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How to Move/Transfer Files From Sugarsync to Google Drive by Using MultCloud?

Nowadays, move/transfer files from Sugarsync to Google Drive or from Google Drive to Sugarsync is often encountered, with the help of MultCloud, this become more easier.


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Aug, 16, 2019 | 3 mins read



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Sugarsync and Google Drive

SugarSync is an American cloud storage service. It was originally a file storage webpage built in 2004. SugarSync file sync, online backup, and file sharing service makes it easy to stay connected. For free users, once you invite one people join SugarSync, your storage can be added 500MB, limitation is 32GB. Unfortunately, SugarSync canceled the free plan from Feb 8, 2014. Users can only upgrade to paid service for continue using after 30 days free trial. Google Drive is Google's file sharing service, which let you easily access all your files on any device. However, it also has the limited storage, only 15GB for free. So many people create different cloud service accounts for more storage or compare to each other.

When choosing cloud storage services, I place value on features and price: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, SugarSync, etc. It seems to me, Google was the winner before. But now, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), has picked up a few substantial updates in recent memory, you can access all the files on your PC from another computer using OneDrive website. Especially today, OneDrive is integrated to Microsoft Office Online (and now with Windows 8 as well), you can view your documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) online without downloading them to your PC.

100% Free Web-based Application-MultCloud

We said above that many people own several cloud drive accounts. When you want to move/transfer files between different cloud storage services say Sugarsync to Google Drive, you manually download all files to local disk from one service and then upload it again to another. Save the above trouble with FREE app-MultCloud. Transfer anything between anything. All that with a simple web interface, which is clean and neat, easily understandable. After creating an account with no need to install any plugin or run any scripts, you can manage everything from your browser.

Steps of Moving/Transferring Files From Sugarsync to Google Drive Using MultCloud

Step1: Add Sugarsync and Google Drive Accounts in MultCloud

Sign up with MultCloud, then sign in. Click "Connect Your First Cloud Service as the following to start adding Sugarsync and Google Drive Accounts.

Welcome to MultCloud
Welcome to MultCloud

Here you should enter the email address and password of your SugarSync account. By the way, MultCloud uses 256-bit encryption in data transmission so it is safe and protect your data information very well. Finally, click "Add SugarSync Account" to complete. Then add Google Drive account in the same way.

Add SugarSync
Add SugarSync

Step2: Moving/Transferring Files From Sugarsync to Google Drive

1. The first and also the simplest way is directly dragging file from Sugarsync to Google Drive.

Move/Transfer Files From Sugarsync to Google Drive by Dragging
Move/Transfer Files From Sugarsync to Google Drive by Dragging

2. The second way is "Copy to". When you selected target file, right click it and select "Copy to". Then a pop-up window is critical. Of course, we select "Google Drive" and click "Transfer" button. Notice that there is an optional box "Move" on the left bottom. If you checked it, the file will be removed after transferring.

Copy to Setting
Copy to Setting

3. The third way is similar as the second way but a little trouble. It is copy&paste like in Windows.

Copy file from SugarSync
Copy file from SugarSync

Paste it in Google Drive
Paste it in Google Drive

Now, you know that move/transfer files from Sugarsync to Google Drive by using MultCloud is simple and seamless. Besides moving/transferring, MultCloud also have other features: Preview Files, Share Files, and Quick Search. And also support managing other cloud drives: Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and OneDrive.

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