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Why Copy URL to Google Drive?

Usually, if we want to save online files on a remote server to our Google account, we have to first download them from the website to the local device and then upload them from the local storage to the target Google Drive. It doesn't seem that complicated.

Upload to Google Drive
Upload to Google Drive

However, if there are many items that need to be stored in Google Drive, you have to repeat the same task over and over again, which is a time-consuming and tedious job. Also, you need enough local space to temporarily store these object files, and if you don't want them to take up your precious disk storage space, you must delete them from your local computer after the entire project.

In addition, when the audio and video are downloaded locally through the URL in the browser, there are often hidden dangers that the computer is maliciously attacked by viruses. So, is there a way to save online files directly to your cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc? 

How to Copy URL to Google Drive - Simple and Fast

Actually, there is one. That is to use a third party to directly upload files to Google Drive from URLs. MultCloud, as a free and web-based cloud file manager, has the core functions of Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Remote Upload, and supports adding Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, pCloud and other 30+ mainstream cloud drives.

Since MultCloud supports better integration of multiple cloud storage drives on the same platform, it is easier for you to switch between OneDrive accounts on the same PC. With the core functionality provided by MultCloud, you can easily sync, transfer between cloud drives and backup files.

To upload files from a URL address to the target cloud storage, you need to use the "Remote Upload" feature supported by MultCloud. You can use Remote Upload to upload web content via URLs, torrents and magnet links, the following will show you how to upload to Google Drive via URL.

Step 1: Sign up for MultCloud. To use MultCloud, you should first go to the homepage and then register an account by email. You can also authorize login directly with your Facebook and Google accounts.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: Since MultCloud is an online cloud storage management service, you do not have to download and install the software on your computer to consume your local disk space.

Step 2: Add Google Drive. After successfully registering to MultCloud, log into its platform, in the main interface, move to the "Add Cloud" tab and select "Google Drive". Then, just follow the simple instructions to complete this step.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Step 3: Remote URL upload to Google Drive. After successfully adding your Google Drive account to MultCloud, select Google Drive in the list of cloud drives on the left side of MultCloud. Then, click the "Remote Upload" button in the upper left corner.

Google Drive Remote Upload
Google Drive Remote Upload

In the pop-up window, paste the URL link of one of the target files in the correct location.

Copy the URL to Google Drive
Copy the URL to Google Drive


  • Make sure the filename has the same extension as its original, otherwise the file may not be viewable at the destination.
  • You can also use this feature to upload movies or eBooks by parsing torrent files and magnet links. For example, you can download torrents directly to Google Drive.

You can view the results of copying URL to Google Drive by clicking the "Remote Upload" icon on the left.

Remote Upload List
Remote Upload List

Alternatively, you can go directly to the target Google Drive and you will see that the added file is already there. If you can't see it, just refresh or refresh the browser window from the top right corner. If you are still not sure whether it is successful, you can also log in directly to the Google Drive official website to check.

Refresh Google Drive
Refresh Google Drive

How to Copy URL to Google Drive - Normal Way

There is another way to help you. After installing the Chrome extension called "Copy, URL to Google Drive", you can upload to Google Drive via URL. But this is not an option to upload anything directly to Google Drive, as it only works for pages. Below are the detailed steps.

Step 1: Go to the "Copy, URL to Google Drive" official website.
Step 2: Paste the link, select the destination folder to save to, and click "Save, Copy to Google Drive".

Upload the URL to Google Drive
Upload the URL to Google Drive

Step 3: Click the "Save to Google Drive" button in the new window to complete the task.

Save URL to Google Drive
Save URL to Google Drive

More Advanced Features in MultCloud

Besides copying URLs to Google Drive, MultCloud also supports copying URLs to about 30 common cloud brands such as OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Amazon, Box, etc. In addition, MultCloud allows you to easily implement cloud-to-cloud migration, sync and backup directly.

  • Cloud Transfer: If you need to log out of a cloud disk and use another cloud disk, you can use this function to transfer important data in the cloud disk to another cloud disk at one time, such as transferring pCloud to Dropbox.
  • Team Transfer: If you are an administrator of a business cloud, you can use this feature to easily migrate all accounts from one business cloud to another. For example, each user will have its own folder in the cloud platform, and MultCloud can automatically pair folders in two different business clouds and migrate files from one cloud to the other.
  • Cloud Sync: 10 sync modes help you synchronize cloud disk files in real time. Whenever you add, modify or delete files on a cloud drive, those changes will also be synced to the target cloud.
  • Cloud Backup: You can back up important files in one cloud disk to another cloud disk so that the data can be retrieved if lost. You can use it to backup Google Photos to Dropbox if you want.

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