Why merge personal and business Dropbox accounts?

As Dropbox is a famous cloud drive, it has millions and billions users. Many people registered is personal Dropbox accounts, many companies also use Dropbox for Business account. Notice that Dropbox for Business is not a common Dropbox account just for business use, the Dropbox for Business can be regarded as an advance Dropbox account, especially designed for enterprises use. In general, one Dropbox for Business account has several users, that means, many staffs use one account together, and there is an admin to manage these staffs.

Now that you have both personal and business Dropbox accounts, if you don’t want to switch from one to another one, merge them is a good choice. Combining them in one place, you can not only view all things in them, but also transfer files between them. If you have data that use in both personal Dropbox and share Dropbox for Business account, merge them could solve lots of trouble.

How to merge personal and business Dropbox?

The title of this tutorial already told you the answer, with MultCloud can realize merging personal and work Dropbox accounts. MultCloud is an app base on website to help you manage multiple cloud services’ accounts in one place. At first, MultCloud supports Dropbox personal account. Later, it supports Dropbox for Business and more, nowadays, MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds as well as FTP/SFTP, WebDav and so on.

MultCloud is free to use, create an account needs your email address, users can also try it while Experience without Signing up entrance and bundle the email and set password later. Once logged in MultCloud, it’s time to add cloud into it. By the way, MultCloud support to add unlimited same brand accounts. When adding Dropbox or Drobpox for Business, you don’t need to input username and password in MultCloud, but jump to Dropbox website to authorize, because MultCloud applies OAuth system and Dropbox supports this. MultCloud is very safe and won’t save your information or track your data.

After adding personal and business Dropbox accounts in MultCloud, merging task completed. Then you can explore and manage files in these clouds easily. MultCloud’s share feature can be alternative to Dropbox for Business some aspects. If you open the permission to add files in public folder, one MultCloud account can use for a work group too, people can upload files to Dropbox without login.

More about MultCloud

In MultCloud, it is simple to move files across clouds, now you are able to transfer files from personal Dropbox to Dropbox for Business directly without download and re-uploading. Under Cloud Explorer window, you can try copy&paste option, or direct drag&drop. Under Cloud Transfer interface, you can set transferring task, there are more options, such as filter, overwritten, etc. Moreover, there is a Cloud Sync interface, which you are able to sync data between personal Dropbox and business Dropbox automatically too.

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