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Case 1: My photos have been stuck in the syncing process, and it's been trying to upload the last 197 to iCloud. How can I resolve this and get them to finish syncing?

Case 2: My iCloud Photos is currently experiencing an issue where it's stuck syncing just one item, and this problem has persisted for several weeks. I suspect that there might be a corrupt item within my photo library. How can I go about identifying and resolving this issue?

Why is My iCloud Sync Stuck?

Several factors can contribute to iCloud sync issues. Understanding these causes is the first step toward resolving the problem:

  • Poor Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial for iCloud sync to work correctly. Slow or unreliable internet can lead to sync delays or failures.
  • Overloaded iCloud Servers: Sometimes, iCloud servers experience heavy loads due to a high volume of users syncing their data simultaneously. This can slow down or interrupt the sync process.
  • Outdated Software: Running outdated versions of iOS, macOS, or iCloud can lead to compatibility issues that hinder the syncing process.
  • Insufficient iCloud Storage: If your iCloud storage is full, new data cannot be uploaded, leading to sync problems.
  • Conflicting Settings: Inconsistent settings across your Apple devices can disrupt the sync process. Ensure that all devices are configured correctly.
  • Network Restrictions: Firewalls, proxy servers, or network restrictions may block iCloud sync traffic, preventing data from being transferred.
  • Third-Party Software Interference: Certain third-party applications or security software may interfere with iCloud sync.

9 Solutions to Solve iCloud Sync Stuck

If you encounter the iCloud photo sync stuck or syncing to iCloud stuck issue, there are several potential solutions you can try to resolve the issue. Here are some steps you can take:

Way 1: Check your Internet Connection

Since iCloud sync requires a reliable internet connection to function correctly, make sure that your device has a stable and active internet connection.

Way 2: Restart iCloud Sync

Sometimes, restarting iCloud can solve many iCloud issues including iCloud sync stuck.

On an iOS device: Go to Settings > Click on your Apple ID > Choose iCloud > Choose iCloud Drive > Switch off the button beside iCloud Drive and then switch on.

On a Mac: Tap on the Apple icon > Select “System Settings” > Click on your Apple ID > Choose iCloud > Uncheck iCloud and then check it.

Way 3: Update Your Devices

Make sure that all your Apple devices are equipped with the latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or the respective operating systems.

Way 4: Check iCloud Storage

Ensure that you have enough storage space available in your iCloud account. If your iCloud storage is full, you may need to delete some files or upgrade your storage plan to get rid of iCloud sync stuck.

You can check your iCloud storage with the following steps:

On iPhone: Open Settings > Click on your Apple ID > Choose iCloud.

Check iCloud Storage on iPhone
Check iCloud Storage on iPhone

On Mac: Click on the Apple icon > Choose “System Settings” > Click your Apple ID > Choose iCloud.

Check iCloud Storage on Mac
Check iCloud Storage on Mac

Way 5: Check for Large Files

Large files can sometimes cause sync issues. Check if you have any super large files on your iCloud Drive and then consider removing or moving them to another place

Way 6: Review Recently Added Files

Sometimes, specific files may be causing iCloud sync stuck. Check if there are any recent files that were added to iCloud Drive. They might cause this issue.

Way 7: iCloud Sign Out and Sign in

On iOS: Go to Settings > Click Apple ID > Tap on “Sign Out” at the bottom. Then sign in to iCloud again.

On Mac: Click on the Apple icon > Choose “System Settings” > Tap on your Apple ID > Click “Sign Out”. After signing out, sign back in.

Way 8: Check Apple's System Status

Occasionally, iCloud services may experience downtime or issues on Apple's end. You can check Apple's System Status page to see if there are any ongoing problems with iCloud.

Way 9: Reset Network Settings (iOS Only)

On an iOS device, you can try resetting your network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that this will reset your Wi-Fi passwords and network settings.

iPhone iCloud Sync Stuck
iPhone iCloud Sync Stuck

How to Force iCloud Drive to Sync

If the above solutions cannot help you retrieve iCloud Sync, you can try to manually force iCloud Sync. There are 2 solutions on how to force iCloud Drive to sync on Mac and Windows PC.

