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Why Save Scrolling Webpages as PDFs?

The process of maintaining and sharing web material has become a simple task in today's digital environment. The procedure has gotten more efficient whether you save pages straight to your favorite browser for quick access, share URLs for group viewing, or make use of technologies that are easy to use.

However, circumstances can occur in which internet access is not available, necessitating the downloading of webpages in PDF format for easy annotation. This post will walk you through the process of saving a lengthy scrolling webpage as a single-page PDF in Chrome, giving you easy access to a wide range of digital content management options.

How to Save Scrolling Webpages as PDFs [New]

How do I save a scrollable webpage as a PDF? We will introduce a smart and practical extension called Save to Cloud from MultCloud. This service utilizes the Print feature on Chrome and helps you convert webpages (including contents and pictures) into PDF files. One of the most outstanding features is that it helps you save those PDFs to cloud drives directly.

Save Webpage
Save Webpage

This is extremely convenient, especially when you have insufficient local storage space. Thankfully, MultCloud supports a large variety of cloud drives in the market, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, MEGA, Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr, Amazon S3, SugarSync, pCloud, and so on. So, you can simply convert webpages to PDFs and save them to those clouds.

Now, you can follow the steps below to learn how to save an entire webpage as PDF via MultCloud:

Step 1: Add Save to Cloud on your Chrome extension.

Step 2: Enable it, sign up for an account for free, and sign in with your credentials. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google/Facebook/Apple account simply.

Step 3: Head to the webpage you want to convert. Open the extension and hit the Convert button on the screen. Next, tap Save to Cloud

Convert and Save to Cloud
Convert and Save to Cloud

Go to Setting, you can choose to save scrolling webpages as PDFs or PNG files. Also, you have options to choose the destination path based on your requirements. After saving it successfully, you can go to Task and tap the folder icon to visit the data on that cloud simply.


Tip: Before saving those PDFs to cloud drives via MultCloud, you need to add those cloud drives to MultCloud and give it access. When you don’t need that cloud anymore, you can remove it from MultCloud. Read how to add and remove by clicking this hyperlink.

This is how to save scrolling webpages as PDF on Chrome. When you intend to save webpage as PDF on Firefox, you can visit the tutorial by clicking the internal link.

How to Save Scrolling Webpages as PDFs [Traditional]

On top of saving webpages as PDFs via Save to Cloud, you can also follow the traditional methods, such as using the Print feature. How do I save a long webpage as a PDF? Read the following content to learn 2 methods to convert webpages as PDFs on Windows and Mac.

Way 1: Save Webpages as PDFs on Windows

If you are using Windows PC, you can simply convert webpages into PDFs easily via the Print feature on the web. Here’s what you should follow:

Step 1: Go to the webpage on a browser.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. Or, you can right-click to select Print. Alternatively, you can tap the 3-dots icon on the right upper side to select Print


Step 3: Choose the Destination as Save as PDF. Later, tap the Save button to confirm the operation.

Save as PDF
Save as PDF

Tip: If you are wondering how to save webpages as PDF without cutting off, you should make sure Layout and Margins are proper.

Way 2: Save Webpages as PDFs on Mac

If you plan to convert webpages as PDF files on your Mac, things will be much easier. Here are the detailed operations:

Step 1: Navigate to the webpage on Safari.

Step 2: Tap the File button on the left upper sidebar. Then select Export as PDF…

Export as PDF
Export as PDF

Step 3: Select a name and a location, then press Save.

Save PDF
Save PDF

Note: If you want to print the webpage without extra fluffs, such as ads, you can open the Reader mode and print again.

Saving scrolling webpages as PDF can pose challenges, on the other hand. Many traditional methods only capture the visible portion of the webpage, requiring users to take multiple screenshots and stitch them together manually.

This process is time-consuming and may result in incomplete or distorted content. Furthermore, some webpages may restrict copying or printing, making it difficult to extract content for conversion into PDF format.

In the End

To sum up, downloading scrolling webpages as PDF is a useful tip that guarantees continuous access to web material. You may easily save and organize web information for later use with tools like MultCloud and other practical techniques. PDFs offer the ease of offline access, so wave goodbye to the frustration of losing important information!

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