How to Set up Google Drive Selective Sync?

Does Google Drive have selective sync? Yes, it has. Then, how to do selective sync of Google Drive with nested feature?

Selective Sync with Google Drive Backup and Sync

Backup & Sync is the official application provided by Google, with it, we can achieve selective synchronization between local computer and online cloud storage.

When we first sign in B & S software, it will guide us step by step to specify which folders to be backed up to cloud drive and which ones to be synced back to local machine from online cloud.

Google Backup and Sync Step 2
Google Backup and Sync Local to Cloud

Google Backup and Sync Step 3
Google Backup and Sync Cloud to Local

Tips: If already have set up Backup & Sync for the first time, we can go to settings (Preferences) to change target folders.

Google Drive Selective Sync between Clouds

As for cloud to cloud selective syncing in Google Drive, Google Backup and Sync can’t help anymore; we need to rely on third party programs like MultCloud, a professional and stable cloud drive selective sync service. How to make use of this tool, just follow the below steps.

# 1. Sign up MultCloud for free

MultCloud is an online solution. Therefore, in order to use it, first of all, we should create an account of it. This is completely free of charge.

# 2. Link Google Drive to MultCloud

Then, in the main user interface of MultCloud, click to enter “Add Clouds” tab and select “Google Drive” or “Google Drive for G Suite” according to the drive account type. Then, just follow the guidance to finish this task.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Note: We are only able to add one cloud account in one process. Thus, we should repeat the process to add more accounts to MultCloud.

# 3. selective sync drive Google

When all above preparations are done, we can carry out the most important step of selective sync on Google Drive. Go to “Cloud Sync” tab, select source and destination cloud path, and finally, click “Sync Now”.

Sync One Google Drive to Another
Selective Sync from Google Drive to Another

Tips: We can also selective sync from Google Drive to other cloud drives or from other clouds to GDrive.

More about Google Drive Selective Sync Software

Since MultCloud is a web-based program, it can be used in all operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC OS, iOS and Android, as well as all devices including desktop PC and Server, notebook, laptop, ipad, iphone, etc.

Besides Google Drive, MultCloud also supports OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, MEGA, Flickr, etc. about 30 cloud storages.

Except for cloud sync, MultCloud still provides cloud transfer/migration, cloud upload/download, cloud share, etc. functions of cloud file management.

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