Why move Google Drive to new account?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google Company. It is widely used among personal users, school administrator, as well as enterprise users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentation with collaborators. When you create one new Google Drive account, you may receive one message reads You get 15 GB free for storing files, photos, music and more. Yes, you can obtain more storage space on payment of a monthly subscription. While for most of us, create another new account turn to be better choice. Then transfer Google Drive to new account is inevitable. If you created another account of other Cloud service, transferring Google Drive to another account is also a must-do event.

Except for the limitation of free storage, you are likely to move Google Drive to another account if you are going to graduate in the near future. The important files you stored on Google Drive account that administered by school district will be deleted soon. Move them to your personal account or account administered by another school are no time to delay. Google doesn’t offer a migrating data to new account solution, so you need to work it out by yourself.

How to migrate Google Drive to new account?

One way to transfer Google Drive folders and documents to another account is transfer ownership of all documents from one to another. Sign in to the Google Admin panel. Go Settings -> Drive and Docs -> Tools. Next, complete the Document ownership transfer. Finally, click Transfer documents to save. What worth to mention is this method works only when both users are in the same domain.

Another way to export Google Drive to another account is using downloading all files. Select all documents you want to transfer, go to the More Actions drop down, and click on Export to compress all the files into a zip file so that you can download it to your hard drive. You can upload it from new account interface. This operation takes much longer time and the file format might be converted to another one during the process. One possible situation could be the uploaded files invisible in new Google Drive account.

Lucky enough, you can complete transferring with Clouds Manager MultCloud. MultCloud is a web service that allows you to mange all cloud storage accounts you have. You can manage files and documents from different accounts in one interface. The authorization system of this service is based on OAuth which enables third party applications to access Cloud accounts without username and password. This would make file transferring between accounts much easier. Besides, MultCloud supports different kinds of file format, such as JGP, GIF, DOC, XLS, PDF, PNG, TXT etc. All your files are able to display correctly in MultCloud.

Move Google Drive files to new account with MultCloud

Firstly, sign up MultCloud to create one account, or you can experience it without signing up first. Click on Add Cloud Drives after logging in, and choose Google Drive icon.

add cloud drives
Add Cloud Drives

Secondly, type Display Name to distinguish and click on Add Google Drive Account to authorize MultCloud accessing files. Repeat this step to add your new Google Drive account.

add google drive account
Add Google Drive Account

Thirdly, now two Google Drive accounts on one window. Right click the files you want to move and select Copy to. Choose the new account and click on Transfer.

copy to
Copy to

It is easier to move Google Drive to new account with less time and effort using MultCloud. Just three simple steps, all crucial files could be saved without redownloading any of them. As you can see from the screenshot, MultCloud supports more than just Google Drive. Adding different Cloud service into your MultCloud is easy as well. You can backup Dropbox to Google Drive, or move files from Sugarsync to Onedrive easily. MultCloud could recognize up to 28 Cloud services, so enjoy managing files between different Clouds.

*Update: Nowadays, you can sync cloud drive in MultCloud's Cloud Sync service.

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