About Baidu Cloud & Google Drive

Baidu Cloud is (Baidu Wangpan) a kind of cloud service offered by Baidu Company, which is known as the Google of China. This Chinese tech giant has a dominant force in the major categories, such as the search engine, music, web encyclopedia domains and cloud storage service. You can get 15GB free capacity when you register for the first time, and you can get up to 2 TB free cloud storage space on Baidu Pan if you finished some tasks. In addition to a website, Baidu Cloud has clients on all popular platforms including Windows and macOS computers, and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. With large free storage space and great convenience to store and access files on their servers through network, Baidu Cloud has a broad user base in China.

Google Drive (renamed to Google One now), needless to say, is one of the most famous and powerful Cloud services that are widely used worldwide. It offers users 15 GB of free storage and upgrade options with charging a monthly fee.

How to transfer files from Baidu to Google Drive?

Many users have both Baidu and Google Drive account to gain more free storage space, especially for some Chinese users, they may store their personal files in Baidu, and work files in Google Drive, so that to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more directly via Google Docs. So now comes the question, how to transfer/copy/sync Baidu Wangpan to Google Drive and vise versa when the situation calls for it? Here will show two methods to get this job done.

Solution1. Download and upload

This is a normal solution that most users can think about, firstly download all files from Baidu Pan to local device, and then upload these files from local computer to Google Drive. This way is somehow troublesome and will cost much time if there are a big size of data to migrate.

Solution2. Use third party free web app- MultCloud

Besides above two methods, here is an easier way to move/copy/sync files from Baidu Web Drive to Google Drive for good. Thanks to MultCloud, a third party multiple could storage manager, offers an easy way to connect Baidu and Google Drive. You can transfer or synchronize files from Baidu Cloud to other clouds such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex, SugarSync, MyDrive, Flickr, Amazon Cloud Drive, FTP etc directly.

The following is the step by step guide to transfer files from Baidu to Google Drive.

Step 1: Create a MultCloud account, it’s free of charge.

Step 2: Add Baidu Cloud account. In its main console, click “Add Cloud” and select “BaiDu” from the right cloud drive list.

Add BaiDu
Add BaiDu

Step 3: Edit the Display Name as you wish and click Add Baidu, then just follow the easy guidance to finish cloud account adding.

Edit BuiDu Display Name
Edit BuiDu Display Name

Step 4: Repeat previous two steps to add Google to MultCloud. Then your Google Drive account and Baidu account are linked in one place. You can add all your Cloud service account to connect and manage files between multiple cloud storage if needed.

Step 5: Click on the tab – Cloud Transfer and select Baidu and Google Drive accounts.

BaiDu to Google Drive
BaiDu to Google Drive

Step 6: Click “Transfer Now” to perform the task.

Notes: Besides Cloud Transfer, you can also use MultCloud's Cloud Sync service to sync Google Drive with Baidu directly.

Sync BaiDu with Google Drive
Sync BaiDu with Google Drive

Tips: You can click on Options to select the way cloud syncing, One-Way Sync or Two-Way Sync. And there are seven more detailed sync methods in One-Way Sync.

Cloud Sync Options
Cloud Sync Options

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Last Words

In short, MultCloud offers an easy and direct way to copy/move/sync Baidu to Google Drive. MultCloud can manage both cloud files between any two different clouds and multiple accounts of same could service in one place, like sync Google Photos to Google Drive, copy files from Dropbox to Google Drive, add Google Drive to Office 365, and link two Dropbox accounts to one computer etc.

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