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Why Merge Dropbox Accounts?


Dropbox is a convenient and smart cloud service that allows users to store files and access them anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Whether you are a personal user or a business user, you can utilize this service to manage data and collaborate with other easier.

However, Dropbox only gives users 2GB of free storage space, which means users can quickly run out of the free cap after saving a few files. Then, users either need to upgrade their account or sign up for a new Dropbox account to expand free storage space. Meanwhile, some people are using different Dropbox accounts to save different files.

All those reasons make people use multiple Dropbox accounts. On the other hand, it makes people combine different Dropbox accounts to make better management. In this article, we will show you how to merge Dropbox accounts in a free and simple solution by using a professional tool. If you are interested, keep reading.

How to Merge Personal and Business Accounts Easily

The easiest way to combine Dropbox personal and business accounts is to utilize a third-party service named MultCloud. It provides users with a convenient platform to manage multiple cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos, Flickr, MEGA, Amazon S3, FTP, Dropbox Business, OneDrive for Business, NAS, and so on.


MultCloud not only allows you to upload, download, share, rename, copy, move, and delete files on each cloud, but also allows you to transfer, sync, and backup files between cloud drives directly. For instance, you are able to transfer S3 bucket to another account.

Anyway, by adding those cloud drives you use to MultCloud, you can manage them in a hassle-free way without frequent account shifting. Thankfully, MultCloud doesn’t limit how many cloud drives you can add, so you can add as many accounts as you like. This makes it easier to connect two personal Dropbox accounts.

Now, you can refer to the following content to learn how to merge personal and business Dropbox accounts with the help of MultCloud:

Step 1: Create an account on the web for free. If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up one by your email. Or, you can sign in directly with your Facebook or Google account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Click on Add Cloud on the left navigation bar. Then press the icon of Dropbox to add to MultCloud by following the instructions shown on your screen. Then grant MultCloud access. After adding your Dropbox personal account, you can click on Dropbox for Business icon to add the business account.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox

Step 3: After adding Dropbox and Dropbox for Business accounts, they will be displayed on the left sidebar. And when you want to head to each one, you can click its display name and then you can manage data simply.

Likewise, if you have other Dropbox accounts, you can add to MultCloud as well. By doing so, time can be saved and files can be managed efficiently. In this way, you don’t need to worry it cannot be accomplished when combining 2 personal Dropbox accounts on the same computer, which you might encounter when using the traditional and official way.

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer Dropbox Accounts

We’ve learned how to connect multiple Dropbox accounts on one PC. Sometimes, users need to migrate data from one Dropbox account to another to organize data. Then, how to accomplish this target? As mentioned before, MultCloud can also offer you help. And there are many advantages you can enjoy when using MultCloud:

  • Leading Transmission Speed. MultCloud offers a competitive transfer speed, which means files can be moved as quickly as possible. Even though you have a large number of files, MultCloud can finish the migration task efficiently.
  • Offline Transfer. MultCloud consumes data traffic to transfer files between cloud drives instead of bandwidth. So, you don’t need to worry about internet connection condition during the transfer process since MultCloud can run it in the background.
  • Scheduled Transfer. MultCloud gives users 4 options to choose from when they want to set up automatic transfer tasks, including running at a regulated time, daily, weekly, or monthly. After setting, files can be moved on time.

Then, you can refer to the steps in the following content to learn how to transfer files between Dropbox accounts easily via MultCloud:

Step 1: Sign in to your MultCloud account on the web.

Step 2: Proceed to Add Cloud on the left navigation bar. Then, add Dropbox accounts you will use.

Step 3: Now, press the Cloud Transfer tab on the left sidebar. Then click on the first box to select one Dropbox and the second box to select another Dropbox account. After that, you can start the transfer task by tapping the Transfer Now button.

Transfer One Dropbox to Another
Transfer One Dropbox to Another

See, it is very quick and easy to transfer files between Dropbox accounts with the help of MultCloud. In addition to the Cloud Transfer feature, you can also sync and backup files from one cloud to another. For example, you can backup Google Photos to Synology NAS.

Final Words

After reading the whole text, you now know how to merge personal and business Dropbox accounts with the help of MultCloud. And now, you can try to see whether it can be helpful or not. Anyway, MultCloud not only allows you to manage multiple cloud drives in one place but also enables you to make migration between cloud services directly and seamlessly.

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