Usually, we will backup data from local storage devices to online cloud. Yet, have you ever thought about backing up data in the cloud? Backup data is necessary not only for local items, but also for cloud savings. Just make your crucial data much safer especially for those that only stored in cloud drives. Then, how to backup data on cloud?

Cloud Data Backup Service – MultCloud

MultCloud is a third party FREE web-based solution for data backup on cloud, safe and professional. It enables you to directly copy important files/folders, photos/pictures/images, videos/movies, music, documents/sheets/charts, etc. nearly all kinds of data from one cloud drive account to another without signing in to both clouds.

Step 1. Create MultCloud Account

To make use of MultCloud to do PC cloud transfer, first of all, we have to sign up to become its member from above given official page. This is complete free of charge. Since MultCloud is an online service, to make use of it, you do not have to download and install it on your computer taking up your local precious storage space, just open MultCloud official website and sign up to its service.

Step 2. Add Cloud Accounts

Then, you should add related cloud drive accounts as well as other cloud drives you want to MultCloud platform for cloud data backup. Generally, there is no limit for the maximum number of clouds you can include.

When you have signed into MultCloud, move to “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select the brand of cloud you want to add. Then, sign in your cloud account and give data access authority to MultCloud.

Here take add Microsoft OneDrive for example.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive

Tips: Only one cloud account can be added in one time. To add more accounts, just repeat the process.

Step 3. Best Cloud Data Backup

When all preparations are ready, you can carry out the key process of cloud based data backup. The following will take backup OneDrive to Google Drive for example.

Go to “Cloud Explorer” tab, click on source OneDrive on the left menu to make it active and its contents displayed on the left area. Right-click on target file and select “Copy” or “Copy to”.

Copy and Copy to in OneDrive
Copy and Copy to in OneDrive

If you choose “Copy” above, just go to target Google Drive and right-click on the blank space and select “Paste” to achieve cloud data backup.

If you click “Copy to”, a window will pop-up for you to select target G Cloud. Finally click “Transfer” button.

Copy to Google Drive
Copy to Google Drive

No matter which option you adopt, the target file will be backed up from OneDrive to GDrive.

Last step: Isn’t it very easy to backup cloud with MultCloud? Just join MultCloud and save yourself out from troublesome common cloud backup by downloading and uploading.

Cloud Data Backup Review

MultCloud help with data backup of cloud drives both for personal usage or business (big or small). Besides, it also supports to directly transfer, migrate or sync data across clouds and manage multiple cloud storages in on place (create, delete, rename, share, download, upload, etc.).

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