MultCloud --- the best cloud explorer for all cloud services

Access and manage all your online files from a single Web interface

With MultCloud, you’ll be able to

Use a cloud explorer for multi-clouds

MultCloud is a free cloud management tool that allows cloud storage users to view, access, and organize all their online files on multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, box, Flickr, MEGA, SugarSync, FTP ... through a windows explorer type service. It can also work as a helpful cloud browser that enables users to search for files on different cloud services from a single Web interface. To get more details, please click Here

Manage all clouds in one place

MultCloud --- a multiple cloud manager can help cloud storage users to manage all their cloud services in one place and access all their online files with a single login. The use of OAuth login eliminates the need to log in separately to each account after the first time. So this can be really time saving when users need to manage online flies between different clouds. To get more details, please click Here

Combination of multi-clouds space

Users of MultCloud can combine cloud storage from different cloud services in one place. As most of online storage providers have provided us a certain amount of free cloud storage, with the combination of Multi-clouds space, you can get over 50GB free cloud storage just by connecting multiple cloud services to MultCloud. To get more details, please click Here

26 cloud services supported

26 cloud storage services have been supported by MultCloud so far. With so many companies providing their cloud storage services with their own features like Dropbox, Google Drive, box, OneDrive, SugarSync, FTP, Flickr, etc. You may use multiple clouds to fulfill all your needs or to simply “expand” your free online storage. With MultCloud you can manage all your online files on 26 different clouds in one place. To get more details, please click Here

Email notification when cloud to cloud transfer is complete

File transfer between clouds in MultCloud runs on the server of MultCloud, so the process of transfer is still running even when your device is powered off. And if you active the message notification system in MultCloud, you can get an E-mail notification as long as the transfer is complete. To get more details, please click Here

Transfer files with a certain extension between clouds

MultCloud enables users to transfer, sync or backup files with a specific extension between cloud storage services. If the users of MultCloud enter the extension name of the files they want to transfer between cloud services in the transfer filter system, MultCloud can automatically locate the files and run the file transfer task. To get more details, please click Here

Check and manage transfer tasks between clouds

Instead of downloading and re-uploading files from one cloud to another, users of MultCloud can set up a simple transfer task to transfer files between cloud storage services. If you have set up some transfer tasks in MultCloud, you can check and manage all these transfer tasks in a single list. To get more details, please click Here

Other features

Plans of MultCloud

MultCloud has provided both Freeware and Premium plans for you. You can enjoy more privileges and functions with a low monthly and yearly fee.

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