Does Google Drive Sync with PC?

Sync Google Drive with PC
Sync Google Drive with PC

Google Drive is a popular online storage service which offers services to store and share files on it. Although it is useful, it will benefit your life in a better way if it can seamlessly integrate with your PC.

Before we go to the solutions on how to sync Google Drive folder with PC, let's explore why we need to do so.

  • Save the Local Storage: You may be annoyed with the overloaded files on your Google Drive since they may surpass the 5 GB of free storage. Therefore, you can sync some files to your PC to free up the storage of Google Drive.
  • Access Offline: After you sync the files to the PC, you can access these files without a network connection which will be quite helpful if your network connection is not stable but you want to access a file urgently.
  • Update Files Automatically: If you keep your computer syncing with Google Drive in real time, you don't have to manually update files by downloading them to your PC which is time-consuming.

After knowing the benefits, you can grasp how to sync Google Drive folder to desktop with 3 easy methods in the following parts.

3 Easy Ways to Sync Google Drive Folder with PC

This section will tell you how to make Google Drive sync to desktop by using Google Drive for Desktop, Google Drive Web, and Aomei Backupper. The specific steps will illustrate one by one and you must find your preferred way to solve the syncing problem.

Way 1. Using Google Drive for Desktop [Automatic]

After installing Google Drive for Desktop to your PC, you can access files and folders on Google Drive on your computer without entering its website. When you start the syncing process between your PC and Google Drive, any change you make to the folders on Google Drive will be synced to the PC. 

Step 1: Download Drive for Desktop from Google Web to your computer.

Step 2: After installation, open Drive for Desktop by double click its icon on your desktop. Then click the gear-shaped icon and enter Preferences.

Enter Preferences
Enter Preferences

Step 3: Click “Google Drive" and choose "Stream files" or "Mirror files" in terms of your needs. Then the Google Drive folders will sync with your PC automatically.

Click Google Drive
Click Google Drive

Way 2. Via Google Drive Website [Manual]

If you don’t want to download Drive for Desktop, you can just sync Google Drive folder with PC through the Google Drive website. With this method, you have to download your folders from Google Drive to a local position.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive website and log in.

Step 2: Select the folders that you want to sync with the PC and right-click on these folders. Then choose "Download" in the menu and these folders will be saved to your computer.

Download Google Drive Folders to PC
Download Google Drive Folders to PC

Way 3. Aomei Backupper [Automatic]

AOMEI Backuppper is a free backup software. Except for the backup function, it also offers the services of Sync, Restore, and Clone to ensure your data security. If you want to sync folders to another folder on your PC instead of the Google Drive folder, you can use Aomei Backupper to achieve it. But first of all, you also need to download the Google Drive for Desktop app. To keep the syncing process running continuously, you can choose Real Time Sync.

Step 1: Download AOMEI Backupper, click “Sync” in the left sidebar, and choose "Real Time Sync".

Choose Real Time Sync
Choose Real Time Sync

Step 2: Click “Add folder” and select the Google Drive folder in File Explorer.

Add Google Drive Folder
Add Google Drive Folder

Step 3: Click the downward arrow in the lower box and choose "Select a local path". Then select a folder on your computer to save the Google Drive folder.

Select a Local Path
Google Drive Sync Folder to Desktop

Step 4: Click “Start Sync” to start the Google Drive sync folder on PC process.

Bonus Tip: Sync Google Drive Folder to Another Cloud Drive

If you sync Google Drive folder with PC just for backing up Google Drive files to another place, you can sync these files to another cloud as an alternative way. By doing so, the files and folders will not occupy your computer space. And the best way to sync Google Drive folder to another cloud is using MultCloud. MultCloud is a multiple-cloud management service that makes you easily sync folders from one cloud to another cloud in just one interface, avoiding going back and forth between different cloud websites. 

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and create a new account for free.


Step 2: Add your Google Drive to MultCloud by clicking the Google Drive icon and logging in to it. Also, follow the same steps to add another cloud to MultCloud (OneDrive as an example).

Add Google Drive and OneDrive to MultCloud
Add Google Drive and OneDrive to MultCloud

Step 3: Click "Cloud Sync" in the left bar and choose Google Drive and OneDrive in the boxes. Then tap the "Sync Now" button and the Google Drive files will be transferred to OneDrive very soon.

Sync Google Drive to OneDrive
Sync Google Drive to OneDrive

Note: If you want the sync process to run regularly, there are 2 ways for you to choose on MultCloud. One is using the Schedule feature. You can set an accurate time for MultCloud to begin syncing. Another way is using Real Time Sync. When you start the Real Time Sync process, the synchronization will not stop unless you pause it.

Cloud Sync Schedule
Cloud Sync Schedule


This post provides the 3 best solutions on how to sync Google Drive folder with PC which are syncing via Drive for Desktop, Google Drive website, and AOMEI Backupper. Each of them is easy and secure to use and you can choose your favorite one by comparing the introductions and steps.

What's more, you also learn the easiest way to sync your Google Drive folder to another cloud by MultCloud. Once you start using MultCloud, you can use its other functions to transfer or backup your files. Things like backing up Google Drive with OneDrive are not difficult and boring anymore. You can also freely restore the old versions of your backed-up files by MultCloud Cloud Backup.

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