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Why Transfer MEGA to Amazon Cloud Drive?

Before learning how to move files from MEGA to Amazon Drive, you could have a glimpse of the differences between MEGA and Amazon Drive.

  MEGA Amazon Drive
Free Storage 20 GB 5 GB
Maximum Storage 16 TB 30 TB
Sharing Function Permission control No permission control
File Size Limit No 2 GB via Web and 50 GB via App

By looking through the comparison of these two cloud drive services, you may find the reason to transfer files from MEGA to Amazon Drive. You are very likely to migrate MEGA to Amazon Drive simply to get more free storage. And if you get used to rely on services supplied by Amazon, you may have to move files from MEGA to Amazon Drive in order to enjoy other convenient services related to Amazon.

How to Transfer MEGA to Amazon Drive Manually

The traditional way to transfer files from MEGA to Amazon Drive is of course by downloading files from your MEGA account and then uploading those files to Amazon Drive. Please be prepared for the complicated transfer task and make sure that the files you want to transfer from MEGA to Amazon Drive will not take up all the storage of your computer after downloading.

Step 1: Sign in MEGA with email and password.
Step 2: Hold on and move your mouse to select the files and folders which you are going to migrate from MEGA.
Step 3: Right-click the selected files and choose “Standard Download” in the dropdown menu. You can also click “Download as ZIP” to transfer files with better organization.

Download Files and Folders from MEGA
Download Files and Folders from MEGA

Tips: The files downloaded from MEGA will be automatically stored in the folder created by your browser.

Step 4: Open another browser window and sign in Amazon Drive.
Step 5: Click the blue button “Upload” in the upper left corner.
Step 6: Choose to upload files or a folder from your computer. Then locate the files through the pop-up window and click “Open”. Then the files are successfully transferred from MEGA to Amazon Drive.

Upload Files and Folders to Amazon Drive
Upload Files and Folders to Amazon Drive

Tips: You can also upload files to Amazon Drive through “Drag and Drop”. All you have to do is to drag the files which you download from MEGA and drop them to the interface of Amazon Drive.

How to Transfer Files from MEGA to Other Clouds by MultCloud

Apart from the traditional way to transfer MEGA to Amazon Drive, it would be better if you could try a great and free third-party multi cloud manager called MultCloud to move files from MEGA to another account instead of manually uploading and downloading. MultCloud can help you to integrate, manage and transfer data through all your cloud drive services together in a single interface.


  • Use “Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync and Copy to” functions to transfer data from one of your clouds to another.
  • Use “Upload, Download, Copy, Cut, Delete, Preview and Rename” functions to get better cloud management.
  • Remote Upload to MEGA and other Cloud Drives from URL instead of the actual files.
  • Share files from MEGA and other clouds through Public Share, Private Share and Source Share functions without switching accounts.
  • Transfer data fast without speed limit.

One important thing you may need to know is that, even MultCloud already supports more than 30 major cloud drives include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, and uses OAuth authorization system to access your clouds without recording the corresponding username and password, Amazon Drive still don’t allow MultCloud to access it. So, you may not be able to transfer MEGA to Amazon Drive through MultCloud.

Therefore, here we take how to transfer MEGA to Dropbox account as an example.

Step 1: Sign up MultCloud with name and email. You could also choose “Try without signing up” to enter MultCloud temporarily but not add your personal information.
Step 2: Click “+Add Cloud” and choose MEGA icon.
Step 3: Follow the pop-up window to allow MultCloud to access your MEGA account.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 and step 3 to add your Dropbox account to MultCloud.

Add MEGA and Dropbox to MultCloud
Add MEGA and Dropbox to MultCloud

Step 5: Click “Cloud Transfer” under “Common Tools” list.
Step 6: Click the left square to select the files which you want to transfer from MEGA. You could also select folders and even a whole MGEA account.
Step 7: Click the right square to select the destination you are going to put those files in Dropbox.
Step 8: Click the purple button “Transfer Now” in the lower right corner. Then the transfer task is completed.

Transfer MEGA Files to Another Account though MultCloud
Transfer MEGA Files to Another Account though MultCloud

Tips for Additional Functions:
1. If you need, MultCloud can send you an email notification after the transfer task is done.
2. You could also enter “Task List” to look through the detailed progress of your transfer task.
3. To transfer MEGA to other clouds automatically and periodically, you can set daily, weekly or monthly scheduled cloud file transfer task.
4. If you are trying to transfer MEGA to more than one account, you’d better use “Copy to” function after opening MEGA in MultCloud instead of Cloud Transfer.
5. MultCloud offers you some auxiliary functions before starting the transfer task such as deleting all source files after transfer is completed.

Options of Cloud Transfer
Options of Cloud Transfer

Tips for Upgraded Users of MultCloud:
1. You will be able to transfer data from 150 GB traffic per month to unlimited traffic according to your subscription. In comparison, a free user can only transfer with 30 GB traffic per month.
2. The speed of your transfer task will be greatly increased because you can get 10 threads instead of 2.
3. You can use “Filter” to perform the transfer task while ignoring or only including files with certain extensions.


By looking through the instructions about how to transfer MEGA to Amazon Drive through the traditional way and how to transfer files from MEGA to other accounts through MultCloud, you may already find that using MultCloud to achieve these tasks is much simpler to you. However, even MultCloud cannot support Amazon Drive, you still could use MultCloud to accomplish cloud to cloud transfer among 30+ cloud drive services mentioned above.

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