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Is It Possible to Get Free Unlimited Cloud Space?

Nowadays, with the development of computer technology, the storage location has been extended from the hard disk to the cloud drive. For the sake of attracting more users to register their products, some companies assert they provide free unlimited online cloud storage space. Is it really the case? No, it's not true in some extent.

Free cloud space is possible, but it is limited. When a cloud storage service provider provides a server for users to store data, the construction and maintenance of the server requires capital investment. Therefore, the provider cannot always provide users with free unlimited storage space.

And, the provider's goal is to charge sufficient service fees from users to continuously expand storage to meet everyone's needs while maintaining profitability. Companies are unlikely to survive if they keep offering unlimited free space.

3 Best Online Free Cloud Storage

We all know that free unlimited cloud space is almost impossible. Even though it's possible, no cloud provider would like to provide such an app for a long time. At this point, we might as well take a look at the cloud service providers that offer most free storage space on the market today and compare their prices and advantages, so as to choose the best one. Next, this article will introduce in detail 3 popular and fully functional cloud drives for you.

Google Drive ---15GB for Free

Google Drive
Google Drive

If an article about the best online free cloud storage didn't include Google Drive, it would be incredible. Google Drive is one of the best free cloud storage solutions, thanks to its seamless integration with Google Docs and the generous storage limit of 15GB for free users.

If you have a Google account, you will get 15GB of free storage space. However, this storage needs to be shared with Drive, Gmail and other Google products (such as Google Photos), so that 15GB of space may not be enough. However, you can consider the paid version of Google, with a minimum of 100GB and a maximum of 2TB.

Advantages of Google Drive:

  • Integration with Google Docs;
  • Excellent document collaboration;
  • Large free cloud storage (15GB);
  • Support backup;

♦ Google Drive Pricing:

Cloud Storage Service Version Price Storage
Google Drive Free 0 15GB
Basic 1-month plan $1.99/month 100GB
1-year plan $19.99/year
Standard 1-month plan $2.99/month 200GB
1-year plan $29.99/year
Premium 1-month plan $9.99/month 2TB
1-year plan $99.99/year

MEGA --- 20GB for Free


New users can get 20GB of free cloud storage space, which can be expanded by unlocking "achievements". These "achievements" include installing MEGA's desktop and mobile applications, and recommending new users. Each achievement will provide you with 5GB of additional storage space, and you can also get 5GB of storage space for each user you recommend.

However, the additional storage space will expire after 365 days, which means it will not permanently increase your storage quota. Once your bonus amount expires, you will return to the default 20GB free cloud storage space. The only way to increase storage space is to pay, and paid plans provide a large amount of storage space from 200GB to 16TB.

MEGA also contains some innovative and prominent features, even in its free plan, from end-to-end encryption for secure chats to integrated file version control and recovery.

Advantages of MEGA:

  • Attaches great importance to privacy;
  • Easy to use;
  • 20GB free storage space;

♦ MEGA Pricing:

Cloud Storage Service Version Price Storage
MEGA Basic 0 20GB
Pro Lite 1-month plan $5.85/month 400GB
1-year plan $58.59/year
Pro I 1-month plan $11.71/month 2TB
1-year plan $117.19/year
Pro II 1-month plan $23.43/month 8TB
1-year plan $234.39/year
Pro III 1-month plan $35.15/month 16TB
1-year plan $351.59/year

pCloud---2GB for Free (Get 10GB after Completing Some Simple Tasks)


Some free cloud storage plans provide a lot of space, but only temporarily. And pCloud's 10GB storage will always belong to you--no restrictions. You only need to perform some additional tasks to get the full 10GB, such as uploading files and recommending other users to pCloud. Otherwise, you can only get the basic 2GB.

In addition to storage, pCloud's built-in high-definition media player for videos can support you to store your favorite TV shows and home videos. It also supports the best free music cloud storage options, thanks to an impressively designed media player that allows you to build your own playlist from saved music files.

