File transfer between 2 different cloud storage services

Nowadays, there are many cloud drive services out there, some of which are totally free. Each of them has its unique purpose and limits. For example, if you want a good way to save Microsoft Office documents to a cloud drive, you can have OneDrive, which is included in the Microsoft Office package. Therefore, many people started to use as many different cloud accounts as possible. For those who use multiple cloud drives, transferring and synchronizing files between two different cloud drives is very important. Here a multiple cloud storage manager will be introduced to help you import OneDrive to Google Drive.

Manage OneDrive and Google Drive together

There is a free web tool MultCloud that is able to combine OneDrive and Google Drive together, so you can manage files between those two cloud drives in a more efficient way. Since it is a web tool, you do not need to download anything. Once you have added OneDrive and Google Drive into MultCloud, you can view, edit and share files stored in Google Drive and OneDrive in one place. What’s more, MultCloud is very easy to use. You can just click “Add Cloud Drive” button in its main interface after login and then follow the instruction to connect OneDrive and Google Drive.

Transfer files from OneDrive to google drive

It is very easy to transfer files across different cloud drives. You can also set up scheduled task to sync files between Google Drive and OneDrive. Once the scheduled time arrives, the task will be performed no matter your computer is off.

To set up OneDrive to Google Drive sync:

1.After logging in MultCloud, click “Transfer”.

2.Click the first box under to select OneDrive as the source. You can also select a file or folder as the source to be transferred.

3.Click the second box to select Google Drive or a folder in Google Drive as the target location to receive the transfer.

4.Click “Run Now” to start the data transfer or “Schedule Later” to set a schedule run this transfer task.

That’s it. The services will import OneDrive to Google Drive. Besides, you can also simply drag and drop (copy and paste) the data which you want to transfer to another cloud drive. You can also create OneDrive to Google Drive sync task with Multcloud. In conclusion, for those who use multiple cloud drive services, MultCloud can be of great help.

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