What is the target of saving link to Dropbox?

As we know, Dropbox is a famous cloud drive today. People store files in Dropbox instead of local storage so that they could touch files everywhere they go and sync their data. Many files are downloaded from Internet, if we can save the website download link to Dropbox and convert to files finally, we could save much time. Yes, the link means file. If the file size is too large, we will spend double time with traditional way. Now that we can convert URL to file directly, why not try like this?

Why through MultCloud?

Except Dropbox, there are other cloud drives in the world. Such as Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive and so on. Most users have more than one vendors’ accounts. MultCloud is an ideal tool to manage them together. It is a web app, not only on desktop, laptop, but also on iPad, mobile, etc, you can use MultCloud. You can save link to Dropbox on iPhone through MultCloud, you can save link to Google Drive, save link to OneDrive via MultCloud. MultCloud as an integrator tool saves us lots of troubles. Next, our question is how to save a website link to Dropbox through MultCloud?

Steps of converting link to file in Dropbox in MultCloud

1.At first, you should have an account of MultCloud then enter in or do Experience without signing up.

2.Second, add Dropbox to MultCloud. Just type a display name, because Dropbox support for OAuth authorization system. MultCloud won’t record neither your username&password nor data in cloud.

3.Under Cloud Explorer, you can visit files in Dropbox. Right click and select Upload option. Then pop-up a window. MultCloud allows you to upload files from local disk to cloud directly.

4.At the right bottom of pop-up window, there is a “Upload URL” option, click it. Pop-up window changed as following picture shows. Now it’s time to save link to Dropbox, MultCloud will help you convert to end file later.

5.You are able to check the task in task manager of MultCloud. You can also start a URL task here.


MultCloud is a multiple clouds management app. Upload URL is its one functions. Its core features are transfer and sync. Hope you could try and learn by yourself.

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