About FTP Service and Dropbox Cloud

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP), first written by Abhay Bhushan and published in 1971, refers to a network protocol that used to transfer files between clients and server on a computer network. SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is sometimes used instead yet is with different technology. FTP now has graphical interface and can be used in multiple operating systems like Windows, UNIX and Linux. Platforms such as desktop, servers, mobile devices and hardware are also available. A client can edit shared files such as rename, delete, copy or download files using FTP.

Dropbox is a secure file sharing and storage solution that has millions of users all over the world. Its outstanding features are securely sync changed files to any device and team member files management in Dropbox Business. Dropbox has free version with 2 GB storage and paid versions, Pro, Business and Enterprise, with 30 days free trail for different kind of groups. Absolutely, the higher version you purchase, the more features you’ll enjoy.

Why Do Dropbox and FTP Backup?

Dropbox is a great cloud storage and FTP is doing well in files sharing. If connect them together, it will be easier to operate in file storing, file sharing and file modifying. For instance, when transfer files on Dropbox between clients and server, you don’t have to download and then upload them from one to the other, just do the transfer in the same interface. This saves time and effort especially when the transferred files are of large size. Moreover, the steps of connecting FTP and Dropbox are quite simple and the transfer operation is as easy as backup Google Drive to Dropbox. Now go further to learn how to complete this task.

How to Perform FTP Backup to Dropbox?

To backup from FTP to Dropbox, you need to first connect them. MultCloud is free web services which will assist you integrate different cloud accounts together. It provides "Cloud Explorer" which allows you to manage files in cloud as you do in Windows File Explorer or Finder in Mac OS X; Cloud Sync supports one-way and two-way methods; "Cloud Transfer in schedule and non-schedule modes. In addition, during file transferring, you have options to exclude or include certain file types in the Premium Edition that designed for middle and large-sized companies in particular. Emails notification is also available. Sign up to have a try or experience it without signing up first. If choose the latter one, you’ll get a random username and password. Then log in the account.

Steps to Backup FTP to Dropbox via MultCloud

1. Add Two Clouds to MultCloud

Click Add Clouds at the main console. Then select Dropbox (or Dropbox for Business) icon. At next page, click on Add Dropbox Account to authorize.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox

Now add FTP by repeating the same way. Unlike adding Dropbox, you need to enter server path, username and password of FTP as follow to access it. Advanced provides more configurations.

Add FTP Account
Add FTP Account

2. Backup between FTP to Dropbox

Click on "Cloud Transfer" and add these two clouds separately in the From and To boxes. Configure more in the red frame box.

Cloud Transfer SFTP to Dropbox
Cloud Transfer SFTP to Dropbox

Note: here is no limitation on how many same cloud accounts you are allowed to add.


Following above steps, you can easily achieve FTP Backup to Dropbox easily. As covered before, MultCloud supports all main-stream cloud storages up to 27 brands. So it is easily to use Google Drive as FTP when there is no Server around. From another perspective, MultCloud is also a great free alternative to Otixo in cloud’s file management. If you are using Google browser, it is suggested to download the specialized application that designed for Google browser to gain better experience.

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