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How to Download Web Files to Cloud Like Google Drive/Dropbox?

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Nov, 25, 2017| 4 mins read

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How to download web files from URL or internet link to online cloud storages such as Google Drive and Dropbox? This article will show you an easy and safe way.

Web to Cloud Download – Download from Web Directly to Cloud

What is web to cloud download? It is downloading files that are stored on web servers directly to cloud drive storages like Google Drive and Dropbox. Yes, you do not have to first of all download these files from web storage to local computer storage, and then upload them from local to cloud drive which is time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Download Web Files to Cloud Is Easy to Save Wanted Information

Just as mentioned above, to take local storage as transit for saving web files to cloud storage is troublesome. Thus, if we can directly save web files from web to cloud storage, it should be much easier and better especially when there is not enough local space to contain large amount of web documents. Is there such a way or method?

Fortunately, there is such a way and it must rely on a third party FREE online cloud drive service called MultCloud. MultCloud can help you directly download web files to Google Drive, download web files to Dropbox and etc. common cloud storages.

How to Download Files from the Internet to Cloud Storage?

To make use of FREE MultCloud web-based web to cloud download function, you should firstly create an account of it. In its website, you can find sign up entrance everywhere like the on the banner of home page, on the right of the header in every page, on the left of footer of each page, etc.

Secondly, add your cloud drive account to which you plan to store the web files to MultCloud platform. Here, take Google Drive account as an example. In Cloud Explorer tab, click Add Cloud Drives and choose Google Drive in the list of clouds. Then, just follow the guidance to finish adding cloud account.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Tip: You can add your other Google accounts or other cloud drive accounts to MultCloud platform for future usage.

Next, download web files to cloud directly without the help of local storage. In Cloud Explorer, choose Google Drive, then click Upload.

Google Drive Upload
Google Drive Upload

In the pop up window, select Upload URL and click “Upload” button.

Web to Cloud Download
Web to Cloud Download

In the next window, input the web file link or URL into the first column and specify the file name in the second column.

Download from Web Directly to Cloud
Download from Web Directly to Cloud

Note: Please make sure the extension name of the file name you specify must be the right one. Otherwise, the file may not be opened properly from the cloud drive when it is saved to the cloud.

You can view the result of the task by clicking the icon on upper right – URL Tasks and see whether the state is success or not.

URL Tasks
URL Tasks

Then, you can view the downloaded file in your Google Drive on MultCloud platform.

Download Web Files to Google Drive Success
Download Web Files to Google Drive Success

If you still have some doubts, you can go to your Google Drive app or online page to see the saved file. Then, you can view the downloaded file in your Google Drive on MultCloud platform.

File in Google Drive
File in Google Drive

Tip: If you cannot see the file in Google Drive either on MultCloud platform or by directly go to the cloud drive, just wait for some time and refresh your browser, and then you can find it in both ways.

Bottom Line

Isn’t it very easy and quick to do web to cloud download under the help of web-based free MultCloud? For security, you do not have to worry about it neither. MultCloud ensures that:

  • Website connect and data transfer using 256-bit AES encryption for SSL.
  • Does not save or cache your data and files on its servers.
  • Access cloud drives with OAuth authorization and does not save your password.

Except for directly downloading web files to cloud storage, MultCloud can do many other operations such as transfer files among different cloud drives and sync files between two cloud accounts. Both functions are directly connection from one cloud to another without involving in local storage space. As long as you have added your cloud account into MultCloud, you can do whatever operation you want just like sign in directly in you cloud account. You can download/upload files between local and cloud, create/delete folders, copy/cut/paste files, share items with your friends, rename a file or folder, view the file content directly, check for its properties, etc.

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