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Google Drive lets you have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Most people choose it because the space is shared across Drive, Gmail & Picasa. With one Google account, you can access to all Google apps as well as Google Drive, you don’t need to create a new account. pCloud is one of the newer contenders in the space, founded in 2013 in Switzerland. pCloud provides an easy-to-use cloud storage solution that is meant for both individuals and businesses. Their goal is to provide a clean and simple platform that gives you everything you need to backup and share your files and nothing you don’t, all at an affordable price.

If you want to edit a photo or document, you may need to transfer file from pCloud to Google Drive, then you can use other Google online services. Many people want to have more storage so that they create more accounts. For example, a Google Drive and a pCloud. Sometimes, store files in two different clouds improve the security. Thus, we may need to move Google Drive to pCloud.

Transfer between pCloud and Google Drive

pCloud’s Help document have tutorials about how to backup data in Google Drive to pCloud. pCloud provides service as transfer from other cloud drive to it. However, Google Drive has not this function. You have to do it manually before. Things changed now. With the help of MultCloud, transfer files between Google Drive and pCloud is very easy. Next, let me show you how to use MultCloud.

Visit MultCloud'swebsite, because it is a web app. Click Sign up to register an account or click Experience without signing up to enter in MultCloud.

In MultCloud, the first step is adding cloud into MultCloud. Both Google Drive and pCloud support OAuth authorization so you don’t need to input username and password in MultCloud.

After adding successfully, you can do some common operations to files in cloud drive like in Windows Explorer: download, upload, delete, cut, copy, paste, preview, share, etc.

The key feature of MultCloud is transferring files across cloud services. There is a Cloud Transfer interface. Set pCloud as target and Google Drive as destination. Type a task name, set options, schedule, then start the task.

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MultCloud has a Cloud Sync service, which gives you 8 sync ways to help you sync pCloud with Google Drive. Although MultCloud is a web app, it released an extension for Chrome browser. With this extension, you can check task and go to web edition of Google Drive directly and do transmission related to Google Drive.

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