging in to it.

Add Google Drive to MultCloud
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 3: Open Google Drive under My Cloud Drives in the left sidebar and click “Upload File”.

Upload files to Google Drive
Upload Files to Google Drive

Step 4: Choose all the files in your PC and click “Open”. Then you can see process box at the right corner to tell you whether the task is done.


This post provides the 4 best ways for how to sync Google Drive folder with PC, which are syncing via Drive for Desktop, Google Drive website, AOMEI Backupper, and MultCloud. Each of them is easy and secure to use and you can choose your favorite one by comparing the introductions and steps.

Among all the methods, the fourth one is more recommended. Once you start using MultCloud, you can use its other functions to transfer or backup one cloud to other clouds. You can also use it to sync Google Drive to another cloud. Things like syncing Google Drive with OneDrive are not difficult and boring anymore. You won’t regret using MultCloud to manage your multiple clouds.

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