Using MEGA and Box together

Cloud storage service is more and more popular. Many users would like to use more than one cloud storage devices to store the huge data. But using multiple storage still has many questions. For example, the data on different cloud storage drives would take a lot of time for managing the data, or if you want to move files from one cloud drive to another, you will find it is a very complicated job. Well, is there any way that can migrate data flexible? For instance, if you use MEGA and Box together, how could you migrate MEGA to Box?

How to migrate files from MEGA to Box?

You using MEGA and Box together, and now you need to migrate from MEGA to Box. What should you do?
You can use the traditional way to migrate files from MEGA to Box: download the files from your MEGA to your local hard drive. Then, re-upload them to your Box account. This “Download and upload” way need you open two websites at the same time. If you have multiple cloud storage devices, you need open more, which may slow down the network speed. Besides, if your files are large, it may take a lot of time for downloading and uploading.

Fortunately, you can use the MultCloud to migrate MEGA to Box. MultCloud should be the best cloud storage devices manager that can integrate all your cloud storage devices into one account, that including Google Drives, AmazonS3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, FTP, Amazon, Cloudme, Cubby, Mydrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, Baidu, MediaFire, OwnCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, Flickr, HubiC, Mysql, Evernote, MEGA, SugarSync. With the MultCloud, you can manage data on your multiple cloud drives in one place and migrate data between cloud drives without interrupting your working.

Here you can follow the steps below to migrate MEGA to Box:
Step1. Create an account in MultCloud. Sign up with your email.

Step2. Click Add Cloud Drives to add your MEGA and Box account to your MultCloud account.

Step3. Then, you can use migrate MEGA to Box easily with MultCloud. Here are many ways you can do. You can migrate from MEGA to Box by Copy & Paste, Copy to, or Cloud Transfer features of MultCloud.

Copy/Copy to
Select the file you want to migrate from MEGA, right click it and select Copy/Copy to.

If you select Copy, you can go to the Box, and right click a blank space, select Paste.

Here, the file has already been migrated from MEGA to Box.
If you select Copy to, here will pop out a window that you can choose the destination place, and you can migrate from MEGA to multiple cloud drives here.

Cloud Transfer
Cloud Transfer is a great function for you to migrate data from one cloud drive to another. Click Cloud Transfer at the top.

And then, select MEGA as the source party, the Box as the destination party. Click Transfer Now to start.

Migrate MEGA to Box is such a simple thing with the help of MultCloud. Besides, you can upgrade the Free Plan to Premium Plan to get more functions such as filter settings for file transfer, scheduled file transfer, etc.

Cloud Sync
MultCloud added this function since 4.0 version, details please visit here.

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