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Google Drive and office 365's OneDrive, which are two of the biggest names in cloud storage, offer a useful way to free up hard drive space by storing files in the cloud. Google Drive was fine but Onedrive's added functionalities probably ended up getting the best of you. Office 365 combines applications such as Excel and Outlook with OneDrive, Onedrive for Business. If you are using Office 365, it can easily access and handle files in Onedrive. So, Onedrive can better handle office files than Google drive. Of course, both OneDrive and Google Drive have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Select them depends your needs. If you plan to give up using Google drive due to some reasons, Office 365's OneDrive is good alternative service. Or, you are using Google Drive and OneDrive simultaneously, but you need to copy some data from Google drive to Microsoft Onedrive to use. In these situations, converting Google drive to OneDrive is what you need. So, how do you migrate Google Drive to Office 365's OneDrive?

A simple approach to Migrate Google Drive to office 365 with MultCloud

If you need to move a large amount of data from Google drive to OneDrive, it is not really convenient via the traditional way: Download and Upload. MultCloud is a web-based cloud manager that enables you to easily migrate data between Google Drive to Office 365's OneDrive.

  1. Step 1. Create one account with MultCloud or you can experience without signing up and sign in your accounts.
    Create Account
  2. Step 2. Log in your MultCloud account, add your Google drive and Office 365's Onedrive (OneDrive personal account or OneDrive for Business account) to MultCloud. Please be assured that MultCloud does not save account and data of your clouds. It is security servicefor your clouds.
    Adding Clouds
    Added Clouds
  3. Step 3. Create transfer or sync task to migrate Google drive to office 365's OneDrive on MultCloud.
    Create Transfer Task

If you think that Google Drive is way better for your using, you can also migrate Office 365's OneDrive to Google Drive via MultCloud. And, MultCloud also support migrate data for more cloud services, such as, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Mega, Box, Yandex, Goole Photos etc. all over 30 cloud drives.

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