How to Sync One Way on Amazon Drive?

This may be a question that is troubling many users. Amazon self-contained app can only achieve one way synchronization between local and online cloud; as for cloud to cloud one-way sync, it can do nothing.

Always look for help from third party programs when the official one is unavailable. That is what we usually do. For Amazon one way sync from one cloud to another, there is no exception. Of course, there are a lot of such tools in the market. Yet, to pick one that is easy and safe, MultCloud is a good choice. More importantly, it is FREE for this function.

The following describes how to use MultCloud to one way sync Amazon:

No. 1 Register MultCloud account

MultCloud is a web-based service. Therefore, to make use of it, we only need to sign up for its services.

No. 2 Add Amazon as well as other cloud accounts to MultCloud

Sign in MutCloud account, in “Add Clouds” tab, select target cloud and continue with its guidance until finish this step.

Add Amazon Drive
Add Amazon Drive to MultCloud

Note that only one cloud account can be added to MultCloud platform in one time. In order to add other ones, just add again.

No. 3 Amazon drive one way sync - free

Turn to “Cloud Sync” tab, select source and destination cloud drive, make sure the sync mode is “One-way Sync”, finally click “Sync Now”.

Sync Amazon Drive to Google Drive
Amazon Drive to Google Drive One-way Sync

Sync Dropbox to Amazon Drive
One Way Sync from Dropbox to Amazon Drive

Sync One Amazon Drive to Another
One-way Sync between Amazon Clouds

Amazon Drive One Way Sync More Information

MultCloud provides altogether 7 modes of one-way synchronization which can be setup from “Options” in the lower left: simple sync (default), mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync and full backup sync.

Cloud Sync Options
MultCloud One-way Sync 7 Modes

Note that except for the default simple sync, the other sync modes are only available for MultCloud premium plan users. If we want to enjoy one of the other sync methods, we should upgrade our free account to premium one.

MultCloud Supports Clouds

Multcloud Key Features