How to Sync Google Cloud?

If the other locations are local devices, that is syncing between local and online cloud, the official Google Backup and Syn app can help.

If talks about cloud to cloud synchronization, we should rely on other third party tools like the professional and reliable multiple clouds sync software – MultCloud. MultCloud is a web-based service which can easily carry out syncing among Google Drive and other cloud storages. Let’s take a look at how it works step by step!

#1. Free to Register MultCloud

As an online program, to make use of its features, we only need to create an account of it. More importantly, this is complete free of charge!


  • No matter what the device is, desktop, notebook, laptop, cellphone, iPad, etc.; and no matter the operating system is, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Chrome or Android, MultCloud is applicable thanks to its webpage version.
  • Also, there is no need to download and install anything on our computers.

#2. Add Google and other Cloud Accounts to MultCloud Platform

After creating MultCloud account, sign in to it. In its main interface, click “Add Clouds” tab on the top menu and select “Google Drive” or “Google Drive for G Suite” depending on the type of Google account. Then, just follow the easy guide to finish this process.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Cloud


  • It will ask for permission to get access to cloud storage files. Just allow it for it will keep the security of the account information as well as storage data.
  • MultCloud only allows one cloud account to be added in one time. To add other ones, we should repeat the process. Just take the patience.

#3. Google Cloud Sync Examples

When all above preparations are done, let’s move to the most important step. Go to “Cloud Sync” tab, specify source and destination cloud or cloud directory, finally, click “Sync Now”.

Sync Amazon Drive to Google Drive
Sync Amazon Drive to Google Drive

Sync Google Drive to OneDrive
Google Drive to OneDrive Syncing

Something about Google Cloud Sync

As we can see from above screenshots, there is a “Schedule” option locates in the lower left corner of Cloud Sync screen. It enables us to automate future synchronization by setting up a schedule for once, daily, weekly or monthly. This is really useful and convenient!

Cloud Sync Schedule
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