Why Transfer Dropbox to Another Drive?

“I am currently using the Dropbox, but it is running out. So my Dropbox files will move to other clouds. I would like to avoid re-downloading all the data and am wondering what is a good way to achieve that.”

This problem raised by the user can reflect a common problem and a kind of client demand. Dropbox is a popular cloud service with a mass of users. However, it basically provides users with only 2 GB of free storage and Dropbox users may find their Dropbox space gets full quickly especially when uploading large files.

Against to this backdrop, users start to possess multiple Dropbox accounts for various reasons. Some people find it is annoying to manage private and business files in one Dropbox cloud, so they try to create another Dropbox to keep data separate and they need transfer personal or public data to the new Dropbox cloud. Others, for fear of data loss, add a new Dropbox account to backup something important without paying. Then, here comes a question: how can they move Dropbox to another drive and is there any way to do the transfer task?

How to Move Dropbox to Another Drive?

The following part will introduce two ways to achieve this goal.

Solution 1: Download and Upload

Most of us can find this traditional way immediately. For example, if you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, you can download data in Dropbox to local storage and finally upload them to your Google Drive. But it requires downloading and uploading everything repeatedly, which is extremely time-consuming.

Solution 2: Operate the task via MultCloud

No need to download and no more repetitive operation. There is an effective way to do the task with the help of Multcloud. Multcloud is a free web-hosted app which provides good management of multiple clouds. Of course, with its transfer feature, you can move Dropbox to another cloud storage in just 3 steps.

Step 1. Create a MultCloud Account

Multcloud is a free cloud storage manager. To use it, you need to sign up first.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Clouds

Add Dropbox and the target cloud to MultCloud. Here we take another Dropbox storage as the destination cloud.

Add Dropbox Cloud
Add Two Dropbox Services to MultCloud

Note: You can only add ONE cloud service for one time. Adding more than one cloud needs to repeat this operation.

Step 3. Create Cloud Transfer Task

Click on “Cloud Transfer” button on the tab and put two Dropbox clouds separately to the source and the target directory. Then click on “Transfer Now” and the task will be well accomplished later.

Transfer Dropbox to Another Dropbox
Transfer Dropbox to Another Dropbox


  • Multcloud supports more than 30 clouds and you can choose other clouds like Google Drive, Amazon Drive, and Mega etc as destination clouds to migrate.
  • Click on “Options” button and you can make some adjustments to your transfer task as you like. For example, you can select some basic options as below and make use of notification function via email, and you can also take advantages of “Filter” feature by upgrading your account.

  • Cloud Transfer Options
    Cloud Transfer Options

    More Information about MultCloud

    As mentioned, MultCloud can help you move Dropbox to another drive without downloading and uploading. What’s more, MultCloud also offer other features like cloud transfer, sync, safe file sharing and easy way to copy files to multiple folders simultaneously.

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