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User Case: pCloud Automatic Upload Not Working Android


pCloud automatic upload of photos?


Hi there, I have Android 10 on my smartphone. The pCloud Android app is supposed to automatically upload photos and videos. However, in recent days, it does not work anymore. No matter how much I change the settings in the app no uploads start at all. Any suggestions about this? Thx!


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Understanding Automatic Upload in pCloud

Before we delve into troubleshooting, it's essential to understand how automatic upload works in pCloud. When enabled, this feature automatically uploads files from a designated folder on your device to your pCloud account. This ensures that your files are constantly backed up and accessible from any device connected to your pCloud account and you can perform pCloud sharing with others.

Automatic upload is particularly useful for users who frequently create or modify files and need them to be readily available across multiple platforms.

Note: You may be interested in pCloud remote upload.

Reasons for pCloud Automatic Upload Not Working

pCloud automatic upload feature simplifies the process of backing up files by automatically uploading them to the cloud. Despite its convenience, users may face several challenges causing this feature to malfunction.

1. Compatibility Issues with Devices

One of the primary reasons for pCloud automatic upload not working is compatibility issues with devices. Certain devices may not support the latest version of pCloud or lack the necessary system requirements to enable automatic upload seamlessly.

2. Network Connectivity Problems

Another common issue contributing to pCloud automatic upload failure is network connectivity problems. Poor internet connection or intermittent network disruptions can hinder the upload process, leading to errors or incomplete uploads.

3. Configuration Settings Discrepancies

Misconfigured settings within the pCloud application can also prevent automatic upload from functioning correctly. Incorrect settings related to file types, folder selections, or upload preferences may impede the automated upload process.

Troubleshooting Steps for pCloud Automatic Upload Not Working

If you're experiencing issues with pCloud automatic upload, follow these troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the problem effectively.

1. Checking Device Compatibility

Begin by ensuring that your device meets the requirements for running the pCloud application smoothly. Check for any available updates for both your device's operating system and the pCloud app itself to ensure compatibility.

2. Verifying Network Connection

Check your internet connection to ensure it's stable and capable of supporting data transfer. Try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to determine if the issue persists on different networks. Additionally, consider restarting your router or modem to refresh the connection.

3. Adjusting Configuration Settings

Review the settings within the pCloud app to ensure they're configured correctly for automatic upload. Verify that the desired folders are selected for upload and that any specific preferences, such as file types or upload frequency, align with your requirements.

Advanced Solutions for pCloud Automatic Upload Not Working

If basic troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue, consider implementing advanced techniques to troubleshoot pCloud automatic upload.

1. Clearing Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data of the pCloud app can help resolve any underlying issues related to corrupted files or temporary data conflicts. Navigate to your device's settings, locate the pCloud app, and clear its cache and data.

2. Reinstalling pCloud Application

If all else fails, reinstalling the pCloud application can sometimes resolve persistent issues with automatic upload. Uninstall the app from your device, download the latest version from the app store, and reinstall it to start with a fresh configuration.

3. Contacting pCloud Support

If you're still unable to resolve the issue after following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, consider reaching out to pCloud's customer support team for assistance. Provide detailed information about the problem you're experiencing, including any error messages or symptoms encountered.

4. Exploring Alternative Upload Methods

While automatic upload is a convenient feature of pCloud, there are alternative methods for uploading files to your account. Consider using the pCloud web interface or mobile app to manually upload files if automatic upload continues to pose challenges. Or, you can use the cloud file manager --- MultCloud to upload files to your pCloud account.

It is worth mentioning that, with this tool, you can not only manage your pCloud data, but also transfer, sync or backup your pCloud data to other cloud accounts or vice versa.


In conclusion, pCloud automatic upload not working can be a frustrating issue to encounter, but it's often solvable with the right troubleshooting techniques. By understanding common causes such as compatibility issues, network connectivity problems, and configuration settings discrepancies, users can effectively diagnose and resolve the issue. Follow the outlined troubleshooting steps, including checking device compatibility, verifying network connection, adjusting configuration settings, and employing advanced techniques if necessary, to ensure seamless automatic upload functionality.


1. Is pCloud automatic upload available for all subscription plans?

Yes, automatic upload is available for all pCloud subscription plans, including free and premium tiers.

2. Can I customize the upload folder for automatic upload in pCloud?

Yes, you can choose a specific folder on your device to synchronize with your pCloud account for automatic upload.

3. Why are some of my files not being automatically uploaded to pCloud?

Files may fail to upload automatically due to connectivity issues, file restrictions, or conflicts. Check your internet connection and file settings to troubleshoot.

4. Does pCloud offer encryption for files uploaded via automatic upload?

Yes, pCloud uses encryption protocols to secure files uploaded via automatic upload, ensuring data privacy and protection.

5. How can I monitor the status of automatic uploads in pCloud?

pCloud provides status indicators within the application interface, allowing users to monitor the progress of automatic uploads and identify any errors or pending uploads.

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