Why Move Files from SharePoint to Shared Drive?

Transfer From SharePoint to Shared Drive
Transfer From SharePoint to Shared Drive

Both SharePoint and Google Shared Drive mainly serve the business, and that means they can help you manage more files and enhance the collaboration with teams.

But Shared Drive wins SharePoint Online in the following perspectives:

  1. Price: Because they serve the enterprise, users need to purchase the plan for service. For the same plan as Business Standard, Shared Drive costs you $12 per month for 2TB storage, while SharePoint costs $12.5 per month for 1 TB storage.
  2. Collaboration: Google Shared Drive can build a connection with the social activities by attaching the calendar, meetings, e-mails, etc. However, SharePoint Online collaborates with Microsoft, so its connection mainly focuses on files themselves like collaborating with Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, if you want your cloud to have more social functions, Shared Drive will be a better choice than SharePoint.
  3. Functions: Compared to SharePoint, Shared Drive adds more functions such as File Recovery, Offline Access, Archiving & Retention, and so on, which can provide much help for working.

If you are a SharePoint user, and you’d like to find an alternative cloud which would cost less, help you build more connections with social activities, and has additional functions, Google Shared Drive will be a good choice. That’s the reason why some people transfer their files from SharePoint Online to Shared Drive.

Move Files from SharePoint to Shared Drive by MultCloud

This part will introduce you why MultCloud can be the best option for you to migrate files from SharePoint to Shared Drive, and other functions which you may use on different demands. It will also tell you what steps you have to follow with this method, so let’s go on. 

Advantages of MultCloud

There is no doubt that migrating masses of files from SharePoint to Google Shared Drive by downloading and uploading is a very tiresome task and will cost much time, but here MultCloud can lend you a hand. It provides the services such as Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and others, aiming to solve the time-consuming tasks in a fast and convenient way.

  • Cloud Transfer: Transfer files between clouds at a fast speed.
  • Team Transfer: Transfer files between team clouds efficiently.
  • Cloud Sync: Securely sychronize files between any clouds.
  • Cloud Backup: Back up files to other clouds and restore them back.

For Example, to copy files from SharePoint Online to Shared Drive, you can achieve this by using Cloud Transfer. After you choose which files you are willing to transfer and click the “Transfer Now” button, and everything is done. During the transferring process, you can even shut down the computer because MultCloud can run in the background. If you think it can do you a favor, you can sign in for free and get 5GB of traffic every month.

How to Move Files from SharePoint to Shared Drive in MultCloud

If you are a new user, you don’t have to worry about whether you are going to meet many obstacles. The following steps will be specific and can make everything clear.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and click “Sign up Free”, and create a new account.

Step 2: Click the button “Add Cloud”. Choose SharePoint Online and Shared Drive from the right bar and you can follow the onscreen instruction to add clouds.

Add SharePoint Online to My Cloud Drives
Add SharePoint Online to My Cloud Drives

Note: According to the different usage, Google Drive, Google Shared with me, Google Workspace and Google Shared Drive are separated on MultCloud, so you can choose what you need to log in.

Step 3: Turn to Cloud Transfer and select the clouds that you want to transfer from/to. Files and folders in the clouds can be also transferred alone.

Select SharePoint Online and Shared Drive
Select SharePoint Online and Shared Drive

Step 4: Click “Transfer Now” and your files are moving from SharePoint Online to Shared Drive. You can check the task by opening the “Task List”. Whether the task is successful or failed, it will have a hint.


  • If you have more requirements on the transfer, you can click the button “Options”. Here you can choose how the transfer process deals with the repeated files. For example, you can ask it to overwrite if the new file is in a different size from the old one or the source is new.
  • You can also allow MultCloud to send you an e-mail to remind you that the transfer is completed.
  • If you upgrade your account, you can use the filter to ignore files with the extensions which you added during the transfer process. More traffic and faster transferring speed will be equipped for the upgrading, too.

Move Files from SharePoint to Shared Drive by Common Method

You can also use the common solution for SharePoint to Google Shared Drive migration by downloading and uploading. But this way needs you to wait in front of the screen, make sure that the network is stable and your computer will not shut down suddenly.

Step 1: Log in to your SharePoint account, and select the files that you want to move, then click “Download” to download them to the local position.

Download Files from SharePoint
Download Files from SharePoint

Step 2: Log in to your Google Shared Drive account and upload the files that you downloaded from SharePoint before.

Upload Files to Shared Drive
Upload Files to Shared Drive


The above 2 ways can be used to copy files from SharePoint to Shared Drive, and you can use your preferred one. However, the first one is more recommended because it helps you save the time and it won’t much rely on the network.

The same steps can be also used to transfer files from one SharePoint to another and after you sign in and add clouds, you can skip these 2 steps. Why not try a way to make transfer easier?

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