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Challenges in Transferring Google Photos to Backblaze

Google Photos is a smart photo-sharing and photo-saving cloud drive that offers 15GB of free space. You can store photos and videos to the cloud, and share photos with other easily. While Backblaze is useful cloud backup solution, which offers a place for users to store important files and photos. As Google Photos canceled its unlimited space, many switch from Google Photos to Backblaze.

While the journey of transferring data from Google Photos to Backblaze is not without its hurdles. Users often encounter issues such as compatibility, file format complications, and potential data loss. Choosing the right method for the transfer is paramount to overcoming these challenges. If you only know the download-and-upload method, you can read this post to learn the quickest and easiest way.

How to Migrate Google Photos to Backblaze without Downloading

The easiest way to complete this target is to utilize a third-party service called MultCloud. It acts as a bridge between different cloud storage platforms, offering an integrated and convenient place for you to manage and organize many cloud drives, such as Google Photos, Backblaze, SugarSync, pCloud, Dropbox, SharePoint, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.


How to manage those cloud drives via MultCloud? For example, you can upload and share documents on Dropbox, download files from OneDrive, rename a folder, delete an item, and so on. At the same time, you are allowed to transfer files from one cloud service to another directly without downloading and uploading. Here’re some detailed advantages:

  • Cross-Cloud File Migration: MultCloud enables users to effortlessly move files and folders across diverse cloud storage services, regardless of the provider, facilitating the smooth transfer of data between platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive and Amazon S3, and other supported services.
  • Background Transfers: Users can commence transfers and proceed with other tasks or activities while MultCloud handles the file movement in the background. This guarantees that users can maintain productivity without any disruption from the file transfer process. For instance, you can transfer Google Photos to iCloud even though the connection is disrupted.
  • Real-Time Transfer Monitoring: MultCloud offers users the ability to monitor the progress of their file transfers in real-time, providing visibility into the status of the transfers. This transparency ensures that users can stay well-informed and promptly address any issues that may arise.
  • Multi-Threaded Transfers: To optimize transfer speeds, MultCloud's Cloud Transfer feature employs multi-threading technology. This means that the tool can concurrently handle multiple file transfers, significantly reducing the time required to move large amounts of data between cloud storage services.

Now, read below to learn how to move files from Google Photos to Backblaze directly without going through your computer via MultCloud:

Step 1: Create an account on MultCloud if you don’t have one. You can either use your email to register one, or utilize your Google/Facebook to sign in directly.

Step 2: Tap Add Cloud on the left sidebar. All cloud drives that MultCloud supports will be shown on the main page. You can click on Google Photos’ icon to add your account. Then follow the tips to permit MultCloud. Next, use the same way to add Backblaze.

Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

Step 3: Navigate to Cloud Transfer on the left taskbar. Then choose Google Photos as the source cloud and Backblaze as the target cloud. Finally, you can click on Transfer Now to begin the task.

Transfer Google Photos to Backblaze
Transfer Google Photos to Backblaze

As you can see, MultCloud is a web-based cloud transfer service, which means it will not take up your local storage space. Meanwhile, with the help of MultCloud, you don’t need to download and upload files from Google Photos to Backblaze manually, which saves time and energy. In addition, you can create automatic transfer tasks by hitting the Schedule button.

There are 4 schedule options you can choose from, including moving at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly. Once you set it up, the task will be run on time. If you want to transfer Google Drive files to OneDrive at a designated time.

Compared to the download-and-upload method, MultCloud offers a more flexible and smarter way to move data across cloud drives. It is equipped with a leading migration speed, so large files can be moved between clouds efficiently and seamlessly. In addition to transferring files, MultCloud makes it easy to back up and sync data across clouds as well:

  • Cloud Backup: MultCloud enables you to back up files from one cloud to another directly and quickly. After backing up, you can restore them easily without costing a penny. So, don’t worry if cloud drives lose your data suddenly.
  • Cloud Sync: There are 9 useful syncing methods for you to choose from, including Mirror Sync, Move Sync, Update Sync, Real-Time Sync, etc. For example, you can sync Google Drive with OneDrive.

Tip: If you consider using Google Takeout to export all photos from Google Photos in one go, you have some limitations. For example, you can create only 2 to 3 archives per day. Also, exporting large files or folders using Google Takeout may result in incomplete downloads.

In the End

That’s all about how to transfer Google Photos to Backblaze. Beyond the conventional tasks of downloading, uploading, and using Google Takeout, MultCloud provides an innovative and user-friendly solution for accomplishing your objectives. This service streamlines the process, offering a smart and effortless approach to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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