Why Switch from Dropbox to Google Drive?

As you may know, Dropbox is a popular cloud storage tool with many advanced features around the world, thus it is employed by many people and you might be one among them. But when you use up its free 2GB storage space, then you cannot add files in your Dropbox account anymore. Under such circumstances, you are eager to find a cloud storage device to replace with Dropbox to save your files.

Through constant search, you may find many users select Google Drive as the cloud storage because it offers more free space with cheaper price to users, compared to Dropbox; and then you select Google Drive to replace Dropbox without any hesitation. But it is a question on how to achieve Dropbox to Google Drive transfer without downloading and uploading. Here in this article, we will show you how to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive with MultCloud in detail.

Why Use MultCloud to Move Dropbox to Google Drive?

MultCloud is a FREE online cloud transfer manager tool that allows you to manage clouds you have had with one platform which is easy to use. If you want to migrate Dropbox to Google Drive without manually downloading files to local PC and uploading them to Google Drive, then that would be a good way which can save you a lot of time to realize Dropbox to Google Drive transfer demand.

Besides, if you have large amount of data stored on one cloud that MultCloud supports, then you can add this cloud to MultCloud because its advantage is that it can migrate large amount of data in one go. With the help of MultCloud, you can transfer your files from one cloud to another cloud easily.

Currently, MultCloud supports dozens of cloud storage, like Google Drive, GSuite, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Onedrive, Onedrive for Business, Amazon S3, Mega, etc.

How to Transfer Dropbox to Google Drive with MultCloud?

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account

Create one account with MultCloud and sign in your accounts.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: If you do not want to create account, you could click on "Experience without signing up" to get one temp account so you can test it.

Step 2. Add Clouds

Add clouds with your Dropbox account and Google Drive account.

Add Dropbox and Google Drive
Add Dropbox and Google Drive

Step 3. Manage Clouds

After adding them to MultCloud, you will see them on the left panel.

Manage Clouds
Add Dropbox and Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 4. Dropbox to Google Drive Transfer with "Cloud Transfer"

Select Dropbox as the source, select Google Drive as the destination, click “Transfer Now” and wait for the process to complete.

Dropbox to Google Drive Transfer
Copy Dropbox to Google Drive


  • If you don't want to move all your files from Dropbox to Google Drive, just select the folder you need to transfer under Dropbox as the source.
  • For “Cloud Transfer” feature, it supports transferring folder only. If you want to transfer several files separately, please use “Copy” and “Paste” feature through “Cloud Explorer”.
  • To test the Quintupled transfer speed, you could upgrade your account to the premium account so MultCloud uses 10 threads to transfer your files at once.
  • As long as the transfer process begins, you can close the page and even close your PC because MultCloud can run the task in the background.

The Bottom Line

As you see, it’s quite easy to achieve Dropbox to Google Drive transfer with the help of MultCloud. In addition to "Cloud Transfer", MultCloud also has "Cloud Explorer" and "Cloud Sync". For "Cloud Explorer", which can help manage multiple cloud storage accounts together so you can access any files from different clouds easily; for "Cloud Sync", it can help sync files from one cloud to others directly.

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