Old method of uploading files to Dropbox

If people want to upload files from local disk to a cloud drive like Dropbox, he may need to register an account, sign in and then upload files to Dropbox. This is the traditional way, nowadays, there are also other ways to let people upload files to Dropbox without account, that is to say, without logining Dropbox account, people are able to upload and save files in Dropbox too. Why and how? Is it safe in this way? Please read on.

With MultCloud to upload files to Dropbox

From the title of this article, we mentioned MultCloud. Yes, MultCloud is the tool to achieve this goal. MultCloud is a multiple cloud services manager, Dropbox as one of the most famous cloud drives in the world, of course, MultCloud support to it. Once you have authorized MultCloud to manage your Dropbox account, have added Dropbox in MultCloud, you can access to your files in Dropbox on MultCloud platform. MultCloud is a web app, so that you could use MultCloud on any browsers on any devices and any systems. Now that MultCloud has managed your files in cloud drive, it is easy to do either upload or download files task via MultCloud.

From MultCloud’s context menu, except Upload and Download selections, there are other options, for example: create new folder, delete, rename, cut, copy/paste, copy to, preview, share, properties, go to official site and so on. Managing files in cloud via MultCloud likes in Explorer. But MultCloud’s core functions are transferring and syncing. MultCloud has powerful functions in transferring or syncing files between different cloud services. For transfer, MultCloud has schedule, filter, overwritten, notification features. About sync, besides transfer characters, MultCloud provides eight sync ways: simple sync, mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync, full backup sync and two-way sync. In a word, if you have multiple clouds, MultCloud is a great program to manage all of them in one place.

Upload files to someone else’s Dropbox without account

Here, I think many people have learned about MultCloud. Once you have a MultCloud’s account and have added Dropbox into it, you can upload files to Dropbox simply without signing in and don’t need to install Dropbox on your desktop. What’s more, people can also upload something to someone else’s Dropbox easily with MultCloud. Next, let me show you how to do this.

Under MultCloud Cloud Explorer interface, there is a Share management on the top of left panel, enter into the window, and click My Shares, then switch on Allow to upload button on a folder. Right click the folder and select “copy link”. Send the link to your friends.

How do I upload something to someone else’s Dropbox, now has realized by MultCloud. Please see following picture, your friend pasted the link to browser, then he can upload any files to the folder freely. Maybe someone know how to use Dropbox files request function, but MultCloud as a third-party tool support many clouds, it is perfect to perform upload files to Dropbox without account.


After some preparation works, people upload files to Dropbox don’t need installing client, or even don’t need account. MultCloud solves many troubles on managing, transferring, syncing files across clouds. Be adept at using MultCloud, you can save much time and energy.

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