About MEGA and Box

MEGA is a cloud storage and file hosting service produced by Mega limited. MEGA mobile apps are available for Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry OS and iOS. That all files are encrypted locally before they are uploaded makes MEGA stands out crowed Cloud storage services. All data on the MEGA service are safe since even MEGA does not know the encryption keys to uploaded files, and they cannot decrypt and view the content. MEGA provides 50GB free storage space including 10GB bandwidth per month for its free account users. Paid accounts can get up to 4TB storage.

If you want to sync MEGA and Box just as sync Evernote to Google Drive, you need to learn something about Box first. Box is more than a Cloud storage service. It is designed mainly for file sharing among business users. Box has something in common with MEGA actually. They both put emphasis on data’s security, and Box prefers to the security of file sharing. Box, as Cloud storage device, provides 10GB free space for its users. Therefore, to sync MEGA with Box is another kind of file sharing.

sync box with mega
Sync Box with MEGA

Why sync Box with MEGA?

As covered before, Box and MEGA provide secure file sharing and file storage. MEGA & Box sync provides double protection for your stored data. What’s more, syncing files between Box and MEGA offers more accesses to your files. Giving that different Cloud app may apply to different platforms easier. Furthermore, MEGA has plenty free storage, and Box has high security on file sharing. So sync MEGA with Box combines two outstanding features together, why not enjoy doing that?

How to sync MEGA to Box?

The most directly way of doing that is bring two Clouds together. Luckily, MultCloud allows you to add MEGA and Box together. You are able to sync files from MEGA to Box for once only or for scheduled plan (daily, weekly, and monthly) using MultCloud. You can opt to sync certain file types like *exe, *mp3, *doc etc in Options. MultCloud is also good alternative to Otixo on combination of Cloud space, so you can find main feature of Otixo here. Sign up to have a try or experience it without signing up first.

sign up
Sign Up

Step1. Add MEGA and Box together

Log in MultCloud, click Add Cloud Drives, pitch on Box icon, and click Next. Now, edit the display name if you want to, and click on Add Box Account. Repeat these moves to add MEGA to MultCloud.

add clouds
Add Clouds
add box account
Add Box Account

Step2. Sync files between MEGA and Box

It is not so helpful to Drag & Drop just like you perform in Windows Explorer or in Finder in Mac OS X. The best way is use specialized transfer tool in MultCloud. Click Cloud Sync above, you can choose One-way sync or Two-way sync method.

cloud sync
Cloud Sync

Alternatively, you can click Cloud Transfer in front of sync option to realize syncing, and add MEGA and Box separately to From and To columns. You can sync files once only or set scheduled plan by ticking Schedule box.

cloud transfer
Cloud Transfer

See, within only two moves, you are able to sync MEGA and Box easily with the help of MultCloud. This free web app supports many Cloud storage services, like OneDrive, Google Drive, hubiC, Evernote, ownCloud etc. You can identify that from the screenshots as well. So it is easy to backup hubiC to Evernote in MultCloud, too.

*Update: Since 4.0 version, you can sync cloud drive in MultCloud's Cloud Sync service directly.

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