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Case 1: Is there a recommended method to share iCloud folder with non-Apple users when using the Apple Files app? Perhaps there's an additional app that can be used for sharing specific files?

Case 2: How can I share an iCloud Drive folder without needing Apple IDs, emails, or phone numbers for recipients? I want to keep event files in iCloud for easy access, and I don't want to manually add many people. I'd like to share a read-only link to the folder. Is this possible?

Can You Share iCloud Drive with Non-Apple Users?

Share iCloud Folder with Non-Apple User
Share iCloud Folder with Non-Apple User

Yes, you can share an iCloud Drive folder with non-Apple users and this action can benefit us from various perspectives. There are 4 of them:

  • Cross-Platform Collaboration: Not everyone uses Apple devices or services. Sharing iCloud Drive files or folders with non-Apple users allows you to collaborate on files and documents with colleagues, friends, or family members who use Windows, Android, or other platforms.
  • Flexibility: It provides you with flexibility in choosing your preferred collaboration partners without being restricted to Apple ecosystem users.
  • Compatibility: Sharing files with non-Apple users ensures that they can access and edit the content using their preferred software and devices, reducing compatibility issues.
  • Accessibility: iCloud Drive supports web access, making it easier for non-Apple users to view and edit shared files via a web browser, further enhancing accessibility.

Share iCloud Folder with Non-Apple User via MultCloud

Since not everyone uses Apple devices and has an Apple ID, it may be quite troublesome if the recipient cannot directly access your shared iCloud folders. However, there is a free cloud-management service that can help you out which is MultCloud.

MultCloud gathers multiple clouds like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox with one app. It offers various functions for cloud-to-cloud transfer. Except for the transfer functions, you can use its "Shares" function to share iCloud folder with non-Apple user with MultCloud links. By doing so, recipients can access the shared folders without an Apple ID.

Share an iCloud Folder with Anyone by Shares

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account and add iCloud Drive to MultCloud. To add iCloud Drive, you can click “Add Cloud” and the iCloud Drive icon. Then go through the two-factor authentication to log in to your account.

Add iCloud Drive
Add iCloud Drive

Step 2: Select iCloud Drive in the left bar and choose the folder you want to share with others.

Open iCloud Drive on MultCloud
Open iCloud Drive on MultCloud

Step 3: Click “Share” in the upper taskbar and choose “Share with MultCloud” or “Create a Transfer”.

Share with MultCloud or Create a Transfer
Share with MultCloud or Create a Transfer

►If you choose “Share with MultCloud”, then select “Public Share” (share folder without a password) or “Private Share” (share folder with a password). After the selection, click “Create Share” and then you can copy the shared link and send it to the others to use iCloud to share files with non-Apple users.

Choose Public Share or Private Share
Choose Public Share or Private Share

►If you choose “Create a Transfer”, click the plus icon to choose the iCloud Drive folder and other cloud folders if you want. Then tap on “Create Transfer” and copy the link or email the link to others to share iCloud folder with non-Apple user.

Share iCloud Folder through Create a Transfer
Share iCloud Folder through Create a Transfer

Note: We don’t use “Source Share” because it creates sharing links of iCloud. So, the recipients need to have an Apple ID to access your shared folder. However, the other 2 shared modes create sharing links of MultCloud and others can access the shared folder on any device.

Step 4: If you want others to upload files to this iCloud Drive folder without your account, you can open “Shares” in the left bar and turn on the button next to your shared folder.

Turn on the Button
Turn on the Button

Note: If you want to directly share a folder from iCloud to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other clouds, you can try another MultCloud function - Cloud Transfer.

Bonus Tip: Sync iCloud Folders to Another Cloud by MultCloud Cloud Sync

Here you are also offered the easiest way to move your iCloud folders to another cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Workspace. The process is automatic and you can apply some features to it to make it smarter.

Step 1: Add iCloud Drive and Dropbox to MultCloud after you get a MultCloud account.

Add Dropbox and iCloud Drive
Add Dropbox and iCloud Drive

Step 2: Select “Cloud Sync” in the left sidebar and choose iCloud Drive and Dropbox in the boxes. Then click “Transfer Now” to start syncing iCloud folders to Dropbox.

Sync iCloud Drive to Dropbox
Sync iCloud Drive to Dropbox


  • If you don’t like to create a new task every time you need to share an iCloud folder through a Dropbox link, you can choose to use the “Cloud Sync + Incremental Sync + Schedule” mode. By doing so, the sync task will run automatically at the appointed time set by the Schedule and only move the modified or added files to Dropbox.
  • When you have a lot of iCloud files to sync with Dropbox, you may get a higher MultCloud plan. So that your task will not stop due to the limited 5 GB of free traffic. Also, you can use all the paid features without extra pay if you get a premium.


If you need to share iCloud folder with non-Apple user, the MultCloud Shares proves to be the best solution. It can perfectly meet your needs and allow others to upload files to your iCloud without login. Simplify the process and enhance cross-platform sharing with MultCloud today!

  • Cloud Transfer: Transfer files and folders from one cloud to another without manually downloading.
  • Cloud Sync: Sync files and folders between clouds with 2-way Sync, Real Time Sync, Incremental Sync, and more sync modes.
  • Cloud Backup: Backup your cloud files to another place and restore them with different versions.
  • Shares: Share files and folders with anyone and allow others to upload files to the folders without your account.
  • Copy to: Copy the files and folders and paste them to different clouds on one platform.
Can non-Apple users access iCloud?
Yes, non-Apple users can access iCloud through a web browser. Apple provides a web-based interface that allows users to access and manage their iCloud account, including email, photos, and documents, without needing an Apple device. But you have to have an Apple ID to log in to this website.
Can you share an iCloud album with Android?
Yes, you can also use MultCloud Shares since it supports iCloud Photos, too. The steps to share an iCloud album are similar to sharing iCloud folders. So, you can refer to the steps above to use MultCloud Shares.
Can Android users use iCloud storage?
No, Android users cannot use iCloud storage directly. iCloud is primarily designed for Apple devices, and while you can access some iCloud features via a web browser on Android, you cannot use iCloud storage for device backups or data syncing between Android and iCloud.
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