Converge Cloud with Free Multiple Cloud Storage Manager – MultCloud

MultCloud is an online cloud services manager based on network; it enables you to make the related clouds converged into one in few easy steps.

Step 1. MultCloud Registration

Since MultCloud is a web-based program, to make use of it, first of all, you should create an account of it.

Step 2. Cloud Account(s) Adding

Sign in MultCloud, in its main console, click “Add Clouds” tab on the top, select the cloud brand you are going to add and then follow the guidance to finish this step and get prepared to converge cloud. The following take adding Dropbox for example.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox


Step 3. Converged Cloud in MultCloud

After you add all your cloud drive accounts, you can see them in the left menu in “Cloud Explorer” tab. Thus, you have all the cloud storages converged.

Then, you can manage all these clouds freely as you like.

Converge cloud – upload/download/cut/copy/copy to/share…

As you can see in the above picture, just choose target cloud on the left menu, select a file in the cloud and right-click on it, then, you can choose to upload files form local to this cloud, downlaod this item to local, cut or copy this file to another location of the same cloud or to other cloud on MultCloud, share this file to others and so on.

Converge cloud – cloud transferM

Move to “Cloud Transfer” tab, specify source and destination cloud directories and click “Transfer Now”. Here, transfer from one Google cloud to another is taken for instance.

Transfer from One Google Drive to Another
Transfer from One Google Drive to Another

Converge cloud – cloud sync

Similarly, go to “Cloud Sync“ tab and input source and destination cloud drives. Finally, click “Sync Now”. The following take Dropbox to Google Drive syncing for example.

Sync Dropbox to Google Drive
Sync Dropbox to Google Drive


Environment Where MultCloud Can Apply to

Like said in the start of this article, MutlCloud is a web-based software. Thus, it can be used on any devices including desktop, notebook, laptop, mobile phone and pad; and any operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.

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After adding Gmail or Outlook to MultCloud, it can convert emails to PDF and save them on your device or cloud storage.

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