Connect Google Photos Different Accounts with MultCloud

For managing different cloud accounts, what we can think about is the traditional one, that is to shift from one cloud account to another. This is troublesome, of course. Then, is there an easier way to do so?

MultCloud is a third party multiple clouds manager which can help us arrange all storages well. To make use of it for different Google Photos accounts managing, first of all, we should combine all accounts together in one place.

1. Sign up for MultCloud - Free

MultCloud is a web-based program. Therefore, we must firstly register to use its services.

2. Add Google Photos Accounts to MultCloud

In MultCloud main interface, click “Add Cloud” tab on the top, scroll down the cloud brands list and select “Google Photos”. Then, follow the guidance to finish Gmail adding.

Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

Tips: We should repeat the process to add more Google Photos accounts.

Until now, all preparations are done and all Google Photos accounts are merged into MultCloud platform. We can start the management to contents of added accounts.

Manage Google Photos Different Accounts with MultCloud

Google Photos Backing up to a Different Account

Move to “Cloud Explorer” tab, choose source Google Photos account, right-click on target item(s) among its contents on the right area and select “Copy” or “Copy to”.

Copy or Copy to
Copy or Copy to

If we choose “Copy”, just switch to destination account, right-click on any blank area on the right and select “Paste”. If we choose “Copy to”, we should select target account in the pop-up window and finally click “Transfer”.

Notes: Make sure not to tick “Move” in the bottom left. Otherwise, the source files will be transferred to destination instead of copying.

Sync Google Photos to Different Account

Go to “Cloud Sync” tab, set source and destination Photos account, and finally click “Sync Now”.

Sync Google Photos to iCloud Photos
Sync Google Photos to iCloud Photos

Other Basic Managements for Google Photos

From the screenshot in photos backup part, we can see that we can carry out some basic operations for the files/folders like create new folder, delete unwanted items, upload files from local, rename a file, share a file to others, etc.

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