Can I Achieve OneDrive Family Sharing Easily?

Share Files from OneDrive with Family and Group
Share Files from OneDrive with Family and Group

Previously, to achieve OneDrive secure file sharing with family and group, it was necessary to enter each recipient's email address or phone number individually before sharing out. But now, you can select a pre-defined group to share OneDrive with family members at once with a single selection.

Microsoft has made it easy to share OneDrive files and folders with family members and groups. With the new OneDrive family and group sharing feature, you can create a family or friend group for sharing OneDrive with family and friends with just one click.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you in detail about how to share a OneDrive folder with a group or family in the quickest way on the OneDrive official website. What’s more, you will also get the chance to learn 2 alternative ways about how to share OneDrive with external users and also your family and friends securely and free by the password protection and team collaboration features of a great file sharing service called MultCloud.

OneDrive Family Sharing by the Official Web [1 Normal Way]


You can create a family group on the web and add all your family members' Microsoft accounts to the group. And in the case of a user friend group, you will need to create an Outlook group and enter the name or email address (corresponding to Gmail and other email addresses) of the contact you wish to add to the group.

To set up “Your Family”, select the "Create a family group" option from the and follow the instructions. 

To set up a friend group, please enter to create an Outlook group. You can add your family members, classmates, work mated, friends, etc. to the group. 


  • The Microsoft accounts are required for all members of your family members and a free or paid outlook account is required for your friend in a group.
  • You can also create family groups from the Family Safety or Xbox.

Once you’re prepared well for the above operations, you can use the OneDrive family and group sharing function on the OneDrive official website at once.

How to Do OneDrive Family Sharing on the Official Website

Step 1. Log in to the OneDrive with your Microsoft account.
Step 2. Select the files and folders which you’d like to share with family and friends.
Step 3. Click the “Share” button above.

Select Files and Folders to Share from OneDrive
Select Files and Folders to Share from OneDrive

Step 4. In the pop-up window, choose the file access permission as “Anyone with the link can edit”.
Step 5. Type the name of your Outlook group in the blank. Or you can type “Family” to select a whole family or specific members of this family as the recipients.
Step 6. Add a short message for your family or directly click “Send” to complete OneDrive family and group sharing.

OneDrive Share Files with Family
OneDrive Share Files with Family

Microsoft OneDrive Family Sharing by MultCloud [2 Efficient Ways]

Except for using the OneDrive official website easily share files with family and friends privately, actually, there are another 2 excellent safe methods for you to achieve OneDrive family photo sharing and sharing other OneDrive files with family accompanied by password protection or a secure group folder provided by a professional cloud file sharing service, MultCloud.

MultCloud is perfect for you to use, manage, transfer, sync, backup, and share files with more than 30 major clouds all in a single interface with the help of excellent features like Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Remote Upload, etc.

  • Use the Cloud Transfer function to seamlessly share files between your clouds with a single click without downloading and uploading.
  • Create MultCloud sub-accounts for your family members so that you can all collaborate in the same shared cloud folder even without a cloud account.
  • Use the Public Share, Private Share (password protection), or Source Share mode to share cloud files according to your needs.
3 Options to Share Files in MultCloud
3 Options to Share Files in MultCloud

To easily share OneDrive files with family, all you have to do is to add your personal OneDrive or OneDrive for Business account to MultCloud. Then you will have 2 different ways to share files from OneDrive.

You can use the Private Share feature to securely share OneDrive files outside organization or with family without any security concern.

You can create sub-accounts for your family and invite these accounts to a shared cloud folder. Then all of your family members can privately share, upload, download, edit, and view files in this shared folder with different access permissions set up by you.

Way 1. Share OneDrive with Family Securely by Private Share

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account on the web browser.

Create a MultCloud Account
Create a MultCloud Account

Step 2. Choose the OneDrive or OneDrive for Business icon to allow MultCloud to access this account.

Add OneDrive to MultCloud
Add OneDrive to MultCloud


  • All your clouds can be added to MultCloud for completely free.
  • The username and password of each cloud are safely protected by the OAuth authorization system so that MultCloud is not able to record these data.

Step 3. Tick a file or folder in your OneDrive account and click the “Share” button above.
Step 4. Choose the “Private Share” mode and click “Create Share” in the pop-up window.
Step 5. “Copy” the sharing link and send it to your family members by yourself or send through the ways listed below the sharing link.

Private OneDrive Family Sharing in MultCloud
Private OneDrive Family Sharing in MultCloud

You recipients need to open the sharing link with your password. After that, they can successfully view or download your shared files and folders from the link. What’s more, they can use MultCloud to conveniently save your shred files to their clouds without downloading and uploading.

Way 2. Achieve OneDrive Group Sharing by Sub-Accounts

Step 1. Subscribe MultCloud and click “Sub Account” in the dropdown menu of your MultCloud account.

Open Sub Account Management in MultCloud
Open Sub Account Management in MultCloud

Step 2. In the pop-up window, click “Add User” to create sub-accounts for your family members.
Step 3. Click “Assign Folder” to select a OneDrive folder to collaborate with your family in.
Step 4. Choose the folder access permission for each family member.
Step 5. Send the username and password of each sub-account to your family.

Design Your Collaborative Cloud Folder in MultCloud
Design Your Collaborative Cloud Folder in MultCloud

Now, all the people invited to this shared OneDrive folder can upload, download, edit, and view shared files, which you can use this feature to easily realize OneDrive family photo sharing in a secure online album as well. 


OneDrive family sharing can easily be realized with the 3 methods illustrated above. By following the step-by-step clear guide in the article, you can use OneDrive share photos with family in the most time-saving way.

Besides, as a multifunctional cloud file manager, MultCloud can also help you transfer data across clouds without waiting, if you want to share OneDrive with Google Drive or migrate OneDrive files to other clouds, the Cloud Transfer function in MultCloud may give you a wonderful file transfer experience.

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