iCloud and Google Drive Overview

Copy Files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive
Copy Files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive

Before we dive into the solutions on how to copy iCloud to Google Drive, let's briefly understand what iCloud and Google Drive are.

iCloud, created by Apple Inc., is an advanced cloud storage and cloud computing service tailored specifically for Apple users. It offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities that seamlessly integrate with Apple devices. With iCloud, users can conveniently store files, securely back up their devices, and effortlessly synchronize data across multiple Apple devices. However, you may meet the iCloud backup is incomplete or not syncing difficulties.

On the other hand, Google Drive is a cloud storage service developed by Google. It provides users with free storage space to store files, including documents, photos, videos, and more. Google Drive offers cross-platform compatibility and can be accessed through web browsers or dedicated applications on different devices.

Why Copy iCloud to Google Drive?

It seems like both iCloud and Google Drive are of great use and have their own advantages, so why do we transfer iCloud to Google Drive? There are some probable reasons.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: While iCloud is primarily designed for Apple devices, Google Drive offers cross-platform compatibility. It can be accessed from various devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Migrating to Google Drive allows you to access your files from a wider range of devices.
  • Additional Storage Space: iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage while Google Drive provides 15 GB for free. If you find yourself running out of storage on iCloud, migrating to Google Drive can give you more space to store your files without additional costs.
  • Google Ecosystem Integration: If you already use other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, or Google Calendar, having your files on Google Drive makes it easier to integrate and manage your data across different Google applications. It provides a cohesive ecosystem that simplifies your digital life.

Copy iCloud to Google Drive via MultCloud [Without Download & Upload]

There is a better way that allows you to directly transfer multiple files at the same time while ignoring the manual downloading and uploading process. And that is using MultCloud Cloud Transfer. MultCloud is a free multiple-cloud management service and Cloud Transfer is one of its main features which is specially designed for cloud-to-cloud transfer. 

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and select the iCloud Drive icon. Then you will go through the two-factor authentication to connect iCloud Drive to MultCloud. Also, add Google Drive to MultCloud with similar steps.

Add iCloud Drive and Google Drive to MultCloud
Add iCloud Drive and Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 3: Tap “Cloud Transfer” and choose iCloud Drive and Google Drive in the different boxes. Then click the “Transfer Now” button to start the transfer process.

Copy iCloud to Google Drive
Copy iCloud to Google Drive


  • If you plan to delete all the files on iCloud Drive after they were transferred to Google Drive, you can let MultCloud do it for you by ticking the “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” order in Options.
  • If you want the migration process to begin later, you can use the Schedule feature to set another time for it to run.
Cloud Transfer Schedule
Cloud Transfer Schedule

Copy iCloud to Google Drive via Common Ways [iPhone & Mac]

Using the common ways is a good choice if you only want to transfer a few files. However, when you have many files that need to be moved urgently, you may be annoyed about their transfer speed and repeated operations. If you are the former one, you can read the following instructions as references.

Way 1: Copy iCloud to Google Drive on iPhone

Before the steps, make sure that you have the Google Drive app and the iPhone File app on your phone.

Step 1: Enter the Google Drive app and log in to your Google Drive account.

Step 2: Click the “+” icon in the lower-right corner and choose “Upload”.

Click Upload on Google Drive on iPhone
Click Upload on Google Drive on iPhone

Step 3: Tap on the “Browse” icon and select the files on your File app. Then all you need to do is wait for the task completed.

Choose Browse to Select iCloud Files
Choose Browse to Select iCloud Files

Way 2: Migrate iCloud Files to Google Drive on Mac

Actually, this method also can be used on a PC and this time you don’t have to download any app.

Step 1: Open iCloud.com and sign in.

Step 2: Select iCloud Drive and click “Browse”. Then tap the download icon and choose the files you want to move and the downloading destination.

Download Files From iCloud Drive
Download Files From iCloud Drive

Step 3: Enter the Google Drive website and click the “+ New” icon after logging in. Then choose “File Upload” and tick the files you downloaded before. Finally, click “open” to upload these files to Google Drive.

Copy from iCloud to Google Drive
Copy from iCloud to Google Drive

Bonus Tip: Sync iCloud to Google Drive via MultCloud

If you want to make a further connection between iCloud and Google Drive, you can sync these 2 clouds to make files update from iCloud to Google Drive in time. From this point on, MultCloud Cloud Sync is recommended since it is specialized in file syncing and offers different sync modes. You can take the following steps as a reference.

Step 1: Click "Cloud Sync" in the left bar after you add iCloud Drive and Google Drive to MultCloud. Then choose iCloud Drive in the FROM box and Google Drive in the TO box.

Sync iCloud Drive to Google Drive
Sync iCloud Drive to Google Drive

Step 2: Choose your preferred sync mode and tap on the "Sync Now" button to initiate the task.

Choose Sync Mode
Choose Sync Mode


You can see from the above description that using MultCloud Cloud Transfer to copy iCloud to Google Drive is better than the other 2 common methods because it supports to batch-transfer files and you can get rid of the troublesome downloading and uploading operations.

What’s more, there are more functions on MultCloud that can solve your problems in the easiest way. For example, when you meet the Gmail print icon missing trouble but you want to convert your Gmail emails to PDFs eagerly, you can use MultCloud Email Download instead. It can even convert multiple emails at once which the Print feature can’t do it. 

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