Can Office 365 and Google Workspace Work Together?

Office 365 G Suite Integration
Office 365 G Suite Integration

The answer is yes. The benefits that are brought by the G Suite and Office 365 integration may be the main reasons why some users make them work together. Here this post will provide 5 benefits for you which are concluded from the aspects of collaboration, productivity, communication, management, and cost.

Seamless Collaboration: When Office 365 and Google Workspace (also G Suite) work together by some methods such as migrating files from G Suite to OneDrive or other Office 365 apps, people can collaborate seamlessly on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This can let them work in a more flexible way because they create the files regardless of the apps.

Increased Productivity: By integrating Microsoft 365 (also Office 365) with G Suite, you can choose your preferred productivity tools on both G Suite and Office 365, such as Google Forms, Google Calendar, and Microsoft OneNote.

Improved Communication: The team members can have closer communication by sharing and editing the files together. Additionally, using the email apps and the message apps together by integration can achieve this goal, too.

Centralized Management: After the G Suite and Office 365 integration, you can centralize your files which are scattered in different places. Besides, the integration makes users manage their user accounts and file access permissions together which can simplify administration and reduce the risks of being attacked.

Cost Saving: Integrating G Suite with Microsoft 365 can expand the storage of the cloud drives, so businesses don’t have to spend more money on it. What’s more, they don’t need to buy additional software for multiple functions which will cost much.

As you can see, Office 365 and Google Workspace integration can play a positive role in your work. So how to make that? The following parts will show you two clear guides to integrate G Suite and Office 365 via MultCloud and Microsoft Power Automate.

G Suite and Office 365 Integration via MultCloud [Simple]

You can easily achieve Google Workspace and Office 365 integration with MultCloud because there is a powerful function called Cloud Sync on MultCloud. Cloud Sync is used to sync one cloud storage with another cloud storage which means the files can be updated on each other’s clouds automatically. Besides, Cloud Sync is so advanced that only with several steps, the files can be transferred to another cloud at a fast speed.

To give users more customizable options, there are 10 sync modes on MultCloud. For example, you can use Incremental Sync to require MultCloud only syncing files that are modified or added compared with the former version. Or, if you don’t want to manually start the syncing process for updating, you can use Real Time Sync which will constantly sync the files until you stop it.

Sync Modes
Sync Modes

OneDrive is one of the components of Office 365 aiming at providing a cloud-based storage solution for Office 365. Because OneDrive is mainly used to store and share files, so this post will use it as an example to show how to realize G Suite and Office 365 Integration on files. The specific steps are shown below.

Step 1: Search MultCloud in your preferred web browser and enter its official site. Then create an account by clicking “Sign up Free” on the MultCloud home page.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and then choose the Google Workspace and OneDrive icons to log in to the accounts.

Add OneDrive and Google Workspace
Add OneDrive and Google Workspace

Note: On MultCloud, G Suite is divided into 2 business clouds. Google Workspace is designed for personal folders, while Shared Drive stands for shared folders.

Step 3: Tap “Cloud Sync” in the left sidebar and choose OneDrive and Google Workspace in the boxes. Here you can choose Normal Sync or Real Time Sync, One-way Sync or Two-way Sync according to your needs.

G Suite Office 365 Integration
G Suite Office 365 Integration

Step 4: Click “Sync Now” and your files on OneDrive will be synced to Google Workspace soon.

Note: If you have masses of files to sync, you can purchase MultCloud’s paid plan, so that you can run 2 Real Time Sync and 2 Normal Sync tasks at the same time which can highly improve work efficiency. Also, you can apply all the sync modes if you are a VIP.

G Suite and Office 365 Integration via Power Automate [Limited]

To make G Suite and Microsoft 365 integration, you can also use Power Automate. Microsoft Power Automate is used to create automated workflows and tasks across various apps and services. The defect of using Power Automate is that the templates on it are limited. Therefore, if you can’t find a proper template to use, you have to create one which is quite complex.

As a comparison to the former section which shows how to sync files, this section will illustrate the steps for syncing OneDrive files to Google Drive.

Step 1: Enter the Office 365 website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click the button in the upper-left corner, select “All apps”, and tap Power Automate.

Open Power Automate
Open Power Automate

Step 3: Open “Templates” in the left bar, enter “Sync OneDrive Files to Google Drive Files” in the search box, and choose the template with the same title.

Choose a Template
Choose a Template

Step 4: Add your OneDrive and Google Drive account by clicking the button at the end of the box and click “Continue”.

Choose OneDrive and Google Drive Accounts
Choose OneDrive and Google Drive Accounts

Step 5: Choose the folders that you want to sync from/to and tap “Create”. Then the syncing task is established.

Choose Folders and Tap Create
Choose Folders and Tap Create

Microsoft Power Automate vs MultCloud Cloud Sync

Both of these 2 ways can achieve G Suite and Office 365 integration, but here this post recommends MultCloud Cloud Sync more and reasons are shown below.

  • Cloud Sync supports Two-way Sync while Power Automate goes on the one-way trip.
  • Real Time Sync in Cloud Sync makes the syncing process automatic without updating manually while Power Automate can’t realize it.
  • Power Automate can’t be used to time the syncing process but Cloud Sync can reach this function easily.
  • Since Cloud Sync uses data traffic to sync files, the speed will be faster and the process will be more stable.
  • Cloud Sync has 10 sync modes to choose which make it more customizable than Power Automate.


In this post, you can learn the 5 benefits of G Suite and Office 365 integration. Also, it shows you 2 ways on how to realize the integration. One is integrating by MultCloud Cloud Sync which is simple to use and won’t cost much time. Another one is integrating by Microsoft Power Automate whose templates are limited and creating a new template is troublesome.

You can try both of these two ways to pick a better one. When you sync G Suite on MultCloud, you can try other functions like using Cloud Backup to back up Google Workspace to Wasabi. You won’t feel regret to start using MultCloud Cloud Backup, because it can restore the files that you backed up to other clouds and you can even choose a specific version to restore if you run the process for times.

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