Evernote in MultCloud,
Portable Document and Note


Evernote is a Cloud application with multiple note functions, and allows users to create Text documents and script notes. You can shot a picture for a delicious foods, record a piece of amazing music, or write a loved journey. You can edit articles in web, or note it.

Feature of Evernote

Your workspace

Your workspace You can record everything around you, such as meeting record, project files.

Collect files easily

Collect files easily You can collect data in web, and picture meeting records.

Remote share file

Remote share file You can discuss based on notes, and share work note.

One key presentation

Multiple channel acces You can present note in exquisite edition, and add mark or feedback.

New functions of Evernote in MultCloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data across data. Evernote can be put into MultCloud, and you can read files via other Clouds in MutCloud. Please sign up to enjoy it .
You can add common Clouds such as Evernote, DropBox, Box, Amazon, SugarSync, OneDrive, etc to MultCloud, and all Clouds will be visted by MultCloud. All Clouds that MultCloud supports are:

Move files across Clouds

After adding to MultCloud, All data and files in Evernote can be moved easily and freely.

Transfer data after shuting down

Even though you close web, MultCloud will still transfer your documents and notes in Evernote at background.

Scheduled transfer

MultCloud allow you to set a regular time to transfer documents in Evernote to other Clouds easily
Join in MultCloud to enjoy more functions
New registry user will get up to 10TB free traffic