Can I Save My Outlook Emails to OneDrive?

"How do I backup Outlook emails to OneDrive? I've attempted various instructions I came across, but none seem to do the trick. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!"

How to Backup Outlook Emails to OneDrive
How to Backup Outlook Emails to OneDrive

If you don't want to backup Outlook emails as PST files, you can move an Outlook email to OneDrive as PDF files by Outlook Print or the free third-party service MultCloud. The first way requires you to transfer emails one by one. However, the second way is more automatic which allows you to schedule the task and supports transferring emails up to 200 emails at the same time. You can learn the specific steps in the following parts.

In this part, let’s see why we choose to backup emails from Outlook to OneDrive.

  • Synchronization: OneDrive provides synchronization features that allow you to sync your email data across multiple devices. This ensures that changes made to emails or attachments on one device are reflected on all other devices connected to the same OneDrive account.
  • Disaster Recovery: If a catastrophic event affects your email provider or account, having a backup on OneDrive can help you quickly restore your emails and resume communication without significant downtime.
  • Storage Management: Emails can take up a considerable amount of space in your email account, especially if they contain attachments. By moving old or less important emails to OneDrive, you can free up space in your email account and avoid reaching storage limits.

How to Backup Outlook Emails to OneDrive via MultCloud [Automatically]

You may not only just want to backup emails from Outlook to OneDrive but have more requirements for this task. In this regard, using MultCloud is the best choice. MultCloud allows you to add your cloud drives and email clients to it for centralization and gives its professional solution to email-to-cloud migration as Email Migration. Your requirements such as automatic backup task, selected email backup, converting emails into PDFs, and backing up emails from a browser can be met with Email Migration's various features:

  • Email Filter: Select your desired emails with their sender, recipient, date, with/without attachment, or unread.
  • Schedule: Set your preferred time or frequency to run the migration task.
  • Save Attachment: Support saving emails with or without attachments.
  • Conversation Format: Every message will be listed individually in the PDF files.
  • Save the Last Message Only: Only list the last message singly. Other messages will be shown as quotations.
  • Multiple Sources: Email Migration allows you to move emails from different Outlook accounts or even Gmail accounts to OneDrive in one task.

Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive by Email Migration

Step 1: Enter the MultCloud website and get started with a new account.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and choose OneDrive among the cloud icons. Then log in to your OneDrive account. Also, click “Add Email”, choose Outlook, and log in to the Outlook account. After that, your OneDrive and Outlook are connected to MultCloud.

Add Outlook to MultCloud
Add Outlook to MultCloud

Step 3: Select “Email Migration” and choose Outlook and OneDrive in the boxes. Finally, tap on the “Migrate Now” button to initiate the task.

Migrate Outlook to OneDrive
Migrate Outlook to OneDrive

Note: There is a 50-email limitation for migrating emails to a cloud every month and you can upgrade your plan to break the limitation and migrate up to 200 emails per session.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

Except for Email Migration, MultCloud offers another email solution called Email Download which is used to batch-download emails to a local place or your external hard drive as PDF files. Like Email Migration, Email Download also supports downloading emails with or without attachments. Also, you can download up to 200 emails at the same time if you are a premium user. Before the Email Download steps, you are recommended to change the downloading destination to your hard drive in the browser settings so that the emails can be saved to it directly.

Step 1: Add Outlook to MultCloud.

Step 2: Open Outlook on MultCloud by clicking its icon in the left sidebar.

Step 3: Choose the emails you want to backup and right-click on the emails to choose "Download" in the dropdown menu (or choose "Download" in the upper taskbar).

Backup Outlook Emails to Hard Drive
Backup Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

Step 4: Check the downloading settings and click "OK". Then, the emails will be saved to the hard drive as PDFs.

Email Download Settings
Email Download Settings

How to Backup Outlook Emails to OneDrive via Outlook Print [Manually]

If you want to know another way to save Outlook emails to OneDrive, using Outlook Print is also recommended if you only have several emails to backup. Outlook Print is a feature of Outlook and can also convert an email to a PDF file. But, Outlook Print can only convert one email at the same time which means you have to repeat the operations if you have more emails to be backed up. Besides, you have to manually upload emails to OneDrive after exporting them from Outlook.

Step 1: Enter the Outlook website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Select the email that you want to transfer and click "Print" in the upper taskbar. Then, confirm to "Print" on the email overview page.

Choose the Print Icon
Choose the Print Icon

Step 3: When you come to the print preview pop-up window, choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" in "Destination" and check the print settings. After all the settings, click "Print" in the lower-right corner and soon you can see an email appearing in a local place as a PDF file.

Outlook Print Save as PDF
Outlook Print Save as PDF

Step 4: Open OneDrive and log in to your account. Then click “Upload”, choose “Files”, and upload the PDF files to OneDrive. Till now, you have finished the operations to backup Outlook emails as PDFs to OneDrive.

Upload the PDFs to OneDrive
Upload the PDFs to OneDrive

Note: The last step can be done after you convert all the emails and then upload them together to OneDrive.


Looking through the whole post, you must know how to backup Outlook emails to OneDrive via MultCloud or Outlook Print. You can choose a preferred way and backup with ease. But if the number of emails that need to be transferred as PDFs is quite a lot, MultCloud Email Migration will be better since it allows you to move up to 200 emails at the same time if you get a premium plan.

Besides, you may try other MultCloud functions to solve your daily cloud problems like using Cloud Sync to sync OneDrive with Google Drive. This function will be quite helpful if you want to share OneDrive files with Google Drive users.

How do I backup my Outlook emails without PST?
You can use MultCloud Email Download or Email Migration to backup your Outlook emails to a local position or a cloud.
To a local position: Add Outlook > Select Emails > Download these emails.
To a cloud drive: Add Outlook and the cloud > Use Email Migration > Start the task.
Can PST files be stored on OneDrive?
Yes, PST files can be stored on OneDrive, but it is not recommended. PST files can cause syncing issues and data corruption due to their size and frequent changes, leading to potential data loss.
Is Outlook plugged into OneDrive?
Yes, Outlook is integrated with OneDrive. It allows users to easily access files from their OneDrive storage within Outlook, making it convenient to share attachments and collaborate on documents directly from the email interface.
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