What is Drive Letter (of Google Drive) and Why Important?

In a computer, a drive letter is a symbol or name used to identify and access a storage device.It is often used in operating systems to represent the logical identifiers of storage devices such as hard drive, optical drive, USB drives, etc. In Windows operating systems, the drive letter is usually one letter plus a colon, such as C:, D:, and so on. Each disk drive has separate storage that can be used to store and organize files and data.

The Windows system uses the drive letter to identify and access storage devices.For example, "C:" is usually a system drive, while others (such as "D:", "E:", etc.) can be used for other  disk partitions. Properly managing the drive letter of hard disk drive can help the system or software run smoothly and efficiently.

How to Change Drive Letter of Google Drive on Mac & Windows?

No matter why you want to change the drive letter of Google Drive, you can take the following steps:

Step 1. Click the Drive for desktop icon

Step 2. Click the gear icon。

Step 3. Select "Preferences.”

Step 4. Click on the Setting icon near to the avatar.

Google Drive Setting
Google Drive Setting

Step 5. Navigate to the “Google Drive streaming location” and choose an available drive letter under “Drive letter” from the drop-down given list to reassign. Click “Save” .

Change Google Drive Letter
Change Google Drive Letter

The process of changing the drive letter of Google Drive on Mac quite seems as on Windows, go to the “Google Drive streaming location”. under "Google Drive streaming location," click ”Change”.

Most Asked Questions about Changing Drive Letter Google Drive

Is removing drive letter safe?

With proper operation, removing or changing drive letter of Google Drive is safe. Besides, we should know removing drive letter will make the drive and inside data unvisible on your computer. To make them visible and accessible again, you have to reassign one.

Will renaming the Google Drive letter cause problems?

Changing the drive letter of Google Drive will changes the path of the Google Drive app and file. If the Google Drive application has the shortcut or registry entries. Program startup might be affected since it involves path and the path is not correct after the change.

Can I have 2 Google Drive accounts on one computer?

Yes, you can connect 2 Google Drive accounts to the Google Drive for Desktop application on one computer. They will generate two sperate drives with different drive letter on your Windows File Explorer.

Can I change Google Drive from C to D?

Generally speaking, you can change Google Drive letter from C to D as long as the D drive letter is available. If you make sure it is not occupied by other existing drives, you can change drive letter from C to D by the above steps.

In the End

So,whether you're using a Mac or Windows computer, the process of changing the drive letter is straightforward and can be done through the Google Drive settings. However, it's important to note that changing the drive letter may affect the path of the Google Drive application and files, potentially impacting program startup if shortcuts or registry entries are involved. So, think twice before you do.

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