Can Google Drive Share With iCloud?

How Do You Get Google Drive to Share with iCloud
How Do You Get Google Drive to Share with iCloud

Google Drive and iCloud are popular cloud storage services and many people have both accounts. With these 2 accounts, some users may come up with an idea to make Google Drive and iCloud share files with each other. So, can this idea be realized? The answer is yes.

If you want to know what benefits can the sharing bring to us, you can refer to the following points.

  • iCloud Ecosystem Integration: When you share the Google Drive files with iCloud, those files can be better integrated with the iCloud ecosystem. And if you are used to using Apple products, this integration can be very helpful.
  • Simplified File Management: Sharing files from Google Drive with iCloud can help you centralize the scattered files to one cloud instead of managing files in multiple clouds which may be annoying if you find a file urgently.
  • Security and Privacy: When Google files are moved to iCloud, they will be protected with Apple’s security and privacy measures. If you prefer Apple’s secure ecosystem, sharing Google Drive with iCloud will be a wonderful choice.

Google Drive Share with iCloud via MultCloud [3 Ways Without Download & Upload]

Manually downloading and uploading files from Google Drive to iCloud is troublesome if you have many files to share. Thus, you may make full use of the free third-party service, MultCloud, to automate the sharing task and make everything easy, With just a few clicks and task will be done at speed. Besides, You don't have to monitor the screen in case the task pauses suddenly since MultCloud keeps running even if you shut down the task window or your computer. Here this section will introduce 3 MultCloud solutions for you to share Google Drive with iCloud Drive.

Way 1: Share Files from Google Drive with iCloud Drive by Cloud Transfer

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and tap “Get started for free” to get a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and select the Google Drive icon. Here MultCloud needs you to log in to your Google Drive account in the pop-up window. Also, you have to add iCloud Drive to MultCloud with the same operations.

Add Google Drive and iCloud Drive
Add Google Drive and iCloud Drive

Note: If you want to make Google Drive share with iCloud Photos, just add iCloud Photos to MultCloud instead of iCloud Drive.

Step 3: Tap “Cloud Transfer” and choose Google Drive and iCloud Drive respectively. Then click “Transfer Now” and you finish all the operations to make Google Drive share with iCloud Drive.

Transfer Google Drive to iCloud Drive
Transfer Google Drive to iCloud Drive

Note: If there is a lot of content in Google Drive that needs to be moved to iCloud Drive, the free 5 GB of traffic per month may be not enough for you. So, you can upgrade your plan and the transfer will not be restricted.

Way 2: Make Google Drive Share with iCloud Drive by MultCloud Share

This way is used to share your Google Drive files with others’ iCloud Photos accounts. Of course, you can also use this method to share with your iCloud Drive.

Step 1: Open Google Drive in the left sidebar and choose the photos or files you want to share with iCloud after you add Google Drive to MultCloud.

Choose Photos on Google Drive
Google Drive Share with iCloud

Step 2: Click “Share” in the upper bar, or right-click the photos and choose “Share”. Either “Share with MultCloud” or “Create a Transfer” can be selected.

Note: If you want to share Google Drive with passwords or share with a Google Drive link instead of a MultCloud link, you can choose “Share with MultCloud” and click “Private Share” or “Source Share”.

Choose Source Share
Choose Source Share

Step 3: Send the shared link to another iCloud Drive user and notify them to receive your shared link.

Way 3: Get Google Drive to Share with iCloud by Copy to

Step 1: Open Google Drive on MultCloud after you add it. Then choose the files you want to share and click "Copy to" in the upper bar.

Choose Copy to or Copy
Choose Copy to or Copy

Note: You can also use "Copy" to copy the files from Google Drive and then paste them to iCloud Drive.

Step 2: Choose iCloud Drive in the cloud list and click "OK" to start transferring.

Choose iCloud Drive
Choose iCloud Drive

Google Drive Share with iCloud via Common Ways

To give you more options, this post will also tell you 2 common solutions on how to get Google Drive to share with iCloud. One is sharing by Google Drive and iCloud desktop apps and another is sharing by their web apps. Using these 2 ways may take over much space on your computer because you have to download the apps or files. Besides, they are not as streamlined as the former ones since all the selections of files need you to do manually.

Way 1: Move Google Drive Files to iCloud Drive by Desktop Apps

Step 1: Download iCloud and Google Drive desktop apps.

Note: If you are a MAC user, iCloud is pre-installed on your computer so you don’t have to download it. But for PC users, you have to download “iCloud for Windows”.

Step 2: Open Google Drive and iCloud on your desktop and log in to the accounts respectively.

Step 3: Open and find Google Drive in the left sidebar. Then send the files that you’d like to share with others by some apps that support file transfer. Then, the recipient should download the files and upload them to their iCloud Drive in File Explorer/Finder.

Open Google Drive in File Explorer
Open Google Drive in File Explorer

Way 2: Share Google Drive with iCloud by Web Apps

Step 1: Open Google Drive and log in to your Google Drive account.

Step 2: Choose your desired files and click the download icon in the upper bar. Or you can right-click the files and choose “Download”. Then these files will be transferred to a local position.

Click Download
Click Download

Step 3: Enter and sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 4: Choose iCloud Drive in the interface and click “Browse”. Then tap the upload icon and select the files that you downloaded before. Finally, click “Open” and the files will be migrated to iCloud Drive.

Click the Upload Icon
Click the Upload Icon


If you are interested in the above 5 ways, you can try them individually. However, if you don’t have time, the post recommends you use MultCloud Cloud Transfer. It is the easiest way to make Google Drive share with iCloud since the steps for using it are fewer. Besides, it has additional features like Schedule and Filter which let the transfer process become more automatic.

What’s more, if you have higher demands for the sharing task, you can use MultCloud Cloud Backup or Cloud Sync. Using Cloud Backup, you can backup Google Drive files to iCloud and restore them with different versions. And if you want to sync Google Drive with iCloud, Cloud Sync can help you quickly realize it with Incremental Sync, Real Time Sync, and other multiple sync modes.


Is Google Drive part of iCloud storage?

No, Google Drive is not part of iCloud storage. Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google, while iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service. They are separate and operated by different companies.

Can you share Google Drive with iPhone?

Yes, you can access and share files from Google Drive on an iPhone by using the Google Drive app from the App Store. This allows you to view, upload, and share documents seamlessly between your iPhone and Google Drive.

Are iCloud and Google Drive the same?

No, iCloud and Google Drive are not the same. They are separate cloud storage services offered by Apple and Google, respectively. While both services allow storing and syncing files, they are operated by different companies and have distinct features and ecosystems.

Why does iCloud Drive not sync?

iCloud Drive might not sync due to various reasons, like poor internet connection, outdated software, settings issues, or insufficient storage. Verify settings, update software, and ensure a stable internet connection to troubleshoot syncing problems on iCloud Drive.

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