On Mac

Step 1: Go to "System Preferences" on your Mac and click on Apple ID.

Step 2: Select "iCloud" on the left bar and check the box next to "iCloud Drive" to make it sync with your Mac.

Force iCloud Drive to Sync on Mac
Force iCloud Drive to Sync on Mac

On Windows PC

Step 1: Install iCloud for Windows on your PC if you have not done it.

Step 2: Open iCloud for Windows and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3: Check the box next to "iCloud Drive" and click "Apple" to sync iCloud Drive with your PC.

Force iCloud Drive to Sync on PC
Force iCloud Drive to Sync on PC

Bonus Tip: How to Effectively Free up iCloud Storage

We can see from either reasons or solutions that inadequate iCloud storage will cause iCloud sync stuck. So, we may move some files from iCloud to another place and delete them for more storage. The best way to move iCloud Drive files or iCloud Photos images to another cloud is by using MultCloud Cloud Transfer.

Cloud Transfer moves files without manually downloading and uploading files between clouds. It is a direct and automatic process when using it for file migration. Besides, you can choose to let MultCloud delete the files on iCloud Drive or iCloud Photos after the task is completed.

Here we will list the steps for using Cloud Transfer to move files from iCloud Drive to Dropbox as an example.

Step 1: Sign up for a new MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add iCloud Drive and Dropbox to MultCloud. You can add a cloud by clicking “Add Cloud” and its icon. Then log in to the corresponding account and accept MultCloud’s access.

Add iCloud Drive and Dropbox
Add iCloud Drive and Dropbox

Step 3: Click “Cloud Transfer” in the left bar and select iCloud Drive and Dropbox in the boxes. Then open “Options” and tick “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” if you want MultCloud to delete for you. Finally, click “Transfer Now” and the files start moving to Dropbox.

Move Files from iCloud Drive to Dropbox
Move Files from iCloud Drive to Dropbox


  • If you only want to move some specific files to Dropbox, you can use the Filter to select them with their extension.
  • Schedule is used for timing the transfer task and letting it run at your selected time and frequency.
  • If you have many big files to move, you can get a premium to move files without the free 5 GB limitation.
Cloud Transfer Filter
Cloud Transfer Filter

Apart from Cloud Transfer, you can also use MultCloud Cloud Sync to real-time update files between clouds or Cloud Backup to backup and restore files with different file versions. Schedule and Filter are also available with these 2 functions. Besides, since MultCloud uses data traffic to transfer files, the transfer speed will be fast and the process can be done offline.

Sync iCloud Drive with OneDrive
Sync iCloud Drive with OneDrive
Backup iCloud Drive to Google Drive
Backup iCloud Drive to Google Drive


iCloud sync is a valuable feature that enhances the Apple ecosystem's functionality. When faced with the "iCloud Sync Stuck" error, don't panic. By following the solutions outlined in this guide and staying informed about the common causes, you can resolve the issue and enjoy seamless data synchronization across your Apple devices.


Why is my iCloud sync taking so long?

iCloud sync may take longer due to factors like a slow internet connection, large amounts of data to sync, or iCloud server issues. Ensure a stable connection, optimize your iCloud settings, and wait for the process to complete. If problems persist, contact Apple support for assistance or check for service outages.

Why is my iCloud stuck uploading?

iCloud can get stuck uploading due to various reasons, such as a slow internet connection, a large amount of data to upload, or issues with iCloud servers. To address this, check your internet connection, restart your device, and ensure you have sufficient storage space.

How long will iCloud syncing take?

The time it takes for iCloud syncing can vary widely depending on factors like the amount of data being synced, your internet connection speed, and the current load on iCloud servers. It could take minutes to hours for smaller amounts of data or longer for larger libraries. Patience is key during the syncing process.

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