• Cloud-Übertragung

    Richten Sie eine Übertragungsaufgabe ein, um Dateien zwischen Cloud-Laufwerken zu übertragen.

  • Cloud-Synchronisation

    Synchronisieren Sie zwei Clouds oder Verzeichnisse in zwei Clouds durch Zwei-Wege-Synchronisation oder Einweg-Synchronisation.

  • Cloud-Explorer

    Kombinieren Sie mehrere Cloud-Speicher zu einem und verwalten Sie sie wie im Windows Explorer.

There is a quick search bar in MultCloud’s interface that helps the users to instantly locate a certain file among multiple cloud drives. Once a keyword is entered, MultCloud will immediately filter the related files throughout all the cloud drives. In this way, all the different cloud drives can be seen as a whole one.

To search the specified files or folders across cloud services with MultCloud:
  1. Log in MultCloud. First you should ensure that you have MultCloud account and have already added cloud drive(s) in MultCloud.
  2. Entering a keyword in the quick search bar on the right top of MultCloud interface. We take “new” as an example, then click the zoom icon. The searching process will be started.

  3. Entering the keyword “new” in the quick search bar

  4. Get the result--files and folders that contain the keyword “new”. MultCloud also will show you their name, size, modified date and location.
The result of quick search

  • In order to save your time, you can select the service provider before searching. The default is all cloud services in MultCloud.

  • Select service provider

  • This function also supports entering the suffix as a keyword. Thus will help you find all the same type files easily.
The result of quick search