Why Sync Dropbox to MEGA?

Sync Dropbox and MEGA
Sync Dropbox and MEGA

Today, more and more people turn to store data in cloud services instead of storing data in hard drives to keep files safe and secure on the web. Dropbox is an old brand but popular cloud drive, which offers users free but limited storage of 2 GB and allows to share files or folders between Dropbox users online. MEGA came later than Dropbox, but it provides larger free storage of 20 GB and shares stricter security to users than Dropbox does. 

The limited free storage of a Dropbox account may cause you to register a MEGA account or other clouds so that you can get more cloud storage space without purchasing. Instead of using Dropbox and MEGA separately, how can you use the same file both from Dropbox and MEGA in the most efficient way? Well, the best solution is to sync files between Dropbox and MEGA.

If you sync between Dropbox and MEGA, you can easily access all your data in two clouds without remembering clearly where the files are stored in. This is also a great way to put double security to your data to backup Dropbox to OneDrive or MEGA. Besides, you can easily share cloud files both to Dropbox and MEGA users after syncing files between MEGA and Dropbox.

How to Sync Dropbox to MEGA Easily

To sync files from Dropbox to MEGA without downloading, uploading, or any other complicated steps, you could try to rely on a professional web-based multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud, with excellent cloud-to-cloud sync and management features for free. As the best online cloud file manager, MultCloud can do its best to help you manage all your clouds and transfer data across all these clouds with useful and reliable features all in one easy-to-use interface.

  • Wide Compatibility: Support 30+ mainstream clouds including Dropbox and MEGA.
  • 10 Sync Modes: One way, two way, real time sync, etc.
  • Schedule Sync: Set a plan to automatically sync Dropbox files to MEGA.
  • Security: OAuth authorization to connect clouds without recording username password.

Now you can use the Cloud Sync function and follow the clear instruction below to sync files and folders between Dropbox and MEGA at once.

Steps to Sync Dropbox to MEGA Quickly by Cloud Sync

Step 1. Open MultCloud official website and sign up for free.

Sign Up MultCloud
Sign Up MultCloud

Tip: You can use your Google/Facebook account to log in as well.

Step 2. Choose the Dropbox icon and follow the pop-up window to add your Dropbox account to MultCloud. Then click “Add Cloud” and repeat this step to add your MEGA account to MultCloud.

Add Dropbox and MEGA to MultCloud
Add Dropbox and MEGA to MultCloud

Tip: You can add all your clouds to MultCloud for free.

Step 3. Switch to the “Cloud Sync” page, select Dropbox or files and folders under this account as the source, then select MEGA or a folder in it as the destination.

Sync Dropbox to MEGA by Cloud Sync
Sync Dropbox to MEGA by Cloud Sync

Step 4. Choose a sync mode in the “Options”. For free users, you can choose between 4 basic modes like Simple Sync and Real Time Sync in one-way and two-way. For Upgraded Users: You can make use of all 10 modes (4 basic modes + 6 advanced modes like Mirror Sync, Move Sync, Incremental Sync, Cumulative Sync, Update Sync, and Full Backup Sync).

Mirror Sync: files in the source and target directories are always the same (MultCloud will delete the extra files in the target directory).
Move Sync: all the files in the source directory will be deleted when the synchronization is completed,
Incremental Sync: each time when you sync files, a subdirectory will be created in the target directory so that the added and modified files in the source directory will be transferred to it.
Cumulative Sync: when deleting the files in the source directory, same files in the target directory will not be deleted.
Update Sync: all files in the target directory will be deleted firstly, and then added and modified files in the source directory will be transferred to the target directory.
Full Backup Sync:  each time when you sync files, a subdirectory will be created in the target directory so that all the files in the source directory will be transferred to it.


Options of Cloud Sync
Options of Cloud Sync


  • You can turn on the “Email” notification to be informed when the task is completed.
  • The “Filter” can help you include or exclude files with certain extensions when syncing between clouds.
  • You can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly plan in the “Schedule” for MultCloud to automatically sync MEGA and Dropbox.
Schedule of Cloud Sync
Schedule of Cloud Sync

Step 5. Click “Sync Now” in the lower right corner to immediately sync from Dropbox to MEGA.

Tip: You can check all the tasks in the “Task List”.

Task List of MultCloud
Task List of MultCloud


As you can see, MultCloud is great to help you sync Dropbox to MEGA without any risk of data loss. If you choose the "Real Time Sync", the data in the source directory will be automatically synced to the target directory as long as any changes are detected in the source one. Besides Dropbox and MEGA, you can also sync files between Google Drive, Dropbox Business, OneDrive, pCloud, Flickr, Google Photos, Amazon S3, FTP servers, WebDAV, etc. with ease in MultCloud. With MultCloud, managing multiple cloud drives isn’t trouble anymore.

What’s more, if you just want to do Dropbox to MEGA migration or transfer from Dropbox to MEGA, the Cloud Transfer feature in MultCloud is waiting to give you the best cloud-to-cloud transfer experience.

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