Backblaze VS Box

Backblaze and Box are two cloud products. What are the difference between them? Backblaze focus on online backup, which can do automatic and schedule backups. It is also one of the easiest online backup services to get started with. On the contrary, Box works as a cloud storage online. It can do files sharing while Backblaze can’t. their prices are different too. People choose different tool according to different task. Some people own both Backblaze and Box isn’t something new.

Although we use different username and different password of Backblaze and Box, we can use one account to access to them, one login to touch them. That is to say, we combine Backblaze and Box together. How? Please read on.

Combine Backblze Box with MultCloud

The account belongs to a platform called MultCloud. MultCloud is a tool to manage multiple cloud services in one place. Under one window, you can view and operate all your clouds. MultCloud is a web app, create an account of it like registering a forum: email, username, password, verification code. Registration process is free.

Signing in is one way, Experience without signing up is another way. You can bundle you email address and change the password later. In MultCloud, next step is adding Box and Backblaze into MultCloud. To add Box, you only need to type a display name. The authorization step will be jump to Box official site because Box supports OAuth authorization system.

To add Backblaze, you need to fill more information as following screenshot shows. There are some notes please notice too. MultCloud won’t save your personal information and data. You could cancel the connection at any time as you wish. It’s worth saying that MultCloud isn’t a storage, there is no volume concept but traffic.

Now you can see Backblaze Box are on the left list of MultCloud Cloud Explorer interface. Context menu has many options. Once Box and Backblaze are combined together, transfer files between them can be directly finished.


Backblaze and Box are two different clouds. But they can be used together realized by MultCloud. MultCloud now supports about thirty clouds. In MultCloud, you are able to copy, move, sync files across clouds. MultCloud’s other features and functions hope you could try and learn by yourself.

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