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Overview of Egnyte and Google Drive

Egnyte, as a cloud storage and backup platform, provides cloud-based content security, compliance and collaboration services for enterprises. And, Egnyte's software can be used to scan a range of data repositories for malware -- including email, local storage, and third-party cloud storage -- and stop the spread of ransomware attacks. Egnyte also has a governance risk dashboard that analyzes an organization's risk levels and provides feedback on areas for improvement.

Google Drive is the file storage and sync component that comes with any Google account. You can store documents you create online on Google Drive and backup computer to Google Drive. If you use Google Workspace, you can think of Drive as part of the whole suite, along with other specific apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. When you create a new Google Doc, it's automatically saved to Google Drive.

Egnyte vs Google Drive Comparison 

Egnyte and Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage services that attract businesses. Although they offer the same service, some of their features are quite different, and as a result, many users are confused when choosing between the two services. This article will compare pricing plans, integrations, support, security, and more to help you choose the right service for your business needs.

1. Google Drive vs Egnyte --- Price

Egnyte doesn't offer any free plans, but it does offer a valid trial version during which you can try out its features. Pricing for Google Drive depends on whether you're a personal or business user. If you buy the enterprise version, you get online file storage and Google Office apps.

Egnyte Price

Version Storage Price Cost
Free Trial (15 Days) 20 GB Free 0
Business 1TB + 10GB/user or Custom $20/month Custom
Enterprise Lite Custom  Custom Custom
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom

Google Drive Price

Object Version Storage Price Cost
Individuals Basic 15 GB Free 0
Google One 100 GB $1.99/month $0.0199/GB
200 GB $2.99/month $0.0150/GB
2 TB $9.99/month $0.0049/GB
Business Business Starter 30 GB/user $6/month $0.2/GB
Business Standard 2 TB/user $12/month $0.0059/GB
Business Plus 5 TB/user $18/month $0.0035/GB

Compared to Egnyte, Google Drive offers relatively diverse storage and pricing plans. Additionally, Google Drive comes with Google-powered apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, which are free for your business, making cloud content collaboration between team members easier and more efficient.

2. Egnyte vs Google Drive --- Collaboration

While Egnyte and Google Drive allow users to collaborate on files by creating shareable links or sending email invitations, Google Drive offers a better collaboration platform than Egnyte.

The deep integration of Google Drive with Google Hangouts and Google Calendar enables teams to collaborate, share files, schedule meetings, and brainstorm about business goals, which makes the team more efficient and productive at work.

3. Egnyte vs Google Drive --- Application Integration

By default, Google Drive integrates with a suite of apps including Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, making collaboration easier and work done faster.

Tools that Google Drive can integrate with: Asana, Gmail, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, Trello, Zapier.

In contrast, you can do Egnyte Google Drive integration and Egnyte Office 365 integration separately. 

Tools that Egnyte can integrate with: Asana, Box, Dropbox Business, GitHub, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Jira, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slack, Trello, Zapier.

In conclusion, both Egnyte and Google Drive allow you to integrate various third-party applications into the platform of your choice, helping you optimize your workflow and save time.

4. Egnyte vs Google Drive --- Other Aspects

Since both are web cloud storage tools, aside from price, collaboration, and app integration, every user will care about other aspects of Egnyte and Google Drive, such as security, support, and features. So how do Egnyte and Google differ in these ways?

  Google Drive Egnyte
Features • Document Storage;
• File Sharing;
• File Transfer;
• Data Storage Management;
• Document Management;
• Mobile Access;
• Multi-Device Support;
• Remote Access/Control;
• Secure Data Storage;
• Access Controls/Permissions;
• Collaboration Tools;
• Content Library;
• Drag & Drop;
• Full-Text Search;
• Real-Time Synchronization;
• Audit Management;
• Collaboration Tools;
• Compliance Management;
• Document Management;
• Drag & Drop;
• Version Control;
• Encryption;
• Real-Time Synchronization;
• Access Controls/Permissions;
• Remote Synchronization;
• Search/Filter;
• Archiving & Retention;
• Audit Trail;
• Compliance Tracking;
• Conflict Tracking;
Security ♦ Two-factor authentication;
♦ 256-bit encrypted SSL protocol;
♦ Two-factor authentication;
♦ 256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption, 128-bit AES encryption at rest;
Support ▪ Provides FAQ/Forum support;
▪ Email/Service Desk;
▪Knowledge Base;
▪ Phone support (included with ▪ Google Drive membership);
▪ 24/7 (onsite support representative);
▪ Email/Service Desk;
▪ Knowledge base;
▪ Phone support;
▪ 24/7 (onsite support representative);

Which Cloud Service to Choose, Egnyte or Google Drive?

Both Egnyte and Google Drive offer better storage plans, third-party app integrations, support, and security. Choosing the right one is entirely up to your business needs.

If your business already has a Google Workspace subscription or is looking for a complete cloud storage and collaboration suite, Google Drive is the best option. Egnyte is good if you want to integrate well with Box, Dropbox Business, Google Drive, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365.

Bonus Tip: How to Perform Egnyte Google Drive Integration

If you use both Egnyte and Google Workspace and need to migrate from Egnyte to Google Drive and enable your team to collaborate effectively and quickly. Are you considering integrating Egnyte with Google Drive? Learn how cloud file manager --- MultCloud can help you do it without losing data.

✔️Perfect Integration: Manage up to 30+ cloud drives centrally.
✔️Random Migration: Randomly transfer data between personal or enterprise cloud drives.
✔️Real-time Sync: 10 sync modes help you sync cloud data easily.
✔️Smart Backup: Easy cloud-to-cloud backup and version recovery.
​​​​​​​✔️Email Migration: Easily save emails to a flash drive or cloud account.
✔️Remote Upload: Directly parse the torrent file to the cloud drive.

Now, please follow the steps below to integrate Egnyte and Google Drive quickly and securely.

Step 1. Sign up for MultCloud. MultCloud is an online cloud storage manager, to use it, first, you must create an account.

Create an Account
Create an Account

Step 2. Add Egnyte and Google Drive accounts to MultCloud. From the main panel, click the "Add Cloud" tab at the top, and select the cloud brands you want to include. Then, follow the simple guide to add Egnyte and Google Drive.

Add Egnyte and Google Drive
Add Egnyte and Google Drive

Note: You can only add one cloud account at a time, so you'll need to repeat the process to add other clouds.

When both cloud drives are added to MultCloud, you can transfer files between Egnyte and Google Drive at will. You need to go to the "Cloud Transfer" tab and specify the source and destination as Egnyte and Google Drive respectively. Finally, click on "Transfer Now".

Transfer Egnyte and Google Drive
Transfer Egnyte and Google Drive

If you want to transfer data from Egnyte to Google Workspace, please add your Google Workspace account first, then follow the transfer steps above to perform the file transfer operation.

Transfer Egnyte to Google Workspace
Transfer Egnyte to Google Workspace


Through the comparison of Egnyte vs Google Drive in this article, if you are very concerned about price, storage space and data durability, it is recommended to choose Google Drive. If you don't think about it too much, you can use both Google Drive and Egnyte, as they both excel at cloud storage.

If you want to use Google Drive and Egnyte at the same time and manage them easily and quickly, MultCloud is the best cloud management tool. As a dedicated multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud supports managing multiple cloud storage accounts on one platform, allowing you to access files in multiple clouds without switching accounts, which is worth a try.

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