Advantages of pCloud:

  • 10GB free cloud storage space for lifetime;
  • Good built-in multimedia playback;
  • Unlock additional storage space through referrals;

♦ pCloud Pricing:

Cloud Storage Service Version Price Storage
pCloud Basic 0 2GB
Premium 1-year plan $49.99/year 500GB
Lifetime plan $175 (One-time payment)
Premium Plus 1-year plan $99.99/year 2TB
Lifetime plan $350 (One-time payment) Business
Business 1-month plan $9.99/month 1TB/user (Min. 3 users)
1-year plan $7.99/month

Above shows popular cloud services which have both free and paid plans. But official free unlimited online storage forever is non-existent. If you want to own free best unlimited cloud storage space, you can do it by yourself. Should you buy numbers of servers? No! There is an amazing and secure cloud management app that will help you expand free cloud storage with MultCloud.

How to Get Free Unlimited Cloud Space Legally and Freely

MultCloud, as the name suggests: multiple cloud storage manager, which is a web-based app that you don't need to install it on any client. It allows users to backup, sync and move data easily and freely across clouds. You can use it on any device that can connect to Internet and have a browser.

And, the principle of getting free unlimited cloud storage is to combine all free and popular cloud drives together, merge and manage multiple cloud storage accounts in one place. In the following parts, you will see detailed information about how it works.

Step 1. Create one MultCloud account, which is a totally free process. Enter your email address, type username, password and verification code. Then confirm the account and log in.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add clouds to MultCloud. You can add unlimited cloud drives to MultCloud as long as MultCloud supports these clouds.

Supported Clouds
Supported Clouds

Step 3. After adding your cloud drives to MultCloud, all clouds will be listed in thenleft side of MultCloud interface. Now you have already got huge numbers of unlimited online storage for free. You can do some operations between different clouds through "Cloud Transfer", "Cloud Sync" and other functions.


  • Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Google Drive, G Suite, Google Photos, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, MEGA, Flickr, FTP, Box, pCloud, Amazon S3, SugarSync, Hubic, Evernote, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, HiDrive, MySQL, MediaFire, ownCloud, ADrive, BaiDu, NAS and WebDav, FTP/SFTP etc.
  • Different brands of cloud service have some differences in the adding procedure. In general, the process includes two parts: input information of your cloud account in MultCloud, authorize in the cloud official page.

Manage Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Services --- MultCloud

With MultCloud, you can easily transfer or sync files between multiple cloud drives. In addition, you can also use sub-account management, sharing and other functions to better achieve collaborative work.

♦ Cloud Transfer

It can help you transfer data across clouds without downloading and uploading process. The process of transfer runs on the server of MultCloud, so the data is still transferring even when your device is power off. For example, it can help you backup Google Drive to S3 easily.

Transfer Files from Google Drive to S3
Transfer Files from Google Drive to S3

♦ Cloud Sync

You are allowed to create sync relationships between cloud services with "Cloud Sync". No matter when people add, modify or delete files on one of their clouds, the files on the other cloud will also be synced. “Real Time Sync”, “Two-way Sync” and 7 custom options in “One-way Sync” could fulfill all your needs about syncing folders or files between two cloud drives. For example, you can sync photos between OneDrive and Google Photos quickly with the help of "Cloud Sync".

Sync Photos between OneDrive and Google Photos
Sync Photos between OneDrive and Google Photos

♦ Sub-account Management

If the user does not have a Google account or the account cannot log in, but he or she needs to upload files to your Google Drive account at this time, then the Sub Account function in MultCloud can help you. This feature is similar to the "Share" feature in Google Drive, but with one difference, uploaders can directly upload files to Google Drive from the sub-account you created in MultCloud without having a Google account.

Open Sub-accounts Management in MultCloud
Open Sub-accounts Management in MultCloud

♦ Other Functions

You can do some general operations including "Cut", "Copy", "Remote Upload", "Download", "Delete" and so on, like you are doing the operations through your cloud drives.

For example, if you want to download torrents to Dropbox, you can click the "Remote Upload" button to add torrent files you downloaded on computer, MultCloud will automatically parse torrent files and download to the cloud drive you choose.

Remote Upload Option
Remote Upload Option


Now, getting free unlimited cloud space is not a dream. With the help of MultCloud, you can easily gain it. After reading above parts, you may know that MultCloud is not an application. As long as you have Internet connection, you can access to MultCloud on any device from anywhere. If you want to experience faster transfer speed, you can upgrade your account to premium account so you can get 10 threads to transfer files at once.

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