SugarSync vs Google Drive

Move from SugarSync to Google Drive
Move from SugarSync to Google Drive

SugarSync is an American cloud storage service. It was originally a file storage webpage built in 2004. The file sync, online backup, and file-sharing services of SugarSync make it easy to stay connected.

For free users, once you invite one person to join SugarSync, your storage can be added to about 500MB, and the limitation is 32GB. Unfortunately, SugarSync canceled the free plan from Feb 8, 2014. Users can only upgrade to paid service to continue using after the 30-day free trial.

Google Drive is Google's file storing and sharing service, which lets you easily access all your files on any device. However, it also offers limited storage, only 15GB for free. So many people create different cloud service accounts for more free storage or make differences with each other. 

Why Move Files from SugarSync to Google Drive with MultCloud?

As mentioned above, many people own several cloud drive accounts. Since Google Drive has the largest user base, if you want to share cloud files in a safer and more convenient way, sometimes you still have to transfer SugarSync to Google Drive and share files with Google users directly. What's more, learning how to migrate files from SugarSync to Google Drive is also a great way to gain more online cloud storage.

When you want to move or transfer files between different cloud storage services like moving from Sugarsync to Google Drive, you may manually download all files from SugarSync to the local device and then upload files to Google Drive again.

However, the above operation can be simplified by a FREE web-based multiple cloud storage managerMultCloud. It is professional to help you transfer, sync, or backup data and files between cloud storage services seamlessly with a single click. You can manage all your cloud drives and servers in a simple and easy-to-use web interface.

  • One-Key: Transfer, sync, or backup between clouds with one click.
  • Schedule: Automatic tasks with daily, weekly, or monthly plans.
  • Offline: Superfast data transfer speed with offline ability.
  • Cloud Manager: Access and manage all cloud files conveniently.
  • 30+ Clouds: Major clouds are all supported to be added for free.

How to Move Files from SugarSync to Google Drive Using MultCloud

Now please follow the step-by-step instructions below to move files and folders from SugarSync to Google Drive while saving your time and energy.

Step1. Sign up and Add SugarSync and Google Drive to MultCloud

Sign up and log in. Then click "Add Cloud" and choose the SugarSync icon. Here you should enter the email address and password of your SugarSync account. Finally, click "Add SugarSync Account" to complete.

You add your Google Drive account to MultCloud in the same way. By the way, MultCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption in data transmission and an OAuth authorization system in connecting clouds. So, it is safe and can protect your data information very well.

Add SugarSync and Google Drive to MultCloud
Add SugarSync and Google Drive to MultCloud

Step2. Move Files from SugarSync to Google Drive in MultCloud: 3 Fast Ways

Way 1. The first and also the simplest way to transfer SugarSync to Google Drive is using the Cloud Transfer function.

Enter the Cloud Transfer page of MultCloud, add SugarSync as the source and add Google Drive as the destination. Then click "Transfer Now". Your files will be transferred immediately even if you close the browser or your computer because MultCloud supports the offline transfer.

Transfer Files from SugarSync to Google Drive in MultCloud
Transfer Files from SugarSync to Google Drive in MultCloud

You can set "Schedule" to let MultCloud run scheduled cloud file transfer tasks. What's more, from the "Options", you can set "Filter" to ignore or only transfer files with certain extensions. Or, you can let MultCloud send an email notification to you once the transfer task is done.


  • MultCloud offers 5 GB of free data traffic per month for each user, which is enough for common users to a great extent.
  • If you are a business user or you have a great demand for transferring a large number of files, you'd better upgrade to a premium MultCloud account to get enough data traffic and an increasingly fast transfer speed.

Way 2. The second way to copy SugarSync to Google Drive is using "Copy to".

When you enter the SugarSync page in MultCloud, right-click the file which you want to move to Google Drive. Then choose "Copy to" and a pop-up window will show up. Just select "Google Drive" and click "Ok" to copy files from SugarSync to Google Drive easily.

Copy Files from SugarSync to Google Drive in MultCloud
Copy Files from SugarSync to Google Drive in MultCloud

Tip: This function allows you to move files from SugarSync to more than one destination at once. You can click "Multi-select" before choosing the destinations.

Way 3. The third way to migrate SugarSync to Google Drive is "Copy and Paste". It is similar to the second way but a little more manual.

On the SugarSync page, right-click the file and choose "Copy" in the dropdown menu. Then you have to move to the Google Drive page and choose "Paste" in the feature bar above. By doing so, you can move SugarSync to Google Drive and other places all according to your intentions.

Copy and Paste Files from SugarSync to Google Drive
Copy and Paste Files from SugarSync to Google Drive


Now, you may find that it is so simple to move files from Sugarsync to Google Drive by MultCloud, compared to manually downloading and uploading. All you need is a MultCloud account and a browser, then the SugarSync files will be moved to Google Drive effortlessly.

Besides, MultCloud also provides you with other excellent features: Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Team Transfer, Remote Upload, Download, Preview, Rename, Public Share, Private Shaer, Source Share, Sub-accounts, and Upload. You can use Cloud Sync to sync files between SugarSync and Google Drive with 10 multifunctional sync modes.

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