What Is Online File Sharing?

Share Files Online
Share Files Online

File sharing is an operation for distributing available digital storage materials like documents, music, photos, videos, etc. from one device to other users via the Internet, hard drives, USB devices, etc. File sharing, also known as file-swapping, can also be performed by more users which share files in a team or group. 

And for online file-sharing services, you can use them to easily implement file-sharing operations over networks of computer or mobile devices. Sharing files online is a simple, fast, and fashionable way to transfer large size of data to others cost-effectively.

• Share All Files without Entity Tools

You can use the platforms listed below to share all kinds of files and folders with others over the Internet without using any entity tool which may cost you lots of money.

• Share Files without Limits of Time and Place

Sharing files and folders online means that as long as your device has a network, you are free to share files at any time from any place.

• Share Large Files Fast and Secure

You don’t have to worry anything about the slow speed or error that may occur during sharing files via USB or hard drive. Because the services below will give you the best experience of fast file sharing online.

Top 5 Best Free Online File Sharing Platforms in 2022

After testing lots of online services for sharing files, we have summed up the listed 5 best file sharing services online. You can feel free to choose one of these excellent websites to easily share large files online.

1. MultCloud


As a wonderful multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud stands in the leading position of the cloud file transfer industry. Because it provides a revolutionary way to use all the clouds in a single interface safely with multifunctional features for data transfer and cloud management.

Based on your clouds, MultCloud can help you directly share cloud files with everyone in public, private, and source modes. What’s more, MultCloud provides the “Allow to Upload” function for you to easily achieve Box File Request and other clouds’ file requests for free. You can even collaborate more efficiently with your team in MultCloud by the sub-accounts management.


  • Securely share files with passwords.
  • Create file requests from all your clouds.
  • Achieve team collaboration no matter which clouds your team members use.
  • No data will be stored on this platform.


  • You need to add a cloud to MultCloud before the best online file-sharing services.
  • Only the MultCloud subscribers can create sub-accounts for team collaboration.

2. Jumpshare


Jumpshare is a great online file-sharing app that provides a single platform for visual collaboration and file sharing. You can use Jumpshare to achieve file sharing, create screenshots and GIFs, record videos, and collaborate with a team. As for sharing files online, you can just drag and drop files to Jumpshare and a link will be created for you to share files through.


  • Flexible image editing choices.
  • Share feedback of shared files with your team directly by comments and tagging.


  • You need to install its application on Windows, Mac, or iOS devices before sharing.
  • A free user can only upload files smaller than 250 MB to Jumpshare.

3. ShareFile


As an online file-sharing software especially for business users, Citrix ShareFile creates the most secure way for companies to share large files online. By providing world-class security and password protection, ShareFile may be the best choice for sharing highly sensitive and private data within a company.


  • Easy integration with third-party tools like SharePoint, Google Workspace, and Dropbox.
  • Advanced security for sensitive data.
  • The application supports full platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.


  • No free plan is available.
  • Not that suitable for individual users.

4. WeTransfer


As one of the best online file-sharing websites, WeTransfer can help you transfer files from 2 GB as a free user to 20 GB as a subscriber fast to recipients with quick and simple steps. To share a large file online, you only need to add the email addresses of you and your recipient. After that, the recipient will receive an email with the sharing link immediately.


  • Easiest operation for sharing large size of files online.
  • Link password and expiration data are supported.


  • The email for receiving shared files is not secure enough.

5. Onehub


Onehub is an online file-sharing platform for enterprises to share cloud files between teams and groups securely. You can drag-and-drop files and folders to upload to its interface for file sharing. And you can choose role-based file and folder access permissions for your shared data.


  • Secure FTP gateway for mass uploading and sharing.
  • You can preview files of all major types in Onehub.


  • You may need certain learning costs before using Onehub for online file and folder sharing.
  • No free plan is available for users.

Now you can choose one of the above online services for sharing files and folders according to your needs. If you want to know more clearly about how to operate file sharing online, or if you want to share cloud files with others most efficiently and securely for free, here will take MultCloud to show you how to easily achieve online file transfer and sharing with simple steps.

How to Achieve Free Secure Online File Sharing with MultCloud

Why Choose MultCloud to Do Free Secure File Sharing Online?

  • Flexible file sharing choices like public, private (password), and source modes.
  • The best solution to share OneDrive with external users, other 30+ clouds are also available.
  • Request files with more than 30 brands of major cloud storage services for free.
  • No limit to the size of sharing files.
  • Sharing files with your team conveniently without cloud brand barriers.

Perform Online File Sharing with MultCloud

It is so easy to share data online by MultCloud, you just need to sign up MultCloud and add a cloud to it. Then you can enjoy the best experience of sharing large files online with MultCloud.

Step 1. Sign up MultCloud on the official website. You can sign in with your Facebook/Google account.

Sign Up MultCloud
Sign Up MultCloud

Step 2. Choose a cloud and allow MultCloud to access it. Here we choose Google Drive as an example.

Add Google Drive to MultCloud
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 3. Open the added Google Drive, tick the file or folder which you want to share with others, then click “Share” in the right-click menu or the feature bar above.

Select File and Folder to Share
Select File and Folder to Share

Tip: If your file is still stored on local devices, you can click “Upload” in the feature bar to quickly upload files to Google Drive before sharing.

Step 4. Choose a sharing option in the pop-up window and click “Create Share”. To enhance the security of your sharing, you can choose “Private Share” so that your recipient needs to access the shared file with a password.
Step 5. Copy the sharing link and send it to the receiver.

Choose Private Share Mode for Online File Sharing
Choose Private Share Mode for Online File Sharing

After sharing, the recipient can directly download files from the sharing link. Or, he can create a MultCloud account and save the file to his cloud without downloading and uploading.


  • The password of Private Share is randomly generated by MultCloud. You can change it as you want before “Copy” the link.
  • If you share a folder instead of a file with others via MultCloud, you can move to the “My shares” list and turn on “Allow to Upload”. Then the shared folder will become a file request folder for receivers to upload files to your cloud directly.
My Shares List of MultCloud
My Shares List of MultCloud

In the End

With the full choices of the best online file-sharing services given above, now you can use the tools and methods to easily share files like documents, photos, and videos with your team, friends, and family online for stress-free.

Besides, as a multifunctional service, MultCloud not only provides online sharing services, but also offers the simplest solution of cloud to cloud transfer with a single click by using the Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, or Cloud Backup features.